2023 Rowena's Honour

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2023 Rowena's Honour

Postby Prof. Ryan Granger » Thu Jul 06, 2023 9:35 pm

An honour presented to an exemplary Ravenclaw, who honours his or her house in its highest way. The winner of this award is truly a magnificent example for the rest of the house -- he or she is kind, respected and accomplished.


This award is typically only given out to one person each year, but when there's so many fantastic potential winners it's hard to narrow it down to just one. So, I'm pulling rank and will be handing out two this year for two extremely special Eagles. For their years of continued to service to Ravenclaw as whole. For the all the time and effort they put in. For all the points and quills and awards they won. For all the friends they have been to others. I am beyond thrilled to award this year's Rowena's Honor to both: Kendra Givens and Alexander Brighton.
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