• Ravenclaw Newsletter - September 2022
  • Hello Everyone! Welcome to a new school year!

    House News

    Congratulations everyone on winning last year's House Cup! Good luck to everyone this year!

    We just wrapped up the Tour of the City, organized by Kendra Givens. This month we will be exploring the Forbidden Forest and doing a review of the dangers present within it, to ensure the safety of the residents of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.

    HOL News

    This month the Book Club will be talking about Characterful Categories. Where you will discuss which character from a book you think would most fit into a category.

    The Library and Art Departments both have two new prompts! You can earn points by sending in a submission for the available prompts.

    In Gryffindor the are hosting Bright Beginnings Bingo and the scenario for this month's roleplay is A Foggy First Night

    In Hufflepuff you can discover the Wonders of Finland in Wonders of the World. You can also solve this month's puzzles in DoGHaS. By the warmth of the fireplace you can visit Eve's Corner and the Musical Wizards. If you are feeling creative or you want to complete some jigsaw puzzles check out the Creative Club.

    In Slytherin you can check out the new challenge in the Arcade Club.

    Let's have fun, Ravenclaw!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - May 2022
  • Hello, Eagles. Welcome to May, I hope you all have a great month. Congratulations because we're currently in first place with 34,895 points, keep it up! Right behind us there are Slytherin with 34,519, Hufflepuff with 32,887, and 28,994 for Gryffindor.


    I would like to remind you that our end of term is on June 15th so make sure all of your assignments are finished before the due date.

    This month we have Somewhere Over the Rainbow here at The Roost to participate in! There are writing articles, discussions, and puzzle games to do which will be due on May 31st.

    Interested in joining the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team? While there will be no formal tryouts held as a group until next season as we’re reintroducing the game, if you’d like to get added to the Team Roster please reach out to Prof. Sindor Aloyarc to discuss becoming an active player! RQT holds weekly practices together, and have been excited to represent our house as HOL reopens the pitch with an all new version of the sport! For this current term it is “Show Up And Play” style, which takes the pressure off while we explore some aspects of the game. This means you do not have to formally get involved to have some fun and give things a try at your own pace. Whether you show up for an official match and/or start attending the regular practices, hope to see you getting up on the air on those broomsticks or watching as a spectator! There are matches to look forward to on May 7th and 12th, at 9 PM HOL-Time! Head over to the Quidditch pitch (#quidditch) to watch the play together.

    Gryffindor presents us with a new activity called Lost in the Forest, I hope you won't miss the adventure to the Forbidden Forest. This month they have new roleplaying with the theme Vivid Vegetation. You can find discussion and games at their Seventh Floor Corridor, it's open to all HOL.

    There are regular monthly activities at Hufflepuff Common Room that you might be interested in; New puzzles at The Games Tent (DoHGaS), this month Wonders of the World provide us with Islands theme, the Creative Club with the Wizarding Jigsaw Challenge as well as the coloring pages, and of course the Musical Wizards that you can find at their The Fireplace. They're also continuing their Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore which will be due on May 14. It's not late to join the fun at The Sett!

    There are new prompts posted at Slytherin Creative Club. If you have free time, you can visit The Slug Club at Slytherin Common Room for puzzles and games. This month they will start with chapter 8-10 of Book II for their Merlin Read Along.

    If reading is your hobby then I recommended Book Club as a place that you should visit while at HOL. New projects have been posted at Between The Pages, Quill and Ink, as well as Ink Splatters, there are beans and possibly awards which you can earn by doing the projects. There are Quick Quotes Round Two and Literary Conundrum that you can participate in, and a trip you can join at Literary Road Trip.

    Art & Library Departments once again back with new monthly projects. Eagles, it's a great opportunity to earn points and to improve your ability in art and writing!

    If you want to earn more points for our House, you can always submit works to The Howler.

    Lastly, please look forward to A Wrinkle In Time that will start at the end of May, there are beans and points as well as awards to collect.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - March 2022
  • Hello and welcome to March. I hope everyone is having a great term thus far.

    Ravenclaw News

    Thank you Tori Taylor for organizing the Secret Valentine’s activity, it looks like it was a great activity!

    We are still in second place for the house cup with 30,486. Keep up the great work and let’s pass those snakes. Congratulations Silvana Mandeville for being the top point earning on HOL for February.

