Heading to the Park


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Heading to the Park

Postby Mia Fountain » Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:54 pm

It is time to head to the park with your friends/family for the picnic. As you are making your way to the new park, you get lost. It seems that someone forgot to bring the map, now we have to try to locate the park with the point me spell.

Find your way to the park by completing this maze. Or, tell us about your journey to the park in 100 words or more.

Direct Link

Send your completed maze solution to ravenclawevent[at]gmail.com or tell us about your journey to the park below by 11:59 P.M. HOL time on April 30th.
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Re: Heading to the Park

Postby Hannah Lovegood » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:41 pm

For the picnic at the park, I got a party van with games, music, a dance floor built into it that could be used even buckled in your seat. You get out of your seat but you leave your seatbelt on. You scoot back to the dance floor and you can dance. Before I got the party van, I had to get a few things to decorate for the party. But I'm not the best decider so I wanted to get some of my guests' opinions. So, I picked up February to go with me plus Aurelia, Emily, Emily's daughter, Lucia, Arianna, and Arianna's daughter. One of the things that I was planning to do on my car ride was getting matching outfits for us. First we went to the mall and we picked out overall shorts and HOL shirts that I had specially designed with all the Harry Potter colors for the letters. H was red, O was yellow, L was blue and an exclamation point was green. I also got Harry Potter themed masks that were all different and Harry Potter sneakers. I also got myself a sweater, which I got a Luna Lovegood backpack for. After that, we got some food and a picnic blanket and a picnic basket and some rowboats and some pool blow-up toys to sit on and some smoothies. Before I got the food, I also got little matching outfits for my pugs Max and Mia. I got them their own mini Luna backpacks full of their toys. I also got a few games to play and surfboards. Then I got a little sign and some chalk so people would know where to go. Then after I got all the stuff, then I went to the spot where I had picked out and laid out all the picnic blankets 6 feet apart. The picnic blankets were HOL house colors. I got Mia and Max on one of the blankets. Everybody else got settled down on blankets. Then I went and got the party van and picked up everybody else. Then I drove back but on the way back I remembered something that I wanted to grab. So, I stopped and got ice cream, then I went to the party picnic. Everybody ate their food, then when it got later we put off some fireworks that made no noise. They were really colorful. Then, we packed everything up and made a magical house with bunk beds in it and a roaring fire. Then we all curled up and read or did whatever we wanted to or were so tired that we went to sleep.
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