• Ravenclaw Newsletter - October 2021
  • Ravenclaw News

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well.

    First off I would like to thank Kendra Givens for the amazing Galventing the Gilderoy Activity and I am sure that everyone had a lot of fun.

    At the moment we are in second place for the house cup with a total points of 4,926. I am sure that we can catch up to the Slytherines, but well done to all the top point earners of Ravenclaw and let's win the cup this year as well. I am sure Prof. Kyrie Adderholt won’t want to give away the house cup this year as well. We also have a lot of opportunities to earn more points .Go Eagles!

    Our very own Prof. Rorey Padfoot, is hosting an activity called Halloweentown and I am sure that you all will have fun. Be sure to join the activity as you can earn a lot of beans there. the Activity starts from 5th till October 31st. You can find the activity here

    HOLLERs have monthly challenges which you can do and earn some hoots.

    Hufflepuff has the monthly activity called as the Wonders of the World and the theme for September is London. There are also the monthly DoHGas challenges which are held at the Seth. You can find the activities

    The Gryffindors have a new roleplay for September as well as they are hosting an activity called the Gryffoberfest 2021 which starts from the 1st till the 31st of October. You can find the activity

    The Slytherin have monthly activities in the read-along, arcade club as well as the puzzle exchange. They are also hosting the Slyth - O - Ween which starts from 3rd till 31st October You can find the activity here

    There are also two new projects in the Library Department as well as the Art Department, from which you can earn house points by completing.

    Let’s Go Ravenclaws!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter September 2021
  • Hey yoo, Eagles! Welcome to a whole new year with HOL! It's wonderful to see many new faces here at HOL! Once again, I would like to congratulate us for the House Cup. You all have done so great for the previous year!


    As one of the organizers for Onto & Off Again: The HOL Express, I would like to give my big thanks to those who had been participating in the activity. I hope all of you had a great time, especially for the new Eagles!

    I have heard that we will have Galavanting with Gilderoy this month, which organized by our dear Kendra Givens. Let's look forward to it.

    If you have free time, make sure to check out our Debate Club and E = MC Hammer for activity points!

    Before we move to HOL News, I would like to remind you that Classes have been opened for sign up. You should check it out HERE and sign up for classes you want to join this term. Let's do our best to earn more points for our lovely house.


    Gryffindor once again presents their Roleplay with theme Toil and Trouble for any of you who would like to play together with the HOLers. On their Seventh Floor Corridor, there are discussions and games which are open to all of HOL.

    In the Hufflepuff Common Room you will find Snape-tember which is run by Prof. Felicia and Prof. Tarma. Aside from their September activity, they have the regular activities going on in the Sett as well, such as; Wonders of the World with Clouds as the theme, the Department of Huffle Games and Sports, the Creative Club has a new picture ready to be coloring, and at their Fireplace you'll find Eve's Corner and Musical Wizards.

    Walking to the Slytherin's Dungeons, Lucia Dinapoli has presented us with Serptentine Souvenirs, let's take part in their scavenger hunt. If you are up for games, make sure to visit their The Slug Club. Slytherin also has their Read Along with Merlin theme which you must keep your eyes on.

    Book Club finally came back with their monthly prompts for Between the Pages, Quill and Ink, and Ink Splatters. There are beans for every submission and possibly awards! Aside from their regular activities, this month Book Club also presents us with Septem-bean, Quick Quotes, and Book Trivia. If you love writing and reading, please make your way to that place. I assure you, you'll not regret it.

    Our Library Department as well as the Art Department have new projects for this month. If you want more points, be sure to check it out.

    And lastly, I hope you have a wonderful and exciting month. Let's do our best for the first month of our new term. Good luck, Eagles!

    PS. Don't forget to make friends! *wink*
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  • New Eaglet Newsletter - August 2021
  • Welcome to Ravenclaw!

    Welcome home, eagles! Special welcome to the eaglets who will be joining us for the first time this school year. This newsletter is longer than other monthly newsletters, but has a lot of information about all things HOL for you. In my 5 years here, I’ve learned a lot and made some lifelong friendships along the way. I hope that you find the opportunity to do the same!

