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Activity Introduction

Post by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc » Wed Mar 01, 2023 10:19 pm

It’s a surprisingly warm night in March when you find yourself outside of the castle… only it doesn’t quite look like the grounds you’re used to. In fact, you’re not entirely convinced you’re at Hogwarts at all with how suddenly out of place you feel.

Upon taking a glance around, you notice there’s something uncharacteristically colorful and unfamiliar about everything in sight.

“It’s a Blue & Bronze Moon,” comes one familiar thing, the voice of Ravenclaw’s own Luna Lovegood. “Look how full it is tonight.”

You turn to see her standing beside you, the pale light of the evening bouncing off a pair of iridescent moths flying around happily underneath her ears.

At the puzzled look on your face, Luna explains how about once every ten years or so, there’s a special full moon in March that casts unusual magical properties within its glow.

As skeptical as you are, it’s not such a stretch for you to believe Luna is telling the truth, what with how strange everything appears.

—And smells!

Taking a whiff of the winter air, you ask, “What yummy fragrance am I picking up on? Is that vanilla?”

“These nights are said to be a portal to the candy filled trails of Lunacy Lane,” she tells you, gesturing to a nearby bank of snow. “Go ahead. Have a taste.”

“A taste?” You wonder aloud.

Taking a pinch between your fingers, you realize it isn’t snow after all. Your eyes widen as your suspicions are confirmed from trying the stuff. “It’s some kind of crystallized frosting!”

Nodding her head in contemplative whimsy, Luna continues informing you that “Legend has it Queen Rowena Frostina reigns as supreme ruler of this alternate state, but there’s been no proof of its existence since she allegedly retreated into her castle suddenly and unexpectedly a long, long time ago. She’s been missing ever since.”

As Luna begins to walk forward, you instinctively follow along while listening to her dreamy timbre.

“Rumor has it that anyone who locates the lost Cockroach Cluster Castle before sunrise during a Blue & Bronze moon are to be named Ladies and Lords of Lunacy Lane. Not only that,” Luna emphasizes breathlessly, “Whoever reaches Queen Rowena and is the first to touch her Frosted Crown will forever be able to return to Lunacy Lane whenever they wish!”

Kicking her boots up at each step, she fills the air with sprays of buttercream snow, uncovering the sticky sweet ground beneath.

“We’d better get going,” Luna says, offering you her hand, which you take with only a small amount of hesitation as a flutter of excitement bursts from deep inside your heart.

You ponder silently about what appetizing antics and flavorful foibles might be in store for you both on the pathways ahead!

Putting your heads together, will the two of you be able to locate the Cockroach Cluster Castle in time?