Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

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Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Lucia Dinapoli » Sun Oct 03, 2021 4:26 pm

Curing The Contagious

As a Zombie infestation reeks havoc across both Wizarding and Muggle communities, one young witch documents her experiences with the infection from the small town of Hogsmeade, and the surprising adventure tale that the living dead have her embark upon. Armed with only her herbs, her cauldron and her wand, Lucia Dinapoli must put her brain to work to help cure the bitten and resolve the unrest…without getting munched on in the meantime. As the dead walk amongst her, and the living turn on each other from fear, will Lucia successfully rid the village of its contagious? A cure…it is their one hope.

Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Harry Walles » Tue Sep 21, 2021 10:16 pm

Out in the Forest

A teenage boy called Joseph struggles to find his way home and accidentally ends up in the forest. The forest is dark and mysterious and Joseph can't stop thinking someone or something is watching him. However, this is not his only problem. The sun is coming down fast and with the night approaching and no way out and no shelter, Joseph will find himself scared for his life. Will he ever find a way out of the forest? And will he survive the meeting with what or who is following him? I guess only time will tell.

Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Louis Walles » Sun Sep 19, 2021 11:16 pm

The Magical Journey of Louis

Louis Walles, a young wizard known for his sense of humour mixed with wisdom and motivation. He is adored by his fans for his excellence and talent. This book is his first ever biography in which YOU have the chance to finally get to know him from all angles. Only in this book, he will answer all of your questions with the fascinating details. This book is the first chance you will ever have to get closer to Louis like you never thought you would.

Do not hesitate! There are limited copies of this unique book!

Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:57 am

Giddily Gathering Greens

While the title of the book might lead the reader to think this is a book about salads and the makings of them, they would be rather off in their conclusion. Giddily Gathering Greens, by Tarma Black, is a collection of stories about the wanderings of a witch as she travels the world in search of new and rare orchids. She doesn't collect them, though, nor 'gather' them per se. What she does is collect the nectar of the magical flowers, which are coloured delicate shades of green. (This nectar has many medicinal uses, and she hopes that one of the uses will be to help to heal Frank and Alice Longbottom, as well as other persons who have been thought to be irretrievably impaired by curses, hexes, potions and other causes.)

While the actual process of gathering these greens is quite simple, the travels and adventures which happened in the search range widely from the eating of local foods with the native tribespeople (can you say crunch Widget bits roasted over a fire) to the abrupt fleeing of a nest of dragons (in an area previously declared dragon-free). They show an iron-cast stomach and the turn of speed which is quite necessary when exploring strange new lands.

Note: Do not read in the dark or during a storm. Some of the encounters Black writes about are not for the queasy. Yes, zombies do exist, as do other, less friendly entities. The 'Giddily' part of the title refers to the vast relief of surviving some of these experiences.

Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Emily Spencer » Thu Sep 16, 2021 6:50 pm

Cauldron Cooking for Enterprising Epicureans

Much like the woman who wrote it, the book defies categorizing into one particular genre. In equal parts cookbook, autobiography, and instruction manual, the book delves into an alternative use for cauldrons, mainly cooking. Written by 3rd Year Prefect and Librarian, Emily Spencer, the book contains not only delicious recipes, but goes into what cauldron should (or should not) be used for certain ingredients or preparations, as well as incantations and charms to ensure success. There is even a chapter on how certain potions can be used as a base for many dishes, and the effects each would have on both the taste of the completed dish and the potency of the potion being used. A brief history about the art of cauldron cooking is given as well.

By no means is the book just dry information, however. Sprinkled throughout are amusing anecdotes and stories about Ms. Spencer’s life, especially as related to her kitchen adventures. This is her second book, the first being Poisonous Plants & Forbidden Foliage, and she wants to assure her readers that a third book is already in the works.

Re: Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Astor Arensin » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:12 am

Precious Plants and Hallowed Herbs!
This newest book, published and written by second-year HOL student, Astor Arensin, covers the many different plants and herbs (and more flora) in a way that has never been seen before. In this book, he covers many different properties of each subject, including, but not limited to: magical properties, medicinal properties, potions and other concoctions it is used in, the correspondences for divination, spiritual properties, uses for runic arrays, and religious purposes. This book will also include a drawing for each plant and how to identify it, with descriptions of each aspect of the plant, including the flowers, leaves, stem, and more! Each section contains a scale reference drawing of each plant, too. There is also information on how to harvest, prepare, dry, or cultivate each plant; whatever you wish to do, it's likely in this book. If not, feel free to suggest it! The author may release a second edition in the future, including more plants than before.

Task 7: Wield the Peacock Quill

Post by Kendra Givens » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:21 pm

Now it's your turn! You get to come up with your own rhyming or alliterative title of a fantastical novel. Create your title and post a 100 page summary or excerpt from your book below. Submissions are due by October 3rd at 11:59pm HOL time.