    There is a LOT within HOL and within Ravenclaw to get involved in. It might seem overwhelming, but hopefully this newsletter will help sort some of it out. You will also learn a lot of this information in your HOL 101 class, so be sure to participate in that one!

    If you have questions (and you likely will), feel free to ask any of the Ravenclaw Prefects and they'll be happy to answer or point you in the right direction.

    HOL Fundamentals

    HOL Handbook: In order to keep the site safe and running smoothly for everyone, there are a few simple rules that we ask all of our members to follow - you'll find these in the HOL Handbook and the HOL Code of Conduct. If you haven’t read these documents yet, I highly recommend that you do! You can find them all the way at the bottom of the main HOL page.

    Chatrooms/IRC: The HOL chat rooms are a great place to get to know your fellow students! There are almost always a few students hanging out in the chat rooms, especially during the weekends. A list of official channels can be found in the HOL Handbook. Of particular interest, the main HOL channel is #hol and the Ravenclaw house channel is #ravenclaw. You can access the Chatrooms from the bottom of the main HOL page.

    HOL Forum: If you have not already done so, you should definitely sign up for the HOL Forum using your complete HOL name as your username. I would sign up using ‘Kendra Givens’. The HOL forum is where most of the action happens here, including major site announcements, HOL-wide activities, clubs, classrooms, etc. Be sure to check there regularly for new activities and announcements.

    o Current Activities: This is where you can find any HOL-wide activities that are being run. You can earn house points for Ravenclaw if you participate in these activities. We just finished celebrating 20 years of HOL there - be on the lookout for whatever is coming next!
    o Departments: Located at the top of the main HOL page, the Art Department and Library Department offer monthly artistic and written projects that you can submit for house points. Other members will vote on the quality of your work, and you can vote on others’ submissions as well. Go check out the current projects now - art projects are due September 2nd and library projects are due August 31st!
    o Book Club: The Book Club offers a space to discuss books, authors, themes, and all things literary. You can also practice your writing skills there! They also run some big activities there. Currently, there is a summer reading challenge going on that ends on August 22nd.

    House Forums: Even though you are a member of Ravenclaw, you are more than welcome (encouraged, even!) to make an account on the other houses' forum pages. Each house offers activities that all HOL members can participate in. You can earn activity points in those forums as well - Diamonds in Hufflepuff, Emeralds in Slytherin, and Rubies in Gryffindor.

    HOL Quidditch: Many new students have asked about Quidditch in HOL. Our Quidditch committee is currently working on revamping the style of gameplay we will use for Quidditch, so Quidditch will be available in the near future. Thanks for being patient with us - we’re excited for what’s to come!

    Ravenclaw Basics

    The Roost: The Ravenclaw Common Room is affectionately known as The Roost! In addition to our monthly activities, there are several forums where you can interact with your fellow Ravenclaws. There are also informational forums where you can learn about all things HOL. We encourage you to click around and check out all the information and opportunities available to you!

    Nests: As a member of Ravenclaw, you've also been sorted into a house nest (Blue or Bronze) according to the first letter of your HOL first name. Nests are split alphabetically A-J(Blue) and K-Z (Bronze). Each nest can play host to its own discussions, debates, games, etc. but by no means are you restricted to posting within your own nest - feel free to visit your neighboring nest to see what they have going on!

    Each nest is overseen by a team of prefects, who will serve as the main points of contact for all of the students in their nest. Those prefects’ names can be found listed under your respective nest. Each year, we have a contest between the nests to see which nest can earn the most house points and be involved in the most activities throughout the year.

    Orientation: If you’re ever lost and need direction, the Orientation section is a good place to start! There you’ll find information on navigating the main site, classes, clubs and activities, and sections of the Roost, as well as a tutorial for connecting to the HOL chatrooms via IRC. There’s also an activity there which can earn you beans if you complete it!

    Adopt-an-Eaglet: Ravenclaw offers first years the opportunity to partner with a veteran housemate through the Adopt-an-Eaglet program, located within Ravenclaw Orientation. This mentor can answer questions, give advice, keep in contact, and generally help our newest members learn the ropes. Coincidentally, it's also a good way to make a new/first friend on the site! If you’d like to have a mentor, please post your name there and we’ll get you matched with someone ASAP. Feel free to reach out directly to any of the mentors listed on the Adopter List.

