• Ravenclaw Newsletter - June 2019
  • Hi everyone and welcome to the month of June. It’s almost the end of the school year already. I hope everyone had a fantastic year at HOL and looking forward to the next school year.

    Ravenclaw News
    I hope everyone managed to help Hercules with his 12 labors and had lots of fun along the way.

    For June, you have a chance to go on a Pirate adventure. You won't want to miss out on that! Week 1 has already been posted. Go check it out.

    Our next Quidditch game is June 8 against Slytherin. It’s the last match of the season, so don’t forget to come and cheer our Eagles onto victory.

    HOL News
    Check out the Library and Art Departments for some interesting projects and ways to earn points.

    If you want to practice some Mandala Magic and restore your mind after a really busy school year, head over to the Hufflepuff common room for a fun June activity. Click here to apparate to the activity.

    Slytherin needs all the help they can get to fix their Emerald Cup which is missing a bunch of emerald shards due to a faulty Time Turner. Gotta love those Time Turners. Head on over to the Dungeons right away if you want to find out more information and help them out. Click here to apparate to the dungeons.

    Do you want to meet at the Quidditch Pitch for a couple games of Creaothceann, Quodpot, or other Quidditch related games? The next Quidditch Pickup will be on June 9 in #Quidditch at 10:30 pm HOL time. If you've never come before or not sure how to play. That's alright. You can still come and learn. It's a lot of fun.

    The June challenges for HOLLERS were posted and there are some fun puzzles for you to try and gain some Hoots. Click Challenges to see what puzzles await you.

    We are in the lead for the house cup, great going everyone. Let's keep those points coming.

    I think that’s everything for this month. Hope you all have a great end of term and a great Summer! :)
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - May 2019
  • Hello all you lovely little eagles out there! I hope you are having a great term earning lots of points and participating in the all fun events going on. I know it is almost coming up to the end of term but there are still a lot of fun things to do around HOL!

    Ravenclaw News
    Now that we have returned to the Roost from our very own Roost Space Ship, we are all heading to Ancient Greece to work on becoming Greek Heroes!! Make sure you bring your gear and help Hercules perform his 12 labors

    Alte is now accepting submissions until May 31st for the next issue Two Roads so please stop by and leave your ideas here

    The Debate Club is back with some powerful debate topics this month!

    HOL News
    Gryffindor has a new quest for those interested in lurking and searching around libraries.

    Slytherin is back with a new arcade challenge and there is still lots of fun to be had with their Gobstones Club and Order of the Phoenix Read-Along

    Hufflepuff's Department of Magic and Games is back with more fun games and puzzles for everyone to enjoy!

    The HOL Library and Art departments both have 2 fun new projects for everyone!

    HOLLERS is already off and running with new challenging puzzles and some creative projects so make sure you drop by there.

    Finally, Book Club will be reading and discussing the wonderful novel Frogkisser. They also have a new Book Trivia out this month. Don't forgot to update you Reading Treasure Maps and keep checking weekly for new Quick Quotes

    Well, that about wraps up the news around HOL and Ravenclaw. I hope you all are doing great and have a wonderful rest of the term!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - April 2019
    just ended! Hopefully you've all been having fun! I know we as organizers have.

    No Pride Month in the Roost is complete without the Eagles Awards of course, and I hope you'll all give a big hand to all our winners.

    In April the Roost Space Ship has been made ready to go to all the planets of our solar system! Come join us as we explore!

    In other news, Alte is accepting submissions until the 14th of April, so sharpen those owl feathered quills and get writing! The theme this time is Letters.
    Write here with your ideas.

    Also worth mentioning is of course that our very own RQT will be playing against Hufflepuff on the 13th of April. Come cheer on your team!

    As always, anyone who is interested in playing Quidditch themselves should absolutely try it! It's easy and all you need to do is go on IRC and use one of the bots there to practice. Maxim Trevelyan and Arielle Lemoyne will also always be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Simply contact them and they'll help you learn the ropes of HOL Quidditch.

    HOL News

    Most of us have either heard or read fairy tales when we were young and some of us have revisited them when we were older, sometimes finding new meaning in the tales we heard as children. This April HOL takes a closer look at eight fairy tales in Story Book activity, offering a total of 80 points for anyone participating!
    So go check it out here.

    Gryffindor is looking for help in locating some escaped Magical Creatures. They got out after a spell accidentally backfired and left the Care of Magical Creatures room open to the outside. To help you will need to complete tasks which will lead you to the creatures.
    To learn more, visit the Gryffindor common room.

    Slytherin recently published a new edition of their House Paper the SerpenTimes,
    To read this Kaleidoscope of submissions, go here.

    As always HOLLERS offer challenges and creative outlets.
    Check out what April has to offer there.

