Got a favourite Spell/Charm?

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Got a favourite Spell/Charm?

Postby Adeline Morior » Fri Mar 01, 2024 2:06 pm

Learning new spells and recasting old ones are some of the most exciting things in the Magical world. To be able to cast them with ease and better yet, for the spells to be able to assist us magical folk in our everyday lives.

This got me thinking, do I have a favourite or two? Indeed I do! Do you?

My Personal top three would probably be:

1. Avis (bird-conjuring charm) - I love to watch birds and listen to them sing. They cheer me up always.
2. Undetectable Extension Charm (I mean to be able to extend the interior of any object like when Hermione extended her handbag interior or making a small tent/house bigger inside)
3. Bubble-head charm - So many underwater places to explore.

What are some of your top favourite spells and charms? Why are they your favourite? Let's talk about it.

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Re: Got a favourite Spell/Charm?

Postby Hiya Debnath » Wed Mar 13, 2024 12:24 pm

This is a very interesting topic, Adeline. Thank you for bringing this up, yay. : ) Casting charms is actually one of my favorite aspects of magic. I love how one can get something done with the flick of a wand which a Muggle must use physical work force or utilize machinery for. I love how we have an extra form of energy to use in the form of magic and the quickest way to use it is through casting a charm. Potions take long to brew and other forms of magic are also slower in comparison to casting charms. My favorite charm is the Summoning Charm, Accio. It's fun to summon what I need without having to get up and physically cover the distance to get it. It is especially useful when I am in the middle of some other work and need something. My second favorite charm is the unlocking spell, Alohomora. I am one person to always forget my keys and it always helps to click open any Muggle lock with a flick of my wand without needing any keys. While Muggle locks are ineffective against magical thieves, it would still be fun not to have to pick my own lock in the Muggle world just because I forgot my keys somewhere. Besides, being the curious person that I am, I love the idea of being able to open any mysterious doors with a simple charm and look at what's beyond it. My third favorite charm is the Disarming Charm, Expelliarmus. I know it's a dueling spell, but it's still a charm nevertheless. It's fun to know that I can use it in other places even when not dueling, for e.g., when my naughty sibling is trying to steal my things with the help of a Summoning Charm, I can simply render them wandless and hence magically powerless rather than trying to stop them by any other means. No more magical tricks by them will work as long as I can disarm them in time. Besides, it's Harry Potter's favorite spell, and since I have a crush on Harry Potter, I also love this spell by association.
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Re: Got a favourite Spell/Charm?

Postby Dibyarup James Potter » Sat Mar 16, 2024 4:12 pm

My top three spells are mostly useful against serious opponents in real combat scenarios:

1. Sectumsempra: It is a curse invented by Professor Severus Snape that lacerates the target and causes severe haemorrhaging. Very handy against serious opponents who are bigger or stronger than me. However, it is a very dangerous spell, and if not used with caution, it might lead to the death of a living target.

2. Diffindo (Severing Charm): It is used to precisely and accurately cut something. This is also a very dangerous spell, and if not used with caution, it might lead to the death of a living target.

3. Protego (Shield Charm): It protects the caster with an invisible shield that reflects almost all spells and blocks almost all physical entities. However, it cannot block spells that are too powerful, for example, the Unforgivable Curses.
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