    All Around Ravenclaw

    o The War Room: Want to learn about all the ways you can earn house points and help Ravenclaw in its quest for the house cup? (Which, by the way, is currently sitting in Prof. Kyrie’s office and she doesn’t want it removed…) Check out the War Room so that you can stay in tune with what’s keeping Ravenclaw the best house in HOL.

    o Debate Club: Being the thinkers that we are, Ravenclaws are prone to having strong opinions about just about anything. If that sounds like you, then the Debate Club might just become your favorite part of the Roost!

    o E=MC Hammer: This is where we talk about music! The lovely Gail Allen always poses a monthly topic relating to a particular theme and then you’re welcome to share a song that comes to mind based on that theme. I’ve discovered a lot of new music this way!

    Ravenclaw Staff

    Here is a list of our current prefects and professors. Prefects (especially your nest prefects) and reserves should be your first point of contact with any concerns! You can also find our staff list on the main HOL page here.

    Kendra Givens (Head Prefect)
    Alexander Brighton
    Gail Allen
    Mia Fountain
    Torii Taylor
    Amy Smith - Reserve Prefect
    Silvana Mandeville - Reserve Prefect

    Prof. Kyrie Adderholt (Head of House)
    Prof. Arielle Lemoyne (Deputy Head of House)
    Prof. Ryan Granger (Deputy Head of House)
    Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
    Prof. Rorey Padfoot
    Prof. Neville Prongs
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter June 2021
  • Ravenclaw News

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well.

    First off I would like to thank Prof. Sindor Aloyarc for the amazing The Fatherest Away Mountain Activity and I am sure that everyone had a lot of fun.

    At the moment we are in first place for the house cup. Well done to all the top point earners of Ravenclaw and lets win the cup this year as well. We also have a lot of opportunities to earn more points .Go Eagles!

    The theme for this months song is your favourite childhood song. So if anyone has a favourite childhood song that they would like to share, then please sont hesitate to post it in the EC = Hammer. You can find the link below.


    HOLLERs have the monthly challenges which you can do and earn some hoots.

    The HOLLERs are also hosting an activity called as the Adventurers in Slumberland which started from the 5th of may and it'll go on till the 19th of June . You can also earn house points and beans by solving everything in this activity. You can find the activity here

    Hufflepuff has the monthly activity called as the Wonders of the World and the theme for June is Dogs.There are also the monthly DoHGas challenges which are held at the Seth.You can find the activities
    here and here
    The Gryffindors have a new roleplay for June as well as they are hosting an activity called as the Welcome to the Spell - ing bee which starts from the 1st of the June till the 29th of June. You can find the activity here

    The Slytherin have the monthly activities in the read-along, arcade club as well as the puzzle exchange. They are also hosting the Emerald Cup Basil vs Brabas which starts on the 1st of June till the 30th of June. You can find the activity here

    There are also two new projects in the Library Department as well as the Art Department, which you can earn house point by completing.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter May 2021
  • I hope everyone is having a great term so far! I can't believe we're more than half way there.

    Ravenclaw News

    We're still in the lead for the House Cup. Congratulations to all the point earners of Ravenclaw. Keep it up!

    I hope everyone had a fantastic picnic in the park with April's activity!

    This month's activity is The Farthest-Away Mountain found here: viewforum.php?f=435 It's being hosted Prof. Sindor Aloyarc. Sounds like fun.

    If anyone has a favorite song they would like to share that features rainbows, go over here: http://forum.roosted.org/viewtopic.php?f=355&t=12449

    The next Alte deadline is May 31. So if you have any ideas of what you would like to submit, head over here: http://forum.roosted.org/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=11913.

    There is a new debate topic in the Debate Club to do with Dumbledore over here: viewforum.php?f=55. It sounds interesting.

    HOL News

    Go over to the Gryffindor Common Room and participate in this months role play. It's the May Scenario: The Room of Hidden Things. After that, you can stay around and play some games in Peeve's Place.