    This month, the RPM activity is meant to honor the activities of the past and the past organizers. It’s the Flight of the Conked Birds and hosted by Prof. Sindor Aloyark, Amy Smith, Mia Fountain, and myself. If this activity peaks your interest, head on over and find out more. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions.

    We have a new Quidditch Captain!!! Let’s offer our congratulations to Sindor Aloyark who will be an awesome captain.

    Speaking of Quidditch, it is starting up again soon with a whole new look. This term will be used to familiarize everyone to the new way Quidditch will be played, but if you haven’t talked to Sindor yet about your interest in joining the team (or rejoining) and you're interested then please check out the Quidditch section of the Ravenclaw Forum for more information. You can come to the practices (the first practice is tomorrow (Sunday) at 10 pm HOL time. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Sindor Aloyark.

    Our very own Mia Fountain has become a Head Student, please take time to congratulate her if you see her in the halls of HOL.

    HOL News

    As mentioned, Quidditch has a whole new style. The first two matches are on March 12th and March 26th at 9 pm HOL time. Anyone can come and join the matches if you are interested or want to give it a try. If you would like to go and just watch and get a feel for how it's played, you can do that too.

    There is a new prompt in the book club for March. Go and check it out in the HOL Forum. There are also discussions in the HOL Forum if anyone would like to take part in them.

    There is a new creative club in Slytherin if you like showing off your creative side. Head to the dungeons to find out more. While in the dungeons, there are other activities that might peak your interest as well like the Merlin Read-Along and the GOBstones Club.

    If you like to Role Play, you might like the monthly Role Playing adventures that take place in the Gryffindor Common Room.

    In the Hufflepuff Common Room right now, you can find the Wonders of the World. This is an ongoing activity that offer discussions and lots of puzzles. Each month is a new wonder. This month, it’s the “Wonder of Trees”. Sound like something you could get into? Go to the Hufflepuff Common Room and see.

    There are also new projects in the Art and Library departments. The due dates for these projects are fast approaching so get your submissions in before it’s too late.

    I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the term, you are all doing an excellent job!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - February 2022
  • Ravenclaw News:
    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well.

    First off I would like to thank Mia Fountain for the amazing Winter Festival Activity and I hope that you all had fun, cause I for one did.

    At the moment we are in second place for the house cup with a total points of 28,669. I am sure that we can catch up to the Slytherine's, but well done to all the top point earners of Ravenclaw and let's win the cup this year as well. Make sure to get those assignments in, as I am sure that Prof. Kyrie Adderholt won’t want to give away the house cup this year as well. We also have a lot of opportunities to earn more points .Go Eagles!

    Have you ever wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day? Or maybe search for your secret valentine? Well... if you haven't then now you can. The Secret Valentine's Activity is hosted by Torii Taylor. It is a fun very activity and I hope you all join.

    HOLLERs have monthly challenges which you can do and earn some hoots.

    Hufflepuff has the monthly activity called as the Wonders of the World and the theme for February is Rocks. There are also the monthly DoHGas challenges which are held at the Seth. You can find the activities
    The Gryffindor's have a new roleplay for February.

    The Slytherin have monthly activities in the read-along, arcade club as well as the puzzle exchange.

    There are also two new projects in the Library Department as well as the Art Department, from which you can earn house points by completing.

    Let’s Go Ravenclaws!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - January 2022

    Happiest of New Years to all of you lovely friends! We're coming to the close of our fall term here in this wondrous school of magic and will return after a short break to enjoy the spring term at the start of February.

    If you haven't pin-pointed your HOL Goals for 2021/2022, perhaps this upcoming transition will turn out to be a good time to hone in on some intentions you'd like to set for yourself with an end of school year deadline in mind. You may just find yourself walking away with The Gold Spirit Award!!

    While you're there, why not get involved with or strike up some conversation in the Harry Potter and/or General Discussion sections of the main forums? Or go ahead and poke around the four House Common Rooms! :mrgreen:


    The hour glasses in the race for the house cup currently read as follows:

    | G: 13,871 | H: 14,376 | R: 13,440 | S: 16,122 |

    Leading the other houses into a false sense of security before we PLUNGE TOWARD OUR PREY, are we?!? :lol: I see you, crafty birds!! Keep that slow-burn going, then let's head into the rest of 2022 at FULL SOAR!! :muffin:

    End Of Term Deadline: Be sure to double check your classes for final deadlines which are rapidly approaching in the middle of this month. Turning in your homework is not only a great way to earn up to 300 points per class, it'll feel so good passing the classes, earning those quills, and graduating to the next year at the end of spring term. WE GOT THIS!!

