• Ravenclaw Newsletter June 2017
  • June Newsletter

    Our Prefect-in-training program is in full swing, and we've asked our hardworking participants to put together the June newsletter for us. They did an excellent job! Read on to hear what's happening in Ravenclaw and HOL, brought to you by the PiTs!

    Ravenclaw News

    The Where in the World activity has reached its conclusion. We have visited 8 amazing destinations during this contest - check out the Ravenclaw Activities forum to learn some fun facts about various countries if you have not already done so. We had so much fun with our wonderful tour guides Scarlett Lacarnum and Siobhan Burke. Thank you so much for arranging this May activity for us. I am very excited to see what the next activity will be. With this one the bar was certainly set high.

    Our next Quidditch match is June 10th 9pm HOL time versus Slytherin. This is bound to be an exciting game! You can watch from the IRC channel #quidditch. If you are interested in joining the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, we’d love to have you! The team practices in #RavenclawQuidditch every Sunday at 11pm HOL time and newcomers are always welcome! Please contact Prof. Arielle Lemoyne or Ashley Margaret, our lovely Quidditch co-captains, for more information.

    The school year is drawing to a close. Please, please, please make sure you’re getting those assignments handed in and exams done so we can maintain our lead for the house cup! Let's make sure we stay on top and the great hall is decorated in blue this year!

    Please wish a happy birthday to:
    June 1 – Dean Fuaddy
    June 2 – Dionne Dale
    June 5 – Matilde Rayne
    June 5 - Vanessa Tilley
    June 7 – Seville Snape
    June 22 – Alexia Riaper
    June 24 – Elena Galatas

    HOL News

    We have had two exciting Quidditch matches in May, on the 13th and 14th. The first was Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor, which Hufflepuff won with 330 points to 40. So a big congratulations to Hufflepuff for that victory. And the following day Hufflepuff played again, but this time against Slytherin. Slytherin won this match 460 points to 60. So let's have a cheer for the snakes! I must say I am impressed with our Hufflepuffs though; playing two matches in two days is no small feat.

    Speaking of Quidditch; if any of you would like to try playing, why not come try it at Quidditch Pickups? It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other players and get a taste of what it's like. Next time will be on June 14th at 3:30AM HOL time in #quidditch. If you miss this one, do not worry. Just go to this thread and see when the next one will be.

    The SerpenTimes is accepting submissions. Here you can earn up to 50 points for submitting either articles, graphics or puzzles to their newspaper. You have to submit your ideas for approval before you write them and you can do that here. You can earn an additional 40 points by doing the SerpenTimes Exclusives. Each month they have a theme and this time the them is Silver Linings. If you would like to check that out, follow this link.

    Did you know that Slytherin is currently running an awesome activity which is open to all houses? Students from Beauxbaton have arrived at the Dungeon for this year's Emerald Cup or Coupe d'émeraude. Everyone who wants to participate are welcome to do so, and will be parted into either Team Vert or Team Argent. Let the best team win! Go here to read more.

    Stay tuned for a new edition of the Gryffindor house newsletter, The Pawprint, filled with articles, graphics and puzzles!

    Hufflepuff has their first DoHGaS (Department of Huffle Games and Sports) challenge of the month up. Go earn yourselves some diamonds, and keep a look out for more challenges to come. Click here!

    HolWriMo has just ended, but I would like to congratulate everyone who complete the challenge, and submitted their work. Well done! It is wonderful to see how much was written for this activity. Keep your eyes peeled for samples of people's work, which can be found here.

    The book club has selected Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce for this month’s book discussion. Please come on an adventure with us!
    Click here to join in!

    HOLLERs: June has started, so you should check out the new challenges for the month of June. Participation is a great way to earn some beans! Also, keep an eye out for Maxim’s lesser-known June holiday discussions! If you want to try your hand at those, check out this forum.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter May 2017
  • Special HoH Edition :D


    Ravenclaw News
    PiT sign-ups are currently open. If you are interested, see the Perch for more information on how to apply.

    Where in the World? Is currently running in the Ravenclaw activities forum. Check it out, but bring your passport!

    Prof. Arielle Lemoyne graduated recently with her Master's Degree. Prof. Ryan Granger graduated with his Bachelor's. They're both pretty much rockstars.

    HOL News
    Something is coming from the Art Department! Keep your eyes open!

    Classes are wrapping up soon! Be sure to get your homework in so we can get all possible points!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter April 2017
  • Welcome to April! I hope not too many of you were fooled by all the pranks and jokes going on yesterday.

    Anyway, down to business!