    This months Wonders of the World in Hufflepuff is The Wonder of Cats. Who doesn't like cats? The week 1 activities were posted. You can go here for more information: http://thebadgersett.us/forum/index.php ... the-world/

    Slytherin's newspaper, the Serpentimes' deadline is June 15. There's still plenty of time to get your submissions in, but don't wait until the last minute. In the Slytherin Common Room, there appears to be something for everyone. There's games, a Harry Potter Read-Along with trivia, and more.

    The Art Department currently has 2 activities. You can make a postcard of your summer plans and/or make a collage of your school memories. Go over to the Art Department and show your artistic skill. The Art Department is here: https://hol.org.uk/art

    The Library Department also has 2 activities. You can write about a witch or wizard working a muggle job and/or write about a promise your characters gave, but either did or didn't keep. For more information, go here: https://hol.org.uk/library

    While you're in the Art and Library Departments, you can also vote for submissions on previous work. Voting ends May 14.

    There is a new challenges posted in HOLLERS. There is also new Creative Outlet tasks to do with Earth. Go here to see more about it: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=320

    There's a new prompt in Book Club here https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=393&t=33031

    There are plenty of discussions topics going on right now in the Student's Lounge of the HOL Forum. Go and take part.

    Enjoy the month of May and the rest of the term!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter April 2021
  • Ravenclaw News!

    Congratulations everyone, we are currently in first place for the House Cup with 51,980 points!

    We have just wrapped up Ravenclaw Pride Month! This year we made predictions and tried to find out which Alumnus used which Ravenclaw trait and where they used it. Thank you to everyone who took part and the organizers!

    The Eagles 2021 winners have been announced! See the winners here.

    This month we will be having a Picnic in the Park, organized by Kendra Givens. Come to the Picnic in the Park for food, fun, and beautiful scenery.

    Submissions for the Alte Sentiatum April issue have ended. Be one the lookout for it to be published.

    Around the Castle:

    HOL News

    The April HOLLERS challenges and the Neptune creative challenges have been posted!

    The book club has released new prompts for April.

    The Library Department has the projects: Weird Weather and The Professor open for voting until April 14th. Submissions are open for Written in the Stars and Get the Memo are open until April 30th in the Library Department.

    The Art Department currently has Colours and Shapes and Hogwarts Portraits open for voting until April 14th. Egg Decorating and Kite Flying are open for submissions until April 30th.


    Spring into action and go outside to enjoy the nice weather! Repot the seedlings and sow the seeds in the roleplay area of the Gryffindor forum.

    Submissions for the Pawprint closed March 28th, the next issue should be published in April.


    Visit the Games Tent (DoHGaS) and the Creative Club to take part in this month's activities. The Wonders of the World presents the Wonder of Love. For Mandala fun visit Mandala Magic. The Musical Wizards continues this month at the Sett.

    The Wizarding Times deadline closed March 8th, we can expect a new issue to be published soon.


    Visit the dungeons to take part in a Spring Staycation. Check out the GOBstones club and the Arcade Club! The Harry Potter Read Along is reading the Deathly Hallows.

    The next deadline for the SerpenTimes is June 15th, the theme is Verdict. Submissions can earn you house points!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - March 2021
  • It’s Ravenclaw Pride Month!!!

    First, let me say how proud I am of the over 50,000 house points that have us in first place right now - keep up the great work, everyone!

    If you haven’t done so yet, check out Whispers In the Wind to join in on a game similar to the muggle game of Clue. Check out the activity forum for more information! I’m also looking for more nominations for The Eagle Awards, so feel free to check out this list in the main HOL forum and email me with your nominations!

    If you’re looking for some musical fun to get you out of a gray mood, E=MC Hammer this month is all about cartoon music! Head over there to post your favorite cartoon related tunes!

    Alte Sentiatum is accepting submissions for the April issue, which has a theme of ‘Wit and Wisdom!’. Submissions are due by March 31st. Remember, you get house points for submitting to newspapers!

    In other houses...

    It seems that some pesky pixies have gotten loose in the corridor in the Role Play area of the Gryffindor forum. Want to help get things back in order? Head on over to contribute to the story.

