RPM 2021: Seer of Winds and Whispers

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RPM 2021: Seer of Winds and Whispers

Postby Prof. Sindor Aloyarc » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:57 pm


It’s shortly before midnight.

The spirit of Professor Oddball has manifested toward the front of the Charms Classroom, welcoming Silvana in while turning his right pinky finger inside his ear of the same side.

“We meet again, Miss Mandeville.” He nods his head for a slight bow, then, catching an impressively loud sneeze in the crook of his elbow, offers her to come stand nearer by.

“You have deduced the Divination assignment presented by Sybill Trelawney, guiding you here at this precise moment.”

He begins to laugh, quite aggressively and for no apparent reason, then resettles. “For your reward, you will be granted a special gift:

A year of heightened Intuition!”

Uric’s eyes cross, then shift side to side, role around, and return toward Ana, beaming bemusedly. A puzzled look on his face.

“This benefit will be shared throughout the entire House by all members of Ravenclaw, however yours will be assisted toward being the clearest among the lot ...”

Holding one hand up in front of him while the index finger of his other brushes in close to his lips, this unusual fellow’s eyes have locked onto something unseen in a corner of the room. Like he’s listening to someone.

There’s a long, awkward pause. Then, “... If you use your focus and attention wisely. All gains made within this span of time will be kept, rather than lost at the end of the year.”

No clock is in sight, yet the sound of midnight begins to make itself known as you hear a loud chiming.

Professor Oddball pulls at a chain ‘round his neck, tugging a purple watch out from a mysterious pocket central to his sternum.

“It ...”

The words come slowly, as Uric floats upward, a faint shimmering appears all around, “... Is ....”

Higher and higher, his form sparkles, and as he utters the last word, a flash of brilliant blue light envelopes the entire space. “... Time.”

Momentarily blinded, a quiver of Magic runs up and down Silvana’s spine. Blinking her eyes open, then rubbing sight back into place, she looks around to discover herself alone. The unseen clock still resounding each step through its task.

Rustlings of wind press up against the nearest pane of glass, whispering a gentle blessing for the House of Ravenclaw as impressions of a smile are tap, tap, tapping their way to the tune of ‘Well done.’ And ‘Good night.’

Seer of Winds and Whispers: Image Image
Silvana Mandeville!!!!!!!

activity by Mia Fountain, Torii Taylor,
Prof. Rorey Padfoot, and Prof. Sindor Aloyarc.
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Re: RPM 2021: Seer of Winds and Whispers

Postby Silvana Mandeville » Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:00 am

Ey, this is so sweet!^^ Thank you so much! Also thank you for Prof. Sin, Prof. Rorey, Mia, and Torii for running this activity! I really enjoyed it~
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