If not Ravenclaw, then where?

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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Ariella McManus » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:41 pm

Definitely Slytherin! Although I have settled very nicely into Ravenclaw, I was actually quite surprised when I was sorted into this house, as every other site I have been on has sorted me into Slytherin. While I don't consider myself mean, not everyone in Slytherin was mean. I am ambitious and somewhat cunning, so yeah, I would definitely fit into Slytherin.

That said, i do enjoy being in Ravenclaw, much more than I thought I would. I have many qualities of a Ravenclaw, so if not Slytherin, then I couldn't think of a better place to be then right here in Ravenclaw.
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Andie Smith » Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:11 am

I've always felt like a true Ravenclaw, I've never really considered being in another house (everrrr!), and none of my friends have ever pictured me in a different house either.... 'till Pottermore sent me to Hufflepuff. What can I say? Those badgers grew on me and I ended up l♥ving that house. :3
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Benjamin Fraser » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:56 am

I guess if I had not ended up in Ravenclaw (which I think is the best house for me) I would pobably be in Hufflepuff. That is also the house that came up second in my sorting here on HOL. I cannot picture myself as a Gryffindor (not daring or adventurous enough) and definitely not in Slytherin. By the way, Slytherin is the only house I have never been sorted into anywhere (Pottermore put me into Gryffindor, but I still don't think that is where I belong).
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Lavinia Rookwood » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:06 pm

Hmm, if I couldn't be a Ravie, where would I be? Well, I'm not supremely brave, so not Gryffindor. I'm not cunning, so not Slytherin. So that just leaves one other option..Hufflepuff!
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Olivia Iris » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:43 pm

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I was put into Ravenclaw. Slytherin did some the obvious choice for me, but apparently my love for books and puzzles come before my cunning and (a bit of) cowardice.

The very last and desperate choice for me would be Gryffindor, I find the house boring because I spent seven books just reading about how Gryffindor is always best. Also I'm probably the un-bravest person I know!
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Nico Coer » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:44 am

Slytherin, without a doubt. Indeed, for over a decade I defaulted to Sytherin. I'm even one on Pottermore- I got to choose between Slytherin and Ravenclaw there. I've cosplayed as a random Slytherin multiple times over the years, and I have yarn for a Slytherin scarf waiting which was ordered before I was sorted here.

Here, Slytherin came up as my runner up spot, so I like to think I've learned what I needed to/was in a position to learn from and shift my drives that Slytherin enabled my access to, and that as an adult I have a subtly different set of drives, goals, and desires. Indeed, this is why on the main HOL forum my signature mentions my inner eagle beating out my inner snake this time. :)
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Mene Moonplanet » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:57 am

I think Slytherin has the prettiest colours (green and silver <3), but if I wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw, I think I might go to Hufflepuff now (my best friend IRL is a Hufflepuff...). I didn't note down the points for each house I got from the HOL Sorting Hat, though...
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Iris Ixchel » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:05 am

I was hoping to be in Slytherin when I started, my family usually tell me I have evil on my face.
I've gotten quite comfortable here in Ravenclaw, though I did consider squibbing so I could go to Slytherin after my first year.
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Sierra Granger » Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:18 am

I would be a Hufflepuff. I agree with others, I'm not Slytherin type but I feel like Harry Potter is all Gryffindor and Slytherin. I wanted a different house and I thought Ravenclaw is the house for me. But Hufflepuff, because Hufflepuffs are always nice and I would feel welcome and warmth walking into the Hufflepuff Common Room.

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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Clarissa Ridney » Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:57 am

If I'm not a Ravenclaw.. hmm.. I'm not that brave so I can't be Gryffindor, I'm least like Slytherin. So I might have be in Hufflepuff, I have some of their traits and I also like yellow :D
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Siobhan Burke » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:45 pm

Ack, the idea of not being in Ravenclaw is disturbing. If I had to pick another house though, it would probably be either Slytherin (ambitious, somewhat cunning, strong sense of self preservation) or Hufflepuff (loyal, hard working). I'm neither bold nor courageous, so Gryffindor is out.

Saying that, most quizzes put me in Ravenclaw by an overwhelming majority so this is probably the only house for me.
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Cliodna Levebre » Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:11 am

I could be a Gryffindor.. I'm brave at heart, just and loyal but I'm also creative. Dunno..
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Eleni Morrighan » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:23 pm

I'm pretty sure that if I weren't in Ravenclaw, I would be in Slytherin. I've always been on the fence about it and part of me wanted to be sorted into Slytherin, but I think the Hat made the right choice. :)
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Matilde Rayne » Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:26 pm

... I could have sworn I'd already posted in here, but I guess not, lol.

It's hard seeing myself as anything but a Ravenclaw after so long, but I've definitely had times where I've felt particularly Slytherin-like or Hufflepuff-ish. (I've never felt much like a Gryffindor, oddly enough, but whether that's an honest personal assessment... <<)

My normal answer to this question is Slytherin.

That said, just going by what the Houses should represent or encourage and putting personal feelings aside, if I couldn't be Ravenclaw, I'd probably be a Gryffindor. I don't necessarily see myself as brave, but being able to have an opinion and stick to it, stand up for yourself and others - those things are important to me too.
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Re: If not Ravenclaw, then where?

Postby Kathren Johnsun » Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:53 pm

While I would really love to say Slytherin, my honest answer would be Hufflepuff. Before Pottermore opened its doors to everyone, every quiz that I would take put me in Hufflepuff. I would get really frustrated because, besides Tonks and Cedric, it didn't seem like any of the Hufflepuffs played a big role in the series. I'm sure there are more who did but those just seemed to be the two that everyone pointed out.
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