    Ravenclaw News

    RQT goes up against GQT this Saturday, April 8 at 9pm HOL. You can catch the game in #quidditch on IRC. We are also always looking for new members! If you participated in the botting challenge from RPM, the Ravenclaw Quidditch Training camp in February, quidditch pickups or maybe you’re just interested in joining, pop in on #ravenclawquidditch and let us know!

    Ravenclaw Pride Month is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet! Is it ever really over…? We have one more week ahead of us. Don’t fret! If you haven’t had a chance to participate, you still can! Late tasks are accepted. Find out more information here. But don’t wait too long. April’s activity will begin shortly after, and I hear it’s a fun one as well!

    We are still ahead in the points competition, so great work Eagles! Don’t forget that your class assignments are the easiest way to earn house points, so get that homework turned in. I guess I should follow my own advice on that one, huh?

    HOL News

    The first quidditch pickup game of the month will be held April 5 at 3:30am HOL time in #quidditch. If you’re interested in anything and all things quidditch, this is a great way to come out and meet new friends as well as getting to know how things work. It’s all for fun, and who knows, you may discover that you’re more knowledgeable than you thought!

    HOLLERS still has its monthly challenges going on. Check them out here!

    The HOL Book Club just started reading and discussing Inkheart. If you would like to join in, more information can be found here along with the schedule.

    The SerpenTimes recently released their newest issue. Check out Gail Allen’s story in Grab Bag and what had to be said by and about some of your fellow Eagles in Superlatives. There are also puzzles to complete for those coveted beans. Chocolate frogs for Easter anyone?

    Have a great month!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter March 2017
  • First off, an apology from me to all of you for the lateness of this post. Yours truly is old, feeble, and more than a tad forgetful. Anyway, better late than never, right!? Without further ado...

    Ravenclaw News

    A big thank you to Prof. Arielle Lemoyne for heading up the first ever Ravenclaw Quidditch Training Camp last month. Even though I (sadly) did not get to personally participate, a good time was had by all! Congrats to all of you who were brave enough to tackle Quidditch, you have my utmost respect.

    As I'm sure all of you are aware, March is Ravenclaw Pride Month. Festivities began earlier this week, and as there are no sign ups required, you can still hop in and enjoy the fun. Run, run, run here for all the details!!!

    Last month, the Debate Club held a competition and with any luck they can be persuaded to do so again in the future. Get your thinking caps polished, just in case!

    HOL News

    Ravenclaw is still ahead in the points competition, but sneaky Slytherin is not that far behind us. Please get those assignments in and earn some points; we don't want to let the Cup to get away from us.

    Submit to the Serpent Times for more points. Deadline for submissions is March 15th.

    Keep up the fantastic work everyone!! :D :cool:
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter February 2017
  • It’s February, which means it’s the best month of the year! No, it’s not because of Valentine’s Day. It’s because it’s our WONDERFUL Head of House’s birthday! (Make sure you wish her happy birthday.) (It’s also my birthday this month. Birthday wishes are welcome.)

    Ravenclaw News

    Last month RQT had a hard-fought battle vs their rival SQT. We may have lost, but we tried our best and did a great job of sprinkling some blue and bronze confetti on the quidditch pitch. Congrats to Pavel for managing to score a whopping four times and Arielle for blocking a meager six times. Good job to everyone else for being so awesome (especially Hannah for getting her first hit ever) and helping us share that wonderful Ravenclaw spirit!

    If you've ever thought of dodging some bludgers, whacking some bludgers at other house's players, or catching that elusive snitch, you should participate in the Roost's January/February activity, the Ravenclaw Quidditch Training Camp hosted by our very own Prof. Arielle Lemoyne!

    If you're a little weary of the physical sport of quidditch, perhaps the Debate Club is better suited for you! This February there is a Debate Competition open to all of HOL. You will have the opportunity to win beans as well as activity points for participating. Sign up between now and February 8th! We don't want those slippery snakes, blubbering badgers, or lying lions to win the competition!

    HOL News

    I think some congratulations are in order for Ariella McManus for being named Head Girl of HOL! Everyone should go and congratulate her here!

    The start of the spring term is upon us, so go sign up for some classes. Ravenclaw is currently in the lead for the House Cup! Keep up the fantastic work everyone and make sure the eagles come out on top again this year!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter January 2017

    First off, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and is currently having a Happy 2017 New Year!!!

    Ravenclaw News

    Give a huge congrats to Scarlett Lacarnum for becoming our new prefect. She is both an amazing and kind person, so…don’t be shy! ;)

    And speaking of congrats, let’s give a warm round of applause to our two prefects: Ariella McManus and Polaris Black, for doing this previous month’s activity: Rowena’s Wheel.

    A little birdy told me that there are some new Eaglets popping up all over the place! Remember that there is the Adopt-an-Eaglet forum on The Roost. These Eaglets could really use your help Eagles!!

