Week 2 - Task #2 - The Tunnels


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Week 2 - Task #2 - The Tunnels

Postby Prof. Alexander Brighton » Tue May 09, 2023 11:26 pm

After the beach incident, you find a cave that leads to several underground tunnels. You have heard the locals say that this is a shortcut to your favorite attractions including; the nearest amusement park, the theatre, even a castle if you know where to go. Sounds simple enough and there is only one catch: you need to take the correct tunnel. Some of the tunnels lead to dead ends and could get you completely lost, so be careful.

There are also rumors that some have entered the tunnels and never came out.

Complete this maze:

Please send me the solution through private message by May 31. If you complete at least half the tasks by the due date, you will earn a bonus of 20 beans. If you complete all tasks, you will earn a bonus of 40 beans.

Alternatively, you can describe the tunnels and your journey through them.
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