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Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Amy Darvill » Tue May 04, 2021 12:53 am

We have Designing at Hogwarts and Design Your Common Room, so why not go for the most personal space we can have at Hogwarts- Our Dorms!

What kind of personal items do you bring from home? Do you have a pet nearby or not? Do you keep your space neat or are you driving your fellow dorm mates crazy with mess?


For my space, I have some extra pillows, so I can lean on them when I do homework on my bed. I'm a little bit messy, as you can tell by my tie just thrown on the nightstand, and I have a pet snake, named Naʃur (or Major, for non Parseltongue people), as well as a banner for the Hufflepuff Qudditch team. I'm terrible at sports but full of house pride!
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Aurelia West » Tue May 04, 2021 1:44 am

For my dorm room, I’d probably try to bring as little as possible to make sure the room doesn’t get too crowded with my roommates. A couple items I’d likely bring include some of my favorite books and my journal, and maybe some statement jewelry pieces that I like (though am unlikely to wear too often). I would either have an owl or a cat as a pet at school, and would make sure that they have an area to call their own as well.

I’m more likely to try and keep a neat space, especially when sharing with classmates, but things may make their way out of place occasionally such as some ties slung around one of the spires of my four-poster bed. Like Amy mentioned, I’d probably also bring extra pillows because leaning on them is nice.
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