    The Book Club offers a Book Trivia Game and A Celebration of Magic with the book ”Od Magic”
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - March 2019
  • Hello eagles!! I hope the Spring term is treating you well and that you are enjoying yourselves! I can't believe we are already in March. :O

    Ravenclaw News
    It's March and that means it is time for Ravenclaw Pride Month!!!! I look forward to seeing all the Ravenclaw Pride this month. Make sure you check out the event and join in on all the fun here http://forum.roosted.org/viewtopic.php?f=140&t=11735 Keep an eye for Eagle award nomations!!

    Our RQT team had a game yesterday and we won! Congratulations RQT for a great season so far!!! The next game will be in April.

    Make sure you visit the Debate Club and E=MC Hammer where we have fun games and enlightening

    HOL News
    Gryffindor: With a new month, comes a new quest! Go check out Gryffindor common room where there is a new quest going on that focuses on maps. Go have fun and get some rubies!

    Hufflepuff: Hufflepuff is having a fun new event going on called Jig It. It is all about the fun jigsaw puzzles! Of course, there is also the fun Games Tent to go visit for more fun puzzles. Go join in the fun and earn some diamonds.

    Slytherin: Slytherin is full of activities to jump in on. They have their Harry Potter Read-Along where they are going through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. They also have the fun Arcade Club where this month is all about Dig Dug. They also have the popular Gobstone Club and Puzzle Exchange so check them out and earn some scales.

    There is also a lot of fun events goings on at Book Club this month. First up, the Book of the Month is "Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow" so make sure you stop by for some fun discussions. There is also Reading Treasure Map where you can earn some nice beans! Finally, there is also Quick Quotes every week!

    Last but not least we have HOLLERs which is already ready with new activities and puzzles. Go have fun and earn some hoots!

    Whew! That about does it for March. There are plenty of activities out there and lots of fun to be head. Don't forget to also do your class work and get those shiny points!!! Go Eagles!!!!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - February 2019

    The first month of the spring term and cherry blossoms!

    Ravenclaw News

    You still have 4 days to finish up your guesses for caricatures!

    You have ONE DAY to finish up your submissions for Alte or go and View our newest issue!

    Our Quidditch team is currently second (behind Slytherin), go RQT!! And congratulations to Joey Stark and Gail Allen who have become the new Library Department leaders!!

    Eagles, go debate in the debate club or post a song in E=MC Hammer.

    In terms of house points, Ravenclaw is currently in the lead, with just under 3000 points ahead of Slytherin. But don't relax Eagles! Let's start off this term strong and take home the House Cup!

    HOL News

    There are New challenges in HOLLERS (Creative and Challenges) and the Book Club!

    Gryffindor: A New Quest is up! Go and quest people!

    Hufflepuff: As always, there are DoGHaS challenges down in the SETT and don't forget to look for a Valentine event!

    Slytherin: Look at the Winter Fling activity and search around the Dungeons for Read Alongs, Puzzles, Games, and more!

    Don't forget to sign up for classes and earn those points!!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - January 2019
  • It is a new year and in a few weeks a new term will start!
    Hopefully you all got well into the new year and hopefully you all got your last assignments in in time as well.
    Whatever the case, here are some things to keep an eye on.

    Ravenclaw News
    This December the Eagles travelled to different parts of the world to see how they celebrated in the month of December. It was a joy to see people participating and having fun while learning about different customs.

    This month Polaris Black is hosting a Hirshfeld Caricature Challenge! I hope you'll all have fun guessing who the caricatures are of. You will find the activity here.

    A new issue of Alte has just come out, this time with the theme of Views.
    To see this exciting issue, head over here.

    As always after a new issue of Alte, we also once more accept submissions for a new issue. This time the theme will be Courage, so get writing!

    And Alte keeps having exciting news! Our very own Vanessa Tilley has joined the ranks and will from now on be supporting Alte as an editor. We welcome her heartily and wish her the best of luck!

    Another congratulation is in order too however! Let's give RQT a hand for their victory against HQT. And an extra hand to Limine Snidget for catching the snitch and got the Eagle's Talont award for that, and Prof. Kyrie Adderholt who got overall MVP for the game for her exceptional beating.

    As always, anyone who is interested in playing Quidditch themselves should absolutely try it! It's easy and all you need to do is go on IRC and use one of the bots there to practice. Maxim Trevelyan and Arielle Lemoyne will also always be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Simply contact them and they'll help you onwards.

    HOL News
    Term is ending, which means a new term is right around the corner! And that means new classes.
    But maybe you've always had an idea for a class you would like to teach yourself? Now is the time for that too! You can apply to teach until the 25th of January. So now is the time if you have a great idea.

    Gryffindor's newspaper Pawprint is accepting submissions until the 26th of February. This is a great way to earn some points for Ravenclaw and fill out the weeks between the end of the fall term and the beginning of the spring term. Head over to view it here.

