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Welcome to your Vanishing Vacation!

Organised by:
Alexander Brighton (thanks to Prof. Sindor Aloyarc for the excellent banner)


May 3 - Week 1 posted
May 10 - Week 2 posted
May 17 - Week 3 posted
May 24 - Week 4 posted
May 31 - Everything due

Each week, there will be four tasks. Each task will be worth 10 beans (bonus beans may be available with discussion tasks). If you complete half the tasks by May 31st, you will be awarded 20 bonus beans. If you complete all tasks by May 31st then you will be awarded 40 bonus beans.

There is no sign up, so anyone can join in anytime during the month. You can do the tasks in whichever order you want, but i suggest doing them in order from the first onward. It can be a bit of a continuation, so it might make it more fun for you.

Alternative Tasks

If there is no alternative task given and you find certain tasks hard to complete then please let me know and we will work something out.
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