    If you want to exercise those brains of yours, there are still a variety of puzzles in the Alte Sententiam. Also keep in mind that you get a little “journalist-y” and artsy :)

    Congrats to our Quidditch team RQT for winning against Gryffindor in a smashing score: 350-10! Make sure to root for them in their upcoming games this month!

    HOL News

    Hufflepuff still has its Huffle HOLidays running until January 5th. It’s still not too late to get some fun in!

    If you are one of those obsessed readers, or really want to test yourself when it comes to reading, the HOL Book Club’s Winter Reading Challenge 2016/2017 is still running and will be until the end of this month! You can find more information at the following link: http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=390&sid=3b6b13317ca941366ce915861426f98a

    HOL Hollers has two new puzzles for us this month: Nonogram and Letter Tiles! Think you’re up for the challenge?

    If you’re a big fan when it comes to Quidditch, there are three games left before HOL’s winter break!

    January 14: Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw
    January 21: Gryffindor vs Slytherin
    January 22: Ravenclaw vs Slytherin

    All will be played at 9pm, HOL time.

    Remember that you can get extra beans if you go the HOL Forum, Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch, and answer the given questions correctly! http://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=25815

    With the term coming to a close, remember to get the rest of your assignments, extra credits, and finals in for your classes. Ravenclaw is ahead in the leadings to the House Cup, but you never know what the Slytherin Snakes have underneath those skins they are about to shed!

    Best of luck to a new year!! :)
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter December 2016
  • December Newsletter

    What's that sound? Jingle bells? Yep! Sure is. I hope you are excited about the most festive, wonderful time of the year!!! This is the month where it is acceptable to wear our elf costumes, string up too many lights, decorate like we live in the North Pole and go caroling...or at the very least sing along to some holiday songs.

    As 2016 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on all we have learned and experienced this year and make our goals for the year to come. I wish all of you Eagles the very best for 2017. If you need a break from your schoolwork and impending finals check out all the festivities going on. Just be sure you actually do return to finish your coursework.

    House News

    BBO has wrapped up and all participants have returned from Ancient Greece. This year's winner is.....BLUE! Congrats to both Blue and Bronze Nests. The Olympians are pleased.

    Arielle and Polaris have a great activity planned surrounding our Founder called Rowena's Wheel. Keep clicking in the Activities forum for more information.

    Head on down to the pitch for some RQT time!!!
    Ravenclaw is taking on Gryffindor on December 17th at 9 PM HOL time. Come cheer on RQT at #quidditch or #grandstand. If you visit Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch before the game you can help to raise the bean pot with each question answered.

    A cheerful reminder that the Alte BINGO / Drabble Babble challenge deadline is December 9th. All entries must be 100 words, have something to do with trains and be submitted to Alte.sententiam@gmail.com

    HOL News

    The holiday spirit is definitely contagious and the other houses have some fun events going on:

    Hufflepuff is hosting A HUFFLE MONTH OF HOL-IDAYS! Head on over to The Sett to join in. Each post can earn you some pretty shiny diamonds.

    Over in Slytherin the 12 Days of Slythmas have begun! Word in the dungeon is that there is a scavenger hunt involved. The event lasts all month and you have until the 31st to submit all tasks. The first one is already posted so go check it out.

    The SerpenTimes deadline is extended to January 15th so there is still plenty of time to get those submissions in. Their theme is Resolutions which is very fitting.

    Their read along of POA is still going on and currently at Chapter 14.

    Gryffindor's Magicalzoologist Activity is finishing up. All tasks are due in by the 7th.

    On December 10th Slytherin is playing Hufflepuff in #quidditch. This game is also at 9 PM HOL time.

    HOLLERS is posting some new December puzzles.

    Don't forget to see what Debate Club, War Room, E=MC Hammer and The Door Knocker have to offer. Post a reply or start a new topic to earn some final 2016 points.

    The Library and Art Department are always a good place to look for projects and posts. Remember all points help Ravenclaw defend its House Cup Win! The Eagles are currently in the lead!

    ~ Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and magical new year. ~
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter November 2016
  • Do you believe it's finally November? I think everyone is counting the days until the 18th, when the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie is released and we learn much more about JKR's Wizarding World! And in other good news, although Slytherin is closing in, we still lead the race for the House Cup! LET'S JUST KEEP IT THAT WAY!

    Ravenclaw News

    Many thanks to Ashley for hosting an awesome Fantastic Beasts tie-in activity last month and reminding us just how much we are anticipating the release of this film - very well done!

    November means Bronze and Blue Olympics (BBO) for Eagles. Join Astrid, Hannah, Joey and Scarlett back in Ancient Greece where the Games began for this year’s Greek Mythology theme! Sign-ups are open now (click here) and for the entire activity, so even if you miss a week or two, feel free to join in anytime!

