What season would you be?

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What season would you be?

Postby Adeline Morior » Tue Apr 02, 2024 7:38 am

We all have a season we are most fond of, be it the new life that spring brings, the summery fun and sunshine, winter snow and cozy times or bright autumn leaves and moody weather. What if we could be a season. If you could compare yourself to a season, what season would that be? We would naturally all have aspects of all the seasons as we adapt to things and have vast personalities, but lets say we could break it down. For example my favourite season might be spring but my personality, temperament and mood are all Autumn and Winter. I think that is pretty cool.

What do you think? If you could compare yourself, what season would you be? Are you more one than the other? Are you a nice mix of all? Let's discuss it below.

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Re: What season would you be?

Postby Anne-Marie Gagne » Tue Apr 02, 2024 5:26 pm

Ohh this is so fun to think about! My favorite season is Fall because I love to wear jeans and hoodies and beanies all the time and that's really the only time I can without it being too hot or too cold to get away with just a hoodie outside. But personality wise its so hard to determine! I think I'm more Fall because I'm pretty chill and laid back. I loooove to be comfortable and that's the season I wear my most comfy of clothing. I'm also more open to people the closer and more comfortable I am, which I'm going to say is a Fall trait even if I'm more excitable with those people.

Not to say I have different personas with different people on purpose! It just happens. Like with my best friend, I can tell him everything and anything and get super excited about even the little things we share with each other. But if its someone I just met, I'm a little closed off and, depending on how they act, I'll either open up more like a flower in spring time or I'll just go further in my cave like bears in the winter haha.

I really love this and its so fun to think about and wonder if what I personally think of myself matches with what others would say!
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Re: What season would you be?

Postby Viviana Kingston » Wed Apr 03, 2024 3:40 am

I’d definitely be Winter because I was born in the season, I can’t quite imagine being any other season actually. There’s just something appealing about the season, if not the reason that you can sleep in and cuddle with warm blankets, hot chocolate and decide not to get out of bed without any judgment.
Personality wise? I still think Winter fits. I think the best way to describe it is a fireplace in a frigid room. I may seem cold sometimes, but when you get closer to the fireplace, it’s undeniably warm.
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Re: What season would you be?

Postby Hiya Debnath » Sun Apr 07, 2024 1:58 pm

I was born in May and I typically like bright sunshine rather than cool chills or dampness. Spring is certainly one of my favorite seasons because of the memories of end-of-term and the upcoming summer vacations, and also the pretty blossoms and flowers, chirping of birds, humming of insects, lush green meadows, blooming gardens, and the sweet song of nature that spring brings. My favorite season is, however, autumn, because it brings my favorite festivals like Durga Puja, the main festival in my country, and the autumn weather is pleasant but not windy like spring, just how I like the weather to be.
If I were to talk about which season my personality would represent, I think that my element being Earth, my season should be Autumn. There are a few quizzes on the internet about which season one's personality would be most like, and I had taken a few of those quizzes in the past, but I have forgotten the results now. However, I personally think that I am like the spring season, because I always love to create new things. New beginnings are my favorites, endings are not. Endings are always unpleasant to me, no matter how dramatic or not-so dramatic they are.
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