Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2


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Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Arielle Lemoyne » Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:25 pm

"All expenses paid trip to Ravenclaw island!" "Free vacation - sign up today!" "Holiday in paradise!" Arielle realized she was exaggerating a bit, but how else was she going to get people to participate in her latest team building activity? And she had a great turn out so far - over a dozen people had signed up. Arielle was thrilled!

Everyone boarded the ferry with their one allowable item:

Katya - "How to Survive" Book
Arianna - hammock
Tarma - knife
Lucy - fishing gear
Gail - lighter
Scarlett - journal
Kendra - sunscreen
Sirius - wand
Ryan - Arielle
Kim - board game
Sky - Lord of the Flies
Hannah - any book
Polaris - Essence of dittany
Astrid - book of edible plants
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Excitement was growing as everyone wondered what awaited them at the island. Arielle hoped nobody would be upset that what awaited them was basically nothing other than a little bit of danger. She was sure they could manage living outdoors for a week, or at least she thought they had a good chance. As the ferry docked, Arielle was slightly worried, but it was too late to change her plans now. The driver quickly ushered everyone onshore and wished them an exciting week before driving back to the mainland....

How did you spend the week? Your writing challenge is to tell us how you survived, involving as many people and items as possible!

Post your story here for 30 beans!

(you do not have to have posted in the "what would you bring?" thread to participate, but you still can if you want to!)

Edit: For clarification, your story doesn't have to fit in with or have anything to do with anyone else's story. I had been thinking about doing a RP thing, but this way everyone can work at their own pace, and it won't matter how many people participate.
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:33 pm

Tarma glanced at everyone as they disembarked. Well, here they all were and each with their selected item. Fortunately for Tarma, she was wearing her usual layered clothing and had her usual always-with-her slung shoulder purse back (with the Swiss Army knife inside, where it lives all the time anyway).

Since it was Ravenclaw Island, and it was Arielle's and Polaris's trip, she figured that probably they would be in charge. With that in mind, she glanced at the list of provisions that everyone had decided to bring and thought that, since there were quite a few folks, one of the first things to do would be to provide some sort of shelter so folks could get out of the sun. No one else had a knife ... hmm... But hers was a multi-tool.

So she started gathering downed tree limbs and branches with leaves and different things which could be used for walls and a roof and dragged them over to where they could be strapped against other and started a rudimentary shelter. A couple of folks came over to help her do this and soon there was a place large enough that all could come in and take shelter from the sun. Two walls, blocking possible predators and strong winds, would have to suffice, at least for now.

It appeared that someone (Lucy) was already fishing! Good good. Food was good. Gail had started a fire (and Tarma had a vision of 'why is the rum gone' run through her mind but no, Gail was making the fire with care, and it wouldn't spread). Arielle and Polaris seemed to have joined up with Katya, Scarlet, Astrid and Ryan (who was hanging around Arielle). They had Katya's survival book, Scarlet had a journal in which to write assignments and chores and what everyone needed to do, and Astrid had the book of edible plants. Again, food is good!

Sirius was doing 'something' with his wand, oh, he was tiding up something it looked like. Arianna already had her hammock up! It looked like the books and game board and other supplies, dittany and sunscreen (brought by Kim and Sky and Hannah and Polaris and Kendra) were being carefully secured in a well-hidden niche in the trees for use later on.

So, it was obviously time for a nap! Sleep had been short for a while and a nice week-long nap would be nice. Of course it didn't happen that way, but it was nice to daydream about.

What did happen was the nap was short as someone dug their toe into Tarma's side. Fortunately whoever it was was backlit by the sun so she couldn't tell who it was. "Up!" "You get to fish!"

So most of the vacation was spent fishing in the lovely surf and getting all wet and salt-and-sand covered and then eating some lovely coconuts and baked fish and other edibles as supplied by the island. At least at night there was a shelter to sleep under -- but while some folks used it Tarma found out that she rather liked sleeping under the stars, her head on the rolled up sweatshirt she'd been wearing and obviously didn't need as one of her layers.

She'd listen to someone reading one of the books by the light of the fire. However, when it came to Lord of the Flies, she walked to the far side of the island and stayed there until it was all done. Nope.!

