Introduction to Vanishing Vacation


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Introduction to Vanishing Vacation

Postby Prof. Alexander Brighton » Mon May 01, 2023 1:18 pm

Things have been so busy lately with classes. There have been so many assignments, homework, tests, teaching materials, as well as so many duties outside of classes as well. It’s gotten to be a bit too much.

You realise that what you really need is a break from it all before you collapse under all the stress. You need to just disappear or vanish for a while. But you can’t just leave the castle and not tell anyone because that might end with getting sacked, suspended or expelled.

So you talk to headmistress Kyrie Adderholt and after explaining that this vacation might give you a better positive attitude which will lead to better achievement overall when you return, she gives you the ok to leave, but only for a couple days, a week at the very most. Little does she know that that week may end up turning into four.

You pack the things you think you might need, like your wand (you’re told your wand is for emergencies only) and broomstick.

You take the Hogwarts Express back to Platform 9 and 3 quarters to begin your vanishing vacation.
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