    Class Applications Are Open: Whether bringing back a class from the past or trying something for the first time, interested eligible parties should Apply To Teach at HOL! Submissions will be accepted until January 20th.

    The Wild Swans: There's one more week to get involved in this Activity themed around a fairytale of the same name, earning yourself 5 points and beans per task and awards along the way. Everything is due by Saturday January 15th at 11:59pm (HOL time). You’re also welcome to join us from 10pm-Midnight that evening in channel #TheWildSwans on IRC for a social gathering. A visit of a half-hour or more will earn you 10 beans.

    The Library Department: Voting ends on January 16th for the "Yule Ball Reminiscing" and "The Yule That Almost Wasn’t" projects. Soon new options will appear you can submit with points up for grabs!

    The Art Department: There's still time to vote for various art projects over the course of the next month, and be sure to return when another round of options comes along for you to show off your creativity and earn a few points!

    Book Club: "‘Tis the Season" to check out the Winter Book Activity, focusing on books "where food, herbs or spices play a significant role."

    Gathering and Games: The next round of social silliness and gregarious gaming will be on January 23rd from 6-8pm (HOL-time). Come on out for some time with friends. If you've never tagged along to one of these, you're sure to have a blast!

    The Howler: Snag your copy of this VERY FIRST ISSUE of the brand new, recently released HOL Newspaper. Then keep watch for the upcoming second issue! Don't forget to check back for opportunities to submit your own articles, columns, advertisements, puzzles, and more for the chance to gather up to 60 points per issue.


    It's been announced that the Ravenclaw Top Points Winner for the month of November was Cosmolore Turion with a dazzling 299 points! Nicely done, Cosmolore!!!

    Looking for something to do around The Roost? Consider contributing a new post or response in the E=MC Hammer, Debate Club, and Icebreakers forums.

    Join Ravenclaw Quidditch Team: Wanna get involved with RQT? Why not express your interest in joining!! Be part of history in the making as this beloved game of the last two decades returns with a fresh take. Whether you've been on the pitch for years or flying a broomstick for the first time, the Head Office put together a Quidditch Committee who helped give things a revamp in such a way that it maintains its original integrity while exploring new and inclusive ways of making the game as fun as possible for all skill levels!

    RQT Captains Needed: Time to flex those leadership muscles and get your captain's wings on! Apply to become a Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain.

    Winter Festival: Come join in on the fun in the snow and earn some beans in this seasonally frosted activity!


    Winter Fling: Explore how different cultures across the world celebrate their Winter traditions over in the dungeons as the house of snakes celebrates their annual event.

    Arcade Club: Are you ready for Wizard of Wor?! "After last month's monsters which had to be killed in pairs, it's a return to more conventional enemies this time around... except you're now in a maze trying to kill every monster you find!"

    Puzzle Exchange: Put together a Jigsaw Puzzle featuring the Four Hogwarts Founders.


    Wonders of the World: This first discussion in January revolves around where you live and if it snows there?!

    Creative Club: Get a little artsy filling in this adorable furry friend sledding page with all your favorite colors!!

    DoHGaS: Lots of stuff to do over in the Department of Huffle Games and Sports! A place filled with Fun and Games for all Badgers and friends.


    Wild Weather: Ooh, the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL! Why not get into some snowy day Role Play?!

    Fat Lady’s Portrait: Hang out with the lions and strike up conversation! Perhaps a book you just read, a film you've recently seen, something Harry Potter related, or just something rather silly. Whatever it is, this is the place to talk about it.

    Peeves Place: Come check out the ever-awesome, ever-amusing game section of the Gryffindor Common Room!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - December 2021
  • Happy December!

    We only have a little over a month left of this term, so get those assignments in! Remember that the term deadline is January 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm HOL time.


    Slytherin- 11,937
    Ravenclaw- 10,881
    Hufflepuff- 10,496
    Gryffindor- 8,492


    The Library Department currently has two projects running and this time they are Yule themed!

    The Yule That Almost Wasn't
    Oh no! This is terrible! Everyone has been anticipating this night for weeks and it looks as if Yule might not happen this year at all. It's been one calamity after another and to top it off, it's YOUR responsibility to fix it. Tell us what happened and how you plan to resolve this sticky situation. Or is there no way to save Yule at all? You can make the story as comedic or serious as you want; it's totally up to you. But for the love of Merlin... hurry! Project is worth up to 20 points and due on Jan 2.

