Week 4 - Task #4 - Excuses


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Week 4 - Task #4 - Excuses

Postby Prof. Alexander Brighton » Wed May 24, 2023 11:46 am

Whether you had help from wizarding family or friends to use their fireplace, you took muggle transport to the train station, or you apparated to Hogsmeade: you now made it back to Hogwarts.

But you better have a good excuse for the Headmistress for why you are so late returning. Similar to an earlier task in another week where you wrote a letter; take out that notebook that you saved from the fire and write either a poem or a song for the Headmistress. You can make it funny or serious, but it should include things that have happened while you were away that prevented you from returning sooner.

The poem or song should be at least 10 lines long. You can either post it below or send it to me in a PM.

The due date is June 1 at 11:59 PM HOL time. This task is worth 10 beans. If you complete at least half the tasks by the due date, you can earn a bonus of 20 beans. If you complete all tasks, you can earn a bonus of 40 beans.
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Re: Week 4 - Task #4 - Excuses

Postby Lex Green » Thu Jun 01, 2023 10:36 pm

I'm so sorry I'm late, it wasn't intended
But now my vacation has finally ended
I had many adventures along my way
Every plan I made seemed to go astray

First, I arrived at the station and set my sights
On New York City, so I booked a flight
But the planes got cancelled because of torrential showers
So I had to wait for a few extra hours

I spent a day at the beach under the sun's glow
But was surprised at an attack from a grindylow
I phoned a friend and they helped me out
I then came across tunnels that confused my route

Then I lost my wand, which was a first
And I wrote back to you, but I left out the worst
I picked up souvenirs for all of my friends
But then met a dodgy stranger in a random dead end

They ran away fast, after a short race
And I spoke to my family through a fireplace
I had a to-do list, but it got wet from the rain
And then there was a fire, which was a great pain

It ruined my belongins and shattered my plans
So I went to MACUSA for a helping hand
They gave me what I needed to book with an airline
Sorry for the delay, I'll be more careful next time!
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