Ravenclaw of the Month - March

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Ravenclaw of the Month - March

Postby Kendra Givens » Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:37 pm

An honour presented to the top Ravenclaw point earner of THAT month only.


Our top point earner from the month of March with 395 points was Silvana Mandeville! Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm!
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Re: Ravenclaw of the Month - March

Postby Prof. Sindor Aloyarc » Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:38 pm

'Adda girl! 8) ::applauds wildly::
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Re: Ravenclaw of the Month - March

Postby Gail Allen » Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:26 am

Extremely well done Silvana!
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Re: Ravenclaw of the Month - March

Postby Silvana Mandeville » Sun Jun 06, 2021 1:44 pm

Woah! Thank you, everyone^^
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Re: Ravenclaw of the Month - March

Postby Mia Fountain » Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:22 pm

Congratulations Silvana!
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