Too soon the ferry boat came back. But it was good to go to a regular bed and shower and her own books again!
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Katya Snow » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:19 pm

(i am being cheeky here and this is no way supposed to be taken seriously. (although if there are pranks to be had please feel free to blame me for their creation)

There is a law in Hogwarts, a law that most people where not truly aware of. One of those unspoken natural order of things that most people knew instinctively that it was a line not to cross. Oh, everyone knew not to poke a lion, they would maul your face off. They knew not to poke a snake or they would be bitten, sometimes not right away but they would be bitten. They knew not to poke a raven or get their eyes pecked out and their tongue silenced forever. The thing was, there was nothing more dangerous than a poked Badger. Out of all the Hogwarts houses, all of the students knew with an instinctive certainty that you did NOT poke a badger. Ever. Because as small and cute and fuzzy as they where they where easily the most destructive forces on earth.

Most importantly, you did not offer a Badger a “free vacation” indicating it was a “Holiday in Paradise” and then strand them on a deserted island with no food, no shelter, and no direct line of authority. There is nothing so frightening as a hungry badger. Oh no, you did NOT strand a badger. They where even worse than the Slytherins when it came to revenge because, lets be honest. Badgers knew how to get a snake to do what they wanted. A few delectable hand made chocolates and a hand knitted scarf and a few dozen hugs and a Slytherin was putty in your hands. Everyone assumed it was slytherin who was the master manipulators but no, Hufflepuffs knew all and this particular Hufflepuff was already thinking of who to use to spy on Arielle. Perhaps she might bribe Polaris with some very nice visual sudoku ideas or maybe they might like something a little more fine? A hand knitted scarf could go a long way and she had one in some very lovely shades that would look very good with his Ravenclaw blues. If not that then she had some more 'adult' confections and drinks she was sure he'd be more than willing to trade for.

Happy to share her survival book she was soon following the instructions and gathering the things to make some drinkable water, with the ocean all around them, fresh drinking water was very important and since no one had thought to bring a pot (oh Ariell would RUE this! The only thing worse than a hungry badger, was a hungry and THIRSTY Badger!) they would have to make one using bamboo, or hollowed out logs. Ice-breaking challenge indeed! She knew many spells that she could use to leave spiders or snakes in bedding of an unwitting teacher. She could get the passwords easily enough, bribing for the information would be easy with her kinds of connections. Once she was off this island she would make sure to punish those that needed punishing! Sh bet she could even get Professor Tarma in on it, Tarma was a wicked woman who wouldn't turn her nose up at a well deserved prank surely! Especially if it meant getting some goodies in return. Yes, her revenge would be had. Even if she had to bribe Peeves with those nasty Dugbombs.
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Kendra Givens » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:46 pm

The boat settles at shore. The island is beautiful, but there are not many trees for shade. That sun is strong and hot; I might as well bathe myself in sunscreen now. I should probably offer some to everyone else first, because I know at least Polaris burns as bad as I do. The only problem here is that I only brought one bottle. I suppose I should go borrow that “How to Survive” book from Katya after I soak myself in sunscreen.

After I help Arianna set up her hammock in one of the only shady spots between two lovely trees, she lets me lay in it and read as she goes for a swim. Perfect! The book says that raspberry oil gives skin an automatic 28-50 SPF and blocks UVB when a thin layer is applied. I know I saw a raspberry plant on the way over here…I should probably check Astrid’s book of edible plants before I start chopping things down, though. Thankfully, she lends me the book and I learn that those berries are indeed raspberries.

On my way toward the raspberry bushes I saw, I stop by Tarma and ask to borrow her knife so that I can cut some raspberries and get the oil from them. Tarma agrees to come with me, and we grab Arielle along the way so that she can catch a break from Ryan for a bit. We spend quite some time mashing (and eating) berries, and then bring our oil collection back to camp for everyone to use.

By the time we get back, the sun is setting and Lucy has broken out her fishing gear to catch us some fish for dinner. As a group of us help clean the fish to eat, Gail ignites some wood with her lighter so that we can smoke the fish to eat. Thank goodness that fish oil also helps protect from sunburn! As we eat, a group of us play the board game that Kim brought while Sky and Hannah read and Scarlett writes in her journal before the sun goes down too much to see. I share a little bit of essence of dittany with Polaris to soothe the singe I got before we had the raspberry oil and enjoy vacation. All is right with the world.
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Polaris Black » Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:20 am

Polaris had only heard about the legendary Ravenclaw Island. She suspected that the exploits of the Sea Serpent were highly exaggerated and the tales of the Mountain Trolls were (mostly?) myth since there were no mountains to be seen anywhere. Perhaps the curse that was placed by the witch who buried the thimble in the sand was true? In any event, she was really glad that she had gone camping in the Forbidden Forest and passed the Survival Quiz at HOLLERS Camp. She couldn’t wait to examine the “How to Survive” book that Katya had brought.

