Synchronicities while reading Harry Potter.

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Synchronicities while reading Harry Potter.

Postby Leopold Arwyn » Sun Jul 07, 2024 7:05 pm

Hello! I'm Leopold Arwyn. I recently started falling in love with the Harry Potter books.

I've noticed that whenever I'm reading the books, synchronicities related to the events in the story occur in my life. For example, when Harry has to face a dragon in the Triwizard Tournament: after I reached that part, the next morning I went outside and found a toy dragon lying in my yard.

There are many such examples in my life. If you'd like, I can share more of them. I would like to know if you experience or have experienced this as well, and if so, we can exchange experiences.
Leopold Arwyn
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Re: Synchronicities while reading Harry Potter.

Postby Galena May » Wed Jul 10, 2024 6:02 am

Hello! This is a topic very close to my heart. Synchronicities! I see synchronicities everywhere. Have you ever missed someone so much only to discover that they called you instantly when you were thinking about doing the same?
For me, it happens all the time when reading books. I read about an incident, and it feels like my life might be similar in many ways, sometimes, I even encounter exact matching incidents in the books. I have even used it in a way, by reading the next part of the story, reflecting on how the character's chosen action turned out or how the incident ended, and then using it to make a decision on my next steps, and act accordingly. Oftentimes, situations in real life do end up exactly as I thought after reading the book. I often correlate characters interacting with the protagonist with actual people in my life who miraculously appear to play the same role in my life, and yes, things turn out the same way. Finding a toy dragon in the yard, is a very specific, solid example. But in my case, synchronicities tend to appear in the form of incidents playing out the same way. A part of it could be a result of ourselves identifying too much with the protagonist and noticing the similar incidents/things more vividly, especially things that we wouldn't have noticed otherwise (please pardon me using your example to explain, maybe you wouldn't even have noticed something as small as a toy dragon had you not been reading Harry Potter and maybe it was in your backyard all along, just as an example ). But, being spiritually inclined, I actually believe that synchronicities are signs from our guardian angels that are urging us to look deeper into what we are doing. Maybe you should think about what in your life is similar to that specific chapter?
As I always say to others, everything, even the bad things, happen for a reason. They aren't coincidences. We pick up a book for a reason (to learn something). We meet a bad person for a reason (for a lesson on what we should do and how we should be or should not and how to protect ourselves). Everything that happens to us, has a significance however little, and aligns us further towards our spiritual path, towards discovering the greater purpose that we are reincarnated for in this life of ours. There is nothing that is divinely unplanned. Most good things are signs and most bad things are lessons. This is about being in touch with our inner self and trusting our intuition. If it feels good, it must be special in some way, no matter how illogical, and we should manifest it consciously.
You see, everything is matter and energy, and these two are interchangeable, but never destructible or able to be created. There is matter beyond our range of perception, and so is energy. There are energetic vibrations (from matter beyond our perception) that come from within us and from outside. And these have effects on us that seem illogical within the range of perception, but when the energy is too strong, it manifests as tangible matter within the range of our perception, and these are more often than not signs (what we would call synchronicities), not just a mere coincidence.
That's just my opinion, at least.
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