    Yule Ball Reminiscing
    The Winter Festivities are among us once more, and while the Season certainly is a time of celebration, it is also a time for reflection. Certainly one of the biggest events at Hogwart's is the Yule Ball. Please share your memories about your most memorable Yule Ball. What did you wear? What did you do? Was it fun or a total disaster? And if you've never been to a Yule Ball, share a bit about what you imagine it would be like. Project is worth up to 20 points and due on Jan 2.

    You can still vote for November's projects called Thanksgiving Disasters and Turn Back Time. Voting ends on December 14th.

    Visit the Art Department to vote for their Thankful Tree and Motivational Boards projects. Voting ends on Dec 15.


    Mrs. Weasley's was devasted when she found out many students or staff at Hogwarts did not receive sweaters for Christmas. She has decided to take it upon herself to create sweaters for everyone. Help Mrs. Weasley bring around the Holiday joys at Hogwarts.


    Visit the Gryffindor Common Room to Choose Your Own Adventure in the Three Broomsticks. Help Madam Rosmerta out by completing odd jobs and solving the occasional crisis!

    This year for the annual Huffle HOLiday, explore and learn the meaning of the symbol of Christmas Tree by celebrating Hufflepuff's O' Tannenbaum. Along with daily trivia challenges, many other fun activities are offered, including puzzles and coloring pages. Participating in the activity will also earn you some shiny diamonds!

    Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? What better way to start other than signing up for the Silver Snake Gift Exchange? Visit the Dungeon to exchange gifts with a twist.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - November 2021
  • Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are doing well.

    House News

    Ravenclaw is currently in 2nd place in the house standings with 8,270 points. We can do this, keep up the good work everyone!

    Halloweentown hosted by Prof. Rorey Padfoot has just wrapped up, it was a spooktacular time!

    BBO 2021: Wheel of the Covens is being hosted by Prof. Sindor Aloynarc, Gail Allen, Prof. Rorey Padfoot, and Silvana Mandeville. During the activity we will be celebrating the festivals associated with the movement of the Sun throughout the year. The Blue Coven and the Bronze Coven will compete by completing the tasks to earn beans. The team with most team points will win a new award! All tasks are due November 30.

    HOL News

    You can join in the Book Trivia, happening at the Book Club, this month's theme is History. If you enjoy writing, you might enjoy writing a submission for November's prompt it is "The Wind of Changes" or "The Winds of Change".

    The Library and Art Departments both have two new prompts! You can earn points by sending in a submission for the available prompts.

    In Gryffindor they have just finished celebrating Gryfftoberfest. It's Duelling Time at the roleplaying forum in Gryffindor.

    Hufflepuff has just finished celebrating Huffleween. In Hufflepuff you can discover the Wonders of Robots in Wonders of the World. You can also solve this month's puzzles in DoGHaS. By the warmth of the fireplace you can visit Eve's Corner and the Musical Wizards. In the Creative Club you can complete Jigsaw puzzles and enjoy some colouring.

    In Slytherin they have just finished up Slyth-o-ween. You can check out the new challenge in the Arcade Club or join in the Merlin Read Along.

    Let's keep earning points and having fun, Ravenclaw!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - October 2021
  • Ravenclaw News

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well.

    First off I would like to thank Kendra Givens for the amazing Galventing the Gilderoy Activity and I am sure that everyone had a lot of fun.

    At the moment we are in second place for the house cup with a total points of 4,926. I am sure that we can catch up to the Slytherines, but well done to all the top point earners of Ravenclaw and let's win the cup this year as well. I am sure Prof. Kyrie Adderholt won’t want to give away the house cup this year as well. We also have a lot of opportunities to earn more points .Go Eagles!

    Our very own Prof. Rorey Padfoot, is hosting an activity called Halloweentown and I am sure that you all will have fun. Be sure to join the activity as you can earn a lot of beans there. the Activity starts from 5th till October 31st. You can find the activity here

    HOLLERs have monthly challenges which you can do and earn some hoots.