    If you love reading, you might enjoy the Winter Reading Challenge. It runs between the 10th of December and the 27th of January.

    If you're a Quidditch fan, it's also worth coming to watch on the 19th of january when GQT and SQT will meet in a match. It's bound to be interesting to watch!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - December 2018
  • December is upon us and with that the end of the year is nearing. And soon too the end of the school year.
    That means many of us are scrambling to get things done and in order before then, but also an abundance of celebrations, merry-making and fun. Hopefully you will all find time for both. And certainly at HOL there is a lot going on!

    Ravenclaw News
    The Blue and Bronze Olympics has just ended. And what an exciting event it was! Hopefully it'll always be as great as it was this time around!

    This year all Eagles are invited to join us as we travel the world and find exiting and interesting December Celebrations everywhere, that all take place at this time of year. You can join at any time and there are many different types of tasks, so head on over if you'd like to join.

    Alte is accepting submissions for it's latest edition until the 10th of December. The theme this time is Views, but that does not mean what you send in must necessarily fit the theme. So if you want to write something, create a puzzle or a graphic, why not do so and send it to Alte?

    Also worth mentioning is of course that our very own RQT will be playing against Gryffindor on the 15th of December. Come cheer on your team!

    As always, anyone who is interested in playing Quidditch themselves should absolutely try it! It's easy and all you need to do is go on IRC and use one of the bots there to practice. Maxim Trevelyan and Arielle Lemoyne will also always be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Simply contact them and they'll help you onwards.

    HOL News
    Like last year, there is a Secret Elf Present Exchange this year. You will have until the 9th of December to sign up, so hurry and get those wishlists in! It is a great chance to make a fellow HOLer a small gift, get something in return yourself, AND earn 30 house points on top of that!

    Another option for earning a some points is submitting to the Gryffindor or Slytherin newspaper. The Pawprint deadline is on the 28th of December, while SerpenTimes has their deadline on the 15th of January.

    Like Ravenclaw, the other houses all each have a December activity. Slytherin has the Slythmas Silver Snake, Gryffindor is taking a ski trip at their Lodge, and Hufflepuff have their Huffle HOLidays. All of which are open to all of HOL.

    If you love reading, you might enjoy the Winter Reading Challenge. It runs between the 10th of December and the 27th of January.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter - November 2018
  • Hello all you wonderful little Eagles! I hope you are having a great term! Can you believe it is already November! :O Where is the time going?

    Ravenclaw News:
    Well, we have just wrapped up Trick or Treat in the Nest. I hope everyone enjoyed the activity and beans will be awarded very soon! I caught the flu with the crazy weather changes around here. BOO!

    With November here, it is time for the Blue and Bronze Olympics. Woot! Who else is ready? The theme for the BBO this year is Magizoologist Training Camp and it is brought to you by the lovely Hannah Thomas and Alexander Brighton! I know I am extra excited for this activity. It is going to be a lot of fun so keep an eye out on the forum.

    Our very own RQT will be playing their first game on November 10th at 9 pm HOL time so don't forgot to stop by and cheer the team on! We will be playing against Slytherin.

    The Alte newspaper will be accepting pieces for the December newspaper up until November 30th so feel free to contribute to get us some more points!!!

    Make sure you check out the E=MC Hammer and the Debate Club for some fun games and interesting discussions!

    Also, let us all put our hands together for our amazing Gail Allen for winning the Order of Merlin for Helpfulness! Very well deserved!!!

    HOL News:
    Character Clash has come to an end and I wanted to congratulate everyone who participated! I thought it was a lot of fun and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed it.

    With a new month, comes a new book club choice! This month we are diving into The Phantom Tollbooth. It is going to be a lot of fun so join in the discussions! The Book Club also has a weekly Flash Fiction writing challenge!

    HOLLERs has already supplied everyone with some fun new puzzles so don't forget to go check them out!

    Hufflepuff has let it slip that they will be having an event in November all about food so keep an eye out for that! Who doesn't love food right? ;) Of course, they also have the November games tent going on throughout the month of November which is always a lot of fun.

    Slytherin has the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix read along with their Puzzle Exchange, the new Arcade Club which is focusing on Asteroids this month, and Gobstones Club going on so go check them out!

    As always, make sure you are turning in your homework to get those points and have a great month!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter October 2018
  • I apologize now for how boring this is going to look and be, but I'm just not feeling it right now at all.

    Ravenclaw News

    Bagman's Bingo is now over. Thank you Polaris Black for running it. I never submitted my boards, but I was two away from a blackout on one and three on another. One can never go wrong with bingo.

    Trick or Treat in the Nest has started up, hosted by Vanessa Tilley. To read more about it and join in the fun, click here.

