Missing! Hufflepuff students have disappeared!

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Missing! Hufflepuff students have disappeared!

Postby Gail Allen » Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:24 pm


I have been to the Sett recently and discovered to my horror that they have experienced some very suspicious disappearances lately. Several people have vanished - even the portrait has vanished, and they are searching high and low for them.
The image above is an old newspaper image of the people missing that I found.
In an attempt to help find the missing people I have volunteered to search the Roost - and to make all of you aware of the missing people so that you will also know to keep your eyes open and let Hufflepuff know if you find those that are missing.
If anyone wants to come join the search at the Sett, I am sure you would be more than welcome.

I do this purely to find the people of course - and to get the diamonds offered for helping in this endeavour...

Oh and before all these disappearances Hufflepuff was having a lot of fun christmas activities, which they have courageously kept running despite this tragedy.
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