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These are the updated FAQs that were provided by previous Head Prefect Kimaire Seloiro. I'm reposting it because there have been a few things changed, especially when it's been over a year that some of these things were written (and the change to the new forum also required that I fix things).

Adopt an Eaglet

What is it?
Adopt an Eaglet is a program for new eagles to learn their way around. After you sign up, an eagle that has been around for a while will adopt you and show you around. They can answer questions you have or just be a new friend to get you on your way.

How do I sign up?
Just post here: http://forum.roosted.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=8994


I sent a PM but the person I sent it to never got it, why is that?
If you didn't put a subject in your PM, it won't send.

What's the difference between sentbox and outbox?
After you send a PM it goes to your outbox. Once the person you sent it to reads it, it will move to the sentbox.


Why am I a moderator?
Some subsections of certain groups give you moderator powers so that you can edit other posts. If you are the moderator of any section of the Roost, you will have privileges in moderating the topics in that particular section.


How do I sign up?
Class sign ups should start around August for the fall term and January for the spring term but we don't know an exact date yet. You will be able to sign up through your office at that time, and more information will come right before that.

How many classes can I take?
You can have up to 5 each term. There are 2 terms. Some classes are 1 term and others last for the full year. You can combine classes in any way you want as long as you have no more than 5 in any term.

When will classes start?
Classes start on Sept 1st. However, your classes may not start exactly that date, so don't freak out and attack the professor if it's not up then. ;)

What if I'm not here when class sign up starts?
You'll be fine. You don't need to be here right when it starts, as the professors will have class signups open for around a month (unless otherwise specified).

Do I need anything for classes?
Just your internet connection.

I realized I don't have time for a class, how do I drop out of it?
Send the professor an e-mail politely asking them to remove you. If class signups are open and you haven't been confirmed in the class yet, there is an option to drop out beforehand.

IRC Question

What are the official Ravenclaw rooms?
#ravenclaw is the only real offical room. #ravenclawquidditch is used for the quidditch team, but it's technically not an offical HOL room.

How do I get on IRC?
The Ravenclaw Orientation area is a pretty place to go!


How do I get an image to put in my signature?
You can make one, get someone you know to make one.

How do I put my image in my signature?
You need to upload it somewhere. One of the most popular places is http://www.photobucket.com. It's free and pretty easy to use. Then you go "profile" in the drop down menu, and put [ img]address of the image here[ /img] in the signature section (without the spaces).

How do I change my avatar?
Also in the profile section, go to the avatar part at the bottom and put in the address of your image.


What is Hogsmeade?
Hogsmeade is a collection of shops and houses that members of HOL have created.

Do I need real money for Hogsmeade?
No, it's all just for fun.

Wands and Robes

How do I get a wand?
You can look around Hogsmeade for a shop, or just make up your own wand. It isn't necessary for anything in HOL though, it's just for fun if you want to.

How do I get a robe?
Same as the answer for wands. ;)


What is a MC?
MC stands for Magical Creature. The more you post, the more dangerous your creature gets. But don't spam or we'll just delete the posts!

Why did my MC run away?
That just means you don't have 10 posts yet.

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