    The Alte is accepting submissions until October 10. This is a great opportunity to earn up to 90 points, so be sure to check it out. You can submit your ideas, up to 50 points worth here. For the extra fun activities to earn those last 40 points, go here for Bingo and here for Drabble Babble.

    The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team is always looking for new players. If you are interested in joining or just want more information, contact myself (Shiloh Adlar) or Prof. Arielle Lemoyne.

    HOL News
    The SerpenTimes is requesting submissions which can earn you another 90 points. All work is due by October 15. More information here.

    Sign ups for Character Clash are now over, but for those who made the cut off, don't forget to participate to bring in those points. There is a possibility of 120 up for grabs.

    Quidditch Pickups are still a thing this year. If you are interested in playing quidditch, I highly recommend attending these to get familiar with how the system works on HOL. The schedule is located here.

    Don't forget to complete your homework each month. This is the best way to earn points for the house. Ravenclaw at this moment is in fourth place, and I for one do not want to know what it will be like if we lose the house cup after holding it for so many years. (Thankfully I'm a seventh year now, so I can just sneak off if I need to, but let's not tempt fate.)
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter September 2018
  • It’s the First o’ September!

    I just want to extend a warm welcome to our new and returning Eagles – it’s a great time to be a Ravenclaw attending HOL. Not only did we win the House Cup by nearly a riddikulus 1400 points, but our very own Shiloh Adlar broke the all time individual points record! I know the bar is high but we still got this!!!

    Ravenclaw News

    Many thanks to Gail Allen and Kendra Givens for running summer camp and escorting a group of inter-house travelers on a whirl-wind tour of the New Seven Wonders of the World with an optional Treasure Hunt included. We’re exhausted and barely made it back in time to get our school supplies, but I think all will agree, it was a fantastic journey!

    For a change of pace, I contacted the Department of Games and Sports and got permission to host Bagman’s BINGO this month. Participants can play up to three cards at a time and for each card played, 20 beans will be added to the pot. You have three shots to get a standard line winning pattern and the first one to cover a card wins the jackpot. Details will be posted shortly.

    In case you didn’t know, our amazing HoH Prof. Kyrie Adderholt, has joined the Head Office as Deputy Headmistress. And breaking news, she just passed the bar exam so we have our very own member of the Wizengamot in house! W00T W00T!!!!

    And CONGRATS to Prof. Arielle Lemoyne and Prof. Ryan Granger, who have both been promoted to Deputy HoH – we’re all looking forward to working with you again!

    Prefects Astrid Black and Scarlett Lacarnum have completed their NEWTs and graduated HOL – CONGRATULATIONS! And Astrid has elected to come back as a full-fledged Professor, so check out her classes!

    Prof. Gustavo Flores is now Professor Emeritus. Thank you for all your contributions, Gus – we’ll miss you! <3

    Attention Eaglets and Eagles! Do you know your way around the Roost and HOL in general? If you’re interested in participating in the Adopt-An-Eaglet program, read all about it by clicking here..

    Our unique newspaper, the Alte Sententiam, is always looking for talented writers, artists, and puzzle-makers. If you’re thinking you might want to contribute, check out FAQ by clicking here.. Our first issue should be published some time in October.

    And don't forget to check out E=MC Hammer and the Debate Club - there's always something interesting going on!

    GO RQT!!! Co-captains Prof. Arielle Lemoyne and Shiloh Adlar are always scouting for new talent so don’t be afraid to contact them if you are interested in joining our Quidditch Team.

    HOL News

    The first phase of the Castle Renovation (HOL 5.0) has been pretty painless and I think most of those trick stairs have been fixed. The classrooms have all been redecorated and the courses are much more accessible and inclusive. The view is even more incredible and I just know you’re going to enjoy exploring the place.

    Our very own Vanessa Tilley and Art Department co-Head has informed me that during the next phase, the Art Department will be relocated from Ravenclaw to the main Castle website. Be on the lookout for new projects sometime in October.

    As always, points opportunities will be posted in the Rave War Room so check back often. The next HOL-wide activity will be Character Clash, beginning on Monday 24 September and ending Sunday 28 October.

    You have until Saturday 15th October to submit to SerpenTimes and there are lots of points to be won! To learn how, click here..

    Our very own Maxim Trevelyan and HOLLERS Assistant has extended his HOLLERS summer challenge Backpacking ‘round the World deadline to Sunday 9th September. There’s no sign-up required and you can work at your own pace. And don't forget, there are always Challenges and Creative Outlet Projects just waiting for you to complete!

    The class list has been posted and there are some old favorites in addition to some exciting new subjects. Make sure you read the course outline before you sign up for the class. Don’t forget, you can sign up for a maximum of five classes.

    Most important, enjoy yourselves and have a great year! :D
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