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Daily Inspiration

Postby Siobhan Burke » Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:29 pm

Daily Inspiration

Regardless of which Hogwarts house we call home, we all need a bit of help sometimes to stretch a little further to achieve our dreams. Some people listen to music to get them motivated, while others read biographies of the people they admire. Whether you're looking for the confidence to help you smash a job interview or get that extra push to step out the door and start training for a marathon, share what inspires you in this thread for others to enjoy as well.

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Re: Daily Inspiration

Postby Joey Stark » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:53 pm

This is a cute idea :).

This is going to sound like a study guide because doing work is where I struggle to have organic motivation. What helped me was always making deadlines for myself and giving myself breaks. Most of my motivation needs to be directed towards academia so I read or write a certain amount before a break or something I enjoy. This advice is thrown around alllll the time so I doubt it's helpful on its own BUT I came across a few things that really helped. :D

I don't know if I'm allowed to post links but they're easy to find if you search for them:

1. WrittenKitten. I don't know who invented this but they are awesome. Say you need to type 2000 words for an assignment, go onto this site and write in the box, then every 100/500 (whatever you set it to) words, the site rewards you with a picture of a kitten! It's more motivating than you would think...if you like cats.

2. Habitica. You have your own little character and you earn coins by organising your life basically. You type in what tasks you need to finish and any habits you want to add or break (trying to get in shape? Put in an option where you loose coins for eating fast food and gain them for doing your 30 mins of exercise for that day). When you earn coins for completing your tasks and continuing good habits, you can use these to 'buy' a reward that you yourself can program. '10 minute break' or '1 episode of House of Cards' etc :D. OH AND SOMETIMES YOU GET EGGS THAT HATCH INTO COOL PETS.

Another thing that helped was I read an interview of man I really admired once. They asked him about how he gets up and does everything he does everyday, even if he doesn't feel like it. He said that for him it was all about honour. If people are counting on you or expecting things from you, you shouldn't let them down. If no one is but you've made promises and expectations to yourself, it's still important to respect yourself and honour those commitments. I don't know why, but that word really stuck with me. I had 'honour' written on my wall for two years so I would get up for classes and go to the gym etc.

I don't know if that will help any of you, but it might and I hope it does, even just a little (even just because kittens)
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