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Information and Questions

Postby Adeline Morior » Thu Feb 01, 2024 6:51 am

Welcome, welcome to The Roost’s very own Common room lounge section, Below the Branches. The mods for this sub-forum are Lex Green, Katherine Laurier, and Adeline Morior.

Everyone is welcome to grab a seat, a snack and chat their hearts away. This is the place where we play games and discuss topics we find interesting.

If you’re new, head to the Greetings to other houses section and introduce yourself or jump right in on any of the topics.

Some games to get started on:

Word Chain
A-Z Songs
Make a wish - Corrupt a wish

Check out some of these discussion topics:

Favorite Piece of Trash
What do you love to collect?
Where Would You Go?

If you have any questions, please post them below and one of us will answer as soon as possible.

Got a topic you want to share? Make sure to read the guidelines below before posting.


Please remember that these guidelines may be adjusted or changed completely in the future. We will make a new post if any changes are made.

If you are going to post a topic, keep it to two post maximum at any given day so others can have a chance to join in.

If you’ve answered a topic, wait for the next person to answer before posting another reply.

Like everywhere else at HOL, all content you post must adhere to the HOL Code of Conduct and the HOL Handbook in order for this to be an enjoyable place for everyone.

A reminder that if you use AI, you MUST follow the AI guidelines that HOL has.

For Posting Graphics
A few popular Image Hosting sites are Postimages, Imgur, and Imgbb where you can upload your work and then share the link. To be able to embed an image directly in your post on The Roost, you will use the BBCode [*img][*/img] with the url of your image in the middle (i.e. [*img]link[*/img]) — NOTE: Remove the asterisks (*) when using the code. They’re added here to display the example effectively. Images embedded directly into posts must be kept within 600x600 pixels.

And most importantly, Have fun!

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?" - Albus Dumbledore
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