    Submissions to the Paw Print are due on March 28th, and their theme this time around is ‘Quaint/Retro’. Check out their Quivering Quill forum for more details!

    Their new mini-prefect, Harry Walles, has an activity going on called The Musical Wizards. So far there is a discussion and a jigsaw puzzle to solve. All HOL is invited.

    Check out the Games Tent (DoHGaS) for this month’s puzzles and Wonders of the World, which focuses on wonderful movies this month!

    The deadline to submit to the SerpenTimes is next Monday, March 15th. This edition’s theme is ‘Blast from the Past’. As always, they always have their Silly Snakes game lounge, GOBstones board game club, and Arcade Club to keep you busy!

    I hear that they have an activity coming up on March 15th called 'Spring Staycation', so stay tuned for that!

    HOLLERs: There are three new puzzles waiting for you in the Challenges area and some art projects related to the planet Mars in the Creative Outlet area - go have some fun!

    Book Club: If you haven’t already joined in on Book Bingo, check out the forum for the rules for participation. Happy reading!

    Art Department Projects for March: ‘Hogwarts Portraits’ and ‘Colors and Shapes’

    Library Department Projects for March:
    ‘Weird Weather’ and ‘The Professor’
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter February 2021
  • Welcome back!

    It's such a pleasure to see you all again after the winter break.
    As always the start of a new term is an exciting time and I hope you're all enjoying it as much as I am! Have you chosen your classes already? Otherwise, do make sure you look in on what's available. You will surely find something that's to your liking!

    Ravenclaw News

    Valentine in the Roost
    February is always a LOVEly time, isn't it? And this year the Roost is hosting a Valentines party for you to join. Here you will get to compete against your fellow eagles to make the best bouquet of flowers – and guess which flowers your opponent chose of course.
    I encourage everyone to go and try their hand at it here

    This Month's Theme Songs will all be all about winter which is still going strong here where I live; we've had to shovel snow a LOT these last few days. Why not go there and share a few of your favourites?

    Alte Sententiam
    Alte is still accepting submissions until the 7th of February, so get those last minute submissions in or look forward to a whole new Alte issue coming soon.

    HOL News

    Of course we all have to sign up for classes (at least those of us who haven't already), and wow are there a lot of awesome ones to choose from. Whether you prefer canon Harry Potter classes or would rather learn about something else, there will surely be something of interest to you. I know I have a hard time picking!
    Go here to check out which ones you want to join.

    The Library Department has two projects for you to enjoy.
    One option is to write a story where you are an imposter – I suddenly feel like I am in Among Us, but there are many other situations where you might have to blend in.
    Or maybe you want to try your hand at writing a newsletter like this one? Ok, maybe a little more interesting; you will have to write a newsletter for a magical community; What's going on in this neighbourhood in the coming weeks?
    Did I mention both of these projects offer points for doing them?
    Go here to find out more

    Likewise the Art Department also has two projects for you to participate in, either adding a plant to the gardens of HOL or show what you would give someone you love. And like above, these are also worth points.
    Go here to check it out

    Pawprint just published a new issue of their legendary paper: Go here to read it

    Wizarding Times has also recently published a new issue of their paper which you can find here

    SerpenTimes is still taking submissions for their next paper: the theme is Blast from the Past and the deadline is the 15th of March. Go here to find out how to submit.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter January 2021
  • Hello Roost!

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great term so far. As many of you already know, the term is coming to an end on January 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm HOL time. Make sure to get all the work/assignments in by then.


    Slytherin- 23,490
    Hufflepuff- 20,436
    Ravenclaw- 18,598
    Gryffindor- 18,135


    Class applications
    Have you wanted to teach a class at HOL? Lucky for you, class applications for the spring term are open and will remain open until January 20. Click here to view the guidelines and here to submit an application.

    The Art Department currently does not have any new projects but there are two projects you can vote on. Click here to visit the Art Department and vote for the projects Frigid Fun and Holiday House Decorations. Voting ends on January 14.

    The Library Department currently has two projects, Frozen Moment and Explore the Lake.