    Hufflepuff has the monthly activity called as the Wonders of the World and the theme for September is London. There are also the monthly DoHGas challenges which are held at the Seth. You can find the activities

    The Gryffindors have a new roleplay for September as well as they are hosting an activity called the Gryffoberfest 2021 which starts from the 1st till the 31st of October. You can find the activity

    The Slytherin have monthly activities in the read-along, arcade club as well as the puzzle exchange. They are also hosting the Slyth - O - Ween which starts from 3rd till 31st October You can find the activity here

    There are also two new projects in the Library Department as well as the Art Department, from which you can earn house points by completing.

    Let’s Go Ravenclaws!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter September 2021
  • Hey yoo, Eagles! Welcome to a whole new year with HOL! It's wonderful to see many new faces here at HOL! Once again, I would like to congratulate us for the House Cup. You all have done so great for the previous year!


    As one of the organizers for Onto & Off Again: The HOL Express, I would like to give my big thanks to those who had been participating in the activity. I hope all of you had a great time, especially for the new Eagles!

    I have heard that we will have Galavanting with Gilderoy this month, which organized by our dear Kendra Givens. Let's look forward to it.

    If you have free time, make sure to check out our Debate Club and E = MC Hammer for activity points!

    Before we move to HOL News, I would like to remind you that Classes have been opened for sign up. You should check it out HERE and sign up for classes you want to join this term. Let's do our best to earn more points for our lovely house.


    Gryffindor once again presents their Roleplay with theme Toil and Trouble for any of you who would like to play together with the HOLers. On their Seventh Floor Corridor, there are discussions and games which are open to all of HOL.

    In the Hufflepuff Common Room you will find Snape-tember which is run by Prof. Felicia and Prof. Tarma. Aside from their September activity, they have the regular activities going on in the Sett as well, such as; Wonders of the World with Clouds as the theme, the Department of Huffle Games and Sports, the Creative Club has a new picture ready to be coloring, and at their Fireplace you'll find Eve's Corner and Musical Wizards.

    Walking to the Slytherin's Dungeons, Lucia Dinapoli has presented us with Serptentine Souvenirs, let's take part in their scavenger hunt. If you are up for games, make sure to visit their The Slug Club. Slytherin also has their Read Along with Merlin theme which you must keep your eyes on.

    Book Club finally came back with their monthly prompts for Between the Pages, Quill and Ink, and Ink Splatters. There are beans for every submission and possibly awards! Aside from their regular activities, this month Book Club also presents us with Septem-bean, Quick Quotes, and Book Trivia. If you love writing and reading, please make your way to that place. I assure you, you'll not regret it.

    Our Library Department as well as the Art Department have new projects for this month. If you want more points, be sure to check it out.

    And lastly, I hope you have a wonderful and exciting month. Let's do our best for the first month of our new term. Good luck, Eagles!

    PS. Don't forget to make friends!
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  • New Eaglet Newsletter - August 2021
  • Welcome to Ravenclaw!

    Welcome home, eagles! Special welcome to the eaglets who will be joining us for the first time this school year. This newsletter is longer than other monthly newsletters, but has a lot of information about all things HOL for you. In my 5 years here, I’ve learned a lot and made some lifelong friendships along the way. I hope that you find the opportunity to do the same!

    There is a LOT within HOL and within Ravenclaw to get involved in. It might seem overwhelming, but hopefully this newsletter will help sort some of it out. You will also learn a lot of this information in your HOL 101 class, so be sure to participate in that one!

    If you have questions (and you likely will), feel free to ask any of the Ravenclaw Prefects and they'll be happy to answer or point you in the right direction.

    HOL Fundamentals

    HOL Handbook: In order to keep the site safe and running smoothly for everyone, there are a few simple rules that we ask all of our members to follow - you'll find these in the HOL Handbook and the HOL Code of Conduct. If you haven’t read these documents yet, I highly recommend that you do! You can find them all the way at the bottom of the main HOL page.

    Chatrooms/IRC: The HOL chat rooms are a great place to get to know your fellow students! There are almost always a few students hanging out in the chat rooms, especially during the weekends. A list of official channels can be found in the HOL Handbook. Of particular interest, the main HOL channel is #hol and the Ravenclaw house channel is #ravenclaw. You can access the Chatrooms from the bottom of the main HOL page.

