2021 Ravenclaw in Awe

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2021 Ravenclaw in Awe

Postby Prof. Kyrie Adderholt » Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:38 pm

An honour presented to the most widely respected Ravenclaw. He or she astounds us each time, and is full of surprises.


There are two winners this year.

The first has been mentioned by my staff multiple times when discussing award winners and promising new members. She is currently going through PiT and I have a feeling we'll be seeing her as a member of staff pretty soon!

The second has always been respected in Ravenclaw, but really came into her own on HOL this year. She was brave enough to take on assisting not only OWLs, but she jumped in to help HOL 101 when it was overrun with new students.

Congrats Silvana Mandeville and Mia Fountain!
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