    Frozen Moment
    Everyone has these moments where you wish you could freeze time. Either to give you more time to think before you act, or to prevent what happens next from happening at all, or because the moment is so perfect you wish to freeze it and preserve it forever. Whatever yours is, we want to hear about the moment you want to freeze. This project is worth up to 10 points and is due on January 31.

    Explore the Lake
    We all know that the Lake holds different creatures (a giant squid not least among them). Though we also have to admit that the lake remains largely unexplored. It's time to change all that now! You have been chosen to take part in an expedition to explore what's in the lake and as you emerge people are eagerly awaiting your report; What have you found down there?! For this challenge we would like you to write about exactly that. Did you find an unexpected creature, did you visit with merpeople, did you find a sunken ship or perhaps the way to Durmstrang. There are so many possibilities and we are eager to hear about them. This project is worth up to 20 points and is due on January 31.

    You can also vote for the projects Red Letter Days and From Bad to Worse. Voting ends on January 14. Click here to visit the Library Department.

    There is currently one activity taking place in the HOL Forum called Land of the Sweets. You can join in anytime until January 17. Click here to view more information.

    Click here to participate in the book club and here to visit HOLLERS. There are lots of fun activities to do.


    This month, there is supposed to be a big blizzard coming. Can you survive this icy January? Come play to collect some HAP/Beans here.

    View the latest issue of the Alte here.


    Professor Dumbledore has challenged the Hogwarts teachers to swap subjects. Brilliant idea or a recipe for chaos? Go find out in the Gryffindor Common Room. All of HOL is invited to help the professors settle into their new roles.

    Go discover the wonders of the world in the Hufflepuff Common Room. This month’s wonder is Water!

    Visit the Slytherin Common Room to participate in their many different clubs!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter December 2020
  • Hello, fellow Ravenclaws!

    We have just finished up BBO, I hope everyone has has fun participating. The Bronze nest has won! Congratulations to both nests, and all of the participants! Thank you to all of the organizers of BBO! This month there is an event called Winter in the Sand. Where you will have the opportunity to complete tasks to earn Ravenclaw Activity Points and Beans.

    We are currently in 3rd place in the House Point standings with 12,739 points, let's keep earning more points to try to strengthen our position.

    The Alte Sententiam has just finished accepting submissions for the December edition on November 30th.

    HOL News

    The Secret Elf Present Exchange will be held in December, as well as the Land of the Sweets. The Secret Elf Present Exchange is a yearly event where people send anonymous gifts such as beans, puzzles, art, etc. By participating fully, you can earn House Points! Land of the Sweets is a Nutcracker themed event with a variety of tasks to complete to earn House Points!

    The Library and Art Departments don't currently any projects you can participate in, however voting is open until December 14 for Left Behind, Magnificent Menus, Fall Decor, and Fandom Socks.

    Gathering and Games is running on Sunday December 13th, 6 PM until 8 PM HOL-time, at #gamesroom. Everyone is welcome and it is a great way to meet people and have fun!

    Don't forget to check out the Challenges and the Creative Outlet boards at HOLLERS!

    The book club is running the Winter Reading Challenge 2020/2021, they will also have some new prompts in Quill and Ink and Ink Splatters for December, for those who enjoy reading and writing!

    Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff News

    For more point earning opportunities check out The Wizarding Times, (the theme is Grimmauld Place - Solitude, Reflection, submissions are due December 31, 2020) and The SerpenTimes (the theme is Secrets, submissions are due January 15, 2021)

    Help sort out the mail, Owl Winter Long with the Gryffindors at the Hogsmeade Post Office.

    Tis' the Season is set to begin on December 6 in the Dungeons, and the Silver Snake gift exchange has begun! The Silver Snake gift exchange is open to everyone, and gifts are due by December 24.

    Check out the Arcade in the Dungeons to see if you can get a high score in the monthly challenge!

    Hop on the Sleigh ride to celebrate the HOLidays with Wilbur, at the Sett,

    Hufflepuff will be posting more challenges in DoHGaS (the games tent).

    If you are looking to take a break from the festivities and you enjoy rolepaying check out The Great Roleplaying Blackout of 2020, Roleplaying at the Lions Den, and Slytherin Tales
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