    HOL Forum: If you have not already done so, you should definitely sign up for the HOL Forum using your complete HOL name as your username. I would sign up using ‘Kendra Givens’. The HOL forum is where most of the action happens here, including major site announcements, HOL-wide activities, clubs, classrooms, etc. Be sure to check there regularly for new activities and announcements.

    o Current Activities: This is where you can find any HOL-wide activities that are being run. You can earn house points for Ravenclaw if you participate in these activities. We just finished celebrating 20 years of HOL there - be on the lookout for whatever is coming next!
    o Departments: Located at the top of the main HOL page, the Art Department and Library Department offer monthly artistic and written projects that you can submit for house points. Other members will vote on the quality of your work, and you can vote on others’ submissions as well. Go check out the current projects now - art projects are due September 2nd and library projects are due August 31st!
    o Book Club: The Book Club offers a space to discuss books, authors, themes, and all things literary. You can also practice your writing skills there! They also run some big activities there. Currently, there is a summer reading challenge going on that ends on August 22nd.

    House Forums: Even though you are a member of Ravenclaw, you are more than welcome (encouraged, even!) to make an account on the other houses' forum pages. Each house offers activities that all HOL members can participate in. You can earn activity points in those forums as well - Diamonds in Hufflepuff, Emeralds in Slytherin, and Rubies in Gryffindor.

    HOL Quidditch: Many new students have asked about Quidditch in HOL. Our Quidditch committee is currently working on revamping the style of gameplay we will use for Quidditch, so Quidditch will be available in the near future. Thanks for being patient with us - we’re excited for what’s to come!

    Ravenclaw Basics

    The Roost: The Ravenclaw Common Room is affectionately known as The Roost! In addition to our monthly activities, there are several forums where you can interact with your fellow Ravenclaws. There are also informational forums where you can learn about all things HOL. We encourage you to click around and check out all the information and opportunities available to you!

    Nests: As a member of Ravenclaw, you've also been sorted into a house nest (Blue or Bronze) according to the first letter of your HOL first name. Nests are split alphabetically A-J(Blue) and K-Z (Bronze). Each nest can play host to its own discussions, debates, games, etc. but by no means are you restricted to posting within your own nest - feel free to visit your neighboring nest to see what they have going on!

    Each nest is overseen by a team of prefects, who will serve as the main points of contact for all of the students in their nest. Those prefects’ names can be found listed under your respective nest. Each year, we have a contest between the nests to see which nest can earn the most house points and be involved in the most activities throughout the year.

    Orientation: If you’re ever lost and need direction, the Orientation section is a good place to start! There you’ll find information on navigating the main site, classes, clubs and activities, and sections of the Roost, as well as a tutorial for connecting to the HOL chatrooms via IRC. There’s also an activity there which can earn you beans if you complete it!

    Adopt-an-Eaglet: Ravenclaw offers first years the opportunity to partner with a veteran housemate through the Adopt-an-Eaglet program, located within Ravenclaw Orientation. This mentor can answer questions, give advice, keep in contact, and generally help our newest members learn the ropes. Coincidentally, it's also a good way to make a new/first friend on the site! If you’d like to have a mentor, please post your name there and we’ll get you matched with someone ASAP. Feel free to reach out directly to any of the mentors listed on the Adopter List.

    All Around Ravenclaw

    o The War Room: Want to learn about all the ways you can earn house points and help Ravenclaw in its quest for the house cup? (Which, by the way, is currently sitting in Prof. Kyrie’s office and she doesn’t want it removed…) Check out the War Room so that you can stay in tune with what’s keeping Ravenclaw the best house in HOL.

    o Debate Club: Being the thinkers that we are, Ravenclaws are prone to having strong opinions about just about anything. If that sounds like you, then the Debate Club might just become your favorite part of the Roost!

    o E=MC Hammer: This is where we talk about music! The lovely Gail Allen always poses a monthly topic relating to a particular theme and then you’re welcome to share a song that comes to mind based on that theme. I’ve discovered a lot of new music this way!

    Ravenclaw Staff

    Here is a list of our current prefects and professors. Prefects (especially your nest prefects) and reserves should be your first point of contact with any concerns! You can also find our staff list on the main HOL page here.

    Kendra Givens (Head Prefect)
    Alexander Brighton
    Gail Allen
    Mia Fountain
    Torii Taylor
    Amy Smith - Reserve Prefect
    Silvana Mandeville - Reserve Prefect

    Prof. Kyrie Adderholt (Head of House)
    Prof. Arielle Lemoyne (Deputy Head of House)
    Prof. Ryan Granger (Deputy Head of House)
    Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
    Prof. Rorey Padfoot
    Prof. Neville Prongs
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