• 2009-2010 New Eaglet Letter
  • This years New Eagle Letter is brought to you by the PiTs of 2009 - Kyrie Adderholt, Silmarien Szilagyi, and Gustavo Flores

    First of all welcome to HOL and congratulations on being sorted into Ravenclaw! We want you to feel as welcome here as possible, so we are sending out this letter to all new students to help you get used to the way things work in HOL and Roost. This letter will also provide you with general information about our lovely house, as well as things happening around HOL and the Roost this summer so you can start getting active right away!

    HOL Basics:

    Handbook - Here you'll find basic information about HOL.

    HOL Wiki - This has information about HOL today, as well as the history of HOL, including individual members, houses, and Quidditch teams.

    HOL Forum - Remember when you sign-up to use your full HOL name. Also remember to follow all rules while posting.

    Ravenclaw Basics:

    The Roost - This is our lovely common room. Please sign-up using your full HOL name. Same rules apply as on the HOL forum.

    RQT - Ravenclaw Quidditch Team. We are lucky to have the defending championship Quidditch team! If you are interested in joining the team, you should contact the Quidditch co-captains, Tara Aurelium or Kyrie Adderholt.

    Adopt-An-Eaglet - As a new member, you have the opportunity to be adopted by one of Ravenclaw's older members. They will help you get started as well as give you any advice or answer questions you might have.

    Orientation - Hopefully if you have any questions, you can find the answers here.

    Nests - When you join Ravenclaw, you are placed in a nest based on your first name.

    · Terra A-D
    · Aer E-K
    · Ignis L-R
    · Aqua S-Z

    Happening on HOL and The Roost:

    SQL - Summer Quidditch League is an excellent opportunity for new students to learn the game of Quidditch on HOL. By clicking the link above, you will see a topic where you can post saying you want to join a team. You will also find SQL rules, as well as a place where you can ask questions.

    PPC - Pen Pal Club offers you a chance to get to know many different members of HOL.

    First Friend Project - New students will be paired up with older students. Sort of like the Adopt-An-Eaglet program, only it is available for all of HOL.

    Drama Club - Another club on HOL that provides an opportunity for you to meet new people!

    HOL Book Club – The place to be if you feel like discussing books or suggesting ones to the other members at HOL!

    HOL Art Department - Here you can view art work from other HOL students including trading cards, and post your own creations!

    HOL Library - Here you can read other HOL student's work or submit your own. You can also write your very own Getting Into Harry Potter story!

    Wand Shop - Here you have the opportunity to get your very own wand. This is just for fun.

    Hogsmeade – Visit some of your favorite stores and have fun spending some beans in fantastic objects and sweets.

    Other Information:

    HOL Chatrooms

    Quidditch Rules/Information

    Hopefully we have cleared up any questions you might have had, as well as given you several ways to become active. However, we understand if you have extra questions or concerns. Feel free to contact any of the Ravenclaw prefects if you have questions.

    Ravenclaw Prefects

    · Adeliene Cromwell (Terra Nest)
    · Alexia Riaper-Head Prefect (Aer Nest)
    · Aylarah Scale (Aqua Nest)
    · Bev Grey (Aer Nest)
    · Jenna Hathaway (Ignis Nest)
    · Lalaith Lomion-Head Student
    · Niniel Sanders (Ignis Nest)
    · Rosanna Gullveig (Aqua Nest)

    Ravenclaw Reserve Prefects:

    · Keety Rhea
    · Morag McQueen
    · Tara Aurelium

    Ravenclaw Professors

    · Prof. Audiaa Martin
    · Prof. Maya Winters
    · Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn-Head of House
    · Prof. Ulol Kimil-Deputy Head of House
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