It was overcast and really chilly on the island so Polaris was relieved to see Gail using her lighter to start a campfire. And Sirius, bless his heart, was using his wand to place protective spells around the campsite. She suddenly realized that he could also use the Aguamenti spell to conjure a supply of clear, pure drinking water (just another thing not to worry about). There were no trees but there was plenty of grass, heather, and small flowers. Hopefully some of the vegetation was listed in Astrid’s book of edible plants. Otherwise the terrain was flat and reddish and she could see seabirds and seals on the cliffs to the west. She even thought she saw a dolphin swimming near the coast.

Tarma really knew how to use her knife to set up a temporary shelter and even secured a place to keep Kendra’s sunscreen and Polaris’s dittany. Lucy was sharing her fishing gear and teaching everyone how to use it. Arianna had set up her hammock and everyone was taking turns trying it out. Ryan and Arielle were figuring out how to play Kim’s board game and Hannah and Sky were deciding which book to read aloud after dinner. Polaris shivered and wished Sky had brought “Lord of the Rings” instead of “Lord of the Flies”.

It looked like Arielle’s latest team building activity was an unequivocal success. Polaris couldn’t wait to read all about it in Scarlett’s journal.
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:39 am

Polaris Black wrote:Polaris shivered and wished Sky had brought “Lord of the Rings” instead of “Lord of the Flies”.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Writing Challenge: Stranded part 2

Postby Prof. Sky Alton » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:53 pm

Okay, this isn’t going to make much sense to anyone who hasn’t read Lord of the Flies but I thought I should explain why I chose such a spine tingling story to bring…

As soon as she was off the boat, Sky began to rifle through the book she’d brought. After a couple of chapters, she threw it down behind a tree and raced off, pausing only long enough to apologise for nearly knocking Arianna’s newly erected hammock flying. As she sprinted along the beach, she searched furiously for conch shells (actually, any kind of large shell she could find as she wasn’t entirely sure what conches looked like). As she was launching the tenth shell safely into the waves, a much better idea struck her. She hammered back to camp, having to apologise this time to Gail for almost knocking the camp fire over and nearly singeing her own shoe. She bemused everyone in the vicinity by announcing it was just as well they didn’t have to use the sun’s reflection to start the fire.
She accosted Sirius and breathlessly demanded that he use his wand to accio all the conch shells on the island and banish them safely out of the way. Once she caught her breath, she asked far more nicely and helped out as best she could. Next she went to Tarma and asked if she could borrow the knife once all the important work was done. While she waited, she skim read more of the book, growing more and more panicky with every page. To distract herself, she went to help Lucy with the fishing (though her shaky hands meant she was more of a hindrance).
When the knife was free, she struck out across the island, using it to slash away the undergrowth to make the going easier. She was very glad to see no evidence of wild pigs and felt a little safer in her mind. She eventually arrived hot, sweaty and scratched at the cliffs. Thankfully, none of them were castle shaped but she slowly climbed them all the same. With care, she shunted all the dangerous looking boulders off and into the see so they couldn’t do any harm.
She limped towards camp, wishing very much that she’d borrowed Kendra’s sunscreen before heading out. When she finally got back, she was so tired, battered and cut that she nearly collided with Ryan and Arielle on her way past. Mumbling apologies, she went and returned the knife, then collapsed by the camp fire, accidentally using Astrid’s book of edible plants as a pillow. Once she’d recovered herself a little, she begged a few drops of dittany from Polaris and then borrowed Katya’s survival book to see if it had any tips on constructing a waterproof hiding place. Lord of the Flies would only come out again if things started to go wrong. That night, she tried to relax as Hannah read a far more palatable story.
For the rest of the week, things went smoothly, though Sky was still a little on edge. When someone suggested having a camp meeting or a wild dance on the beach, she was very quick to distract everyone with Kim’s board game. Just before they boarded the boat to go home after a wonderfully tranquil week, she asked to borrow Scarlett’s journal so she could write it all down, proving that a group of people could inhabit an island peacefully and enjoyably. As the boat pulled away and she dropped the copy of Lord of the Flies Safely over the side and into the waves, Sky had to wonder whether her life would be a whole lot simpler if she didn’t read quite so much. Especially given that it was the library’s copy she’d just drowned…oops!

(LOTR....far more relaxing.)
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