    GO RQT!!! Come watch at #quidditch or cheer at #grandstand when Ravenclaw plays Slytherin on Saturday 12th November at 9 PM HOL time.

    The latest issue of the Alte Sententiam was just delivered, and thanks to the fabulous Prof. Cassie Lobiesk, with a brand new domain and gorgeous new layout! Our unique newspaper is always looking for talented writers, artists, and puzzle-makers. If you’re thinking you might want to contribute, check out FAQ by clicking here.

    Be sure to check out E=MC Hammer, Door Knocker, and Debate Club to find out how to earn activity points - there’s always something interesting going on!

    And there’s always tough love and new points opportunities being posted in the War Room so be sure to check back periodically!

    HOL News

    Here's what's happening in the other houses:
    • Gryffindor plans to host a Fantastic Beasts event open to all HOLers!
    • Hufflepuff is running DoHGaS puzzles and Fantastic Beasts Trivia and maybe even something else!
    • Slytherin continues to host the fantastic Prisoner of Azkaban read-along!
    The first Quidditch match of the year is coming up so don’t forget to look for Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch - questions should be posted around 8th November. For each person who answers the questions, 10 beans will be added to the pot!

    The NAPs Revival is gaining momentum and these weekly pickup games are open to members of all houses regardless of their Quidditch background. It is an opportunity to “meet new people, learn a little bit more about the game, and have some good, clean fun!” The next pickup is meeting in #quidditch on Sunday 6th November at 10 PM HOL time.

    The Book Club is currently running Publishing Pursuits II, which started on 16th October and will be finishing on 30th November. It is open to all HOLers and there are no sign-ups involved, so you can jump in at any point in the activity. Beans will be awarded for participation, and you might even get a shiny award (The Published Page) for completing most of the tasks.

    It seems like everyone’s caught Fantastic Beasts fever and HOLLERS is no exception! An extraordinary event is scheduled to begin shortly, there are no sign-ups, and you can work at your own pace. And if you participated in Gryfftoberfest, Huffleween, or Slyth-o-ween, stop by the HOLLERS Scrapbook and share your thoughts and experiences.

    The Art Department is waiting for the go-ahead from the Head Office to start a project (or two) so be on the lookout for that to happen because there are points to be earned!

    It’s never too early until Sunday 15th January to submit to SerpenTimes, the Slytherin House newspaper. This issue’s theme is Resolutions and there are lots of points to be earned!

    Most classes are still open for sign-ups, so if you haven’t registered yet, check out the class list. Make sure you read the course outline before you sign up and don’t forget, you can sign up for a maximum of five classes. There's no better way to earn lots of points!

    In case you forgot, you really have to work hard at being bored around here!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter October 2016
  • Hello my fellow eagles and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What? You mean this month is called October? But this month is all about Halloween! No? There are other things? Well, we should probably write those down then huh?

    House News

    Here on the Roost we have quite a bit going on. The activity running this month is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The first week has already started but you can jump in at anytime and participate. It looks like a ton of fun and with Ashley in charge of it, I'm sure it is.

    We also have other fun things happening in E=MC Hammer. You can jam to some music with the Bi-Weekly Theme Song or you can hop over to Enchanting Emmy Estimations to post your guesses for the Emmy winners this year. There is also a thread with some really great upcoming movie previews if you are a movie go-er, like myself.

    The Alte is accepting submissions for its November issue. The deadline to get those in is by October 31st, which is apparently the only Halloween there is and not the whole month. However if you want to submit something to the Alte you can always try to challenge yourself by playing Alte Bingo. The board for this year can be found here.

    HOL News

    Outside of the Roost, the Gryffindor Common Room is currently having Gryfftoberfest throughout the month. You have to sign up for their common room before participating but they are an inviting and warmhearted bunch so don't be afraid to go join in.

    For those that are new, or those that have been living under rocks (like myself until earlier this year) you can pop over to HOLLERS. It's really easy to make new friends both in and out of your house, plus there's some fun activities to do there as well.

    While I know it seems quiet now, be sure to keep an eye on the Library and the Art Department for new projects. They usually have a few come out about this time each year and they are worth those ever coveted house points.

    I hope you all have a wonderfully colorful and delightfully spooky Halloween! Oh, sorry, a delightfully spooky October!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter September 2016
  • Happy September Eagles and welcome to a whole new academic year!! The year of 2015-2016 is behind us and wow was it a good one, with us bringing home the very deserved house cup! :r6: Rumour has it that Kyrie keeps it in her office and is VERY reluctant to part with it, so let’s all take advantage of the point opportunities that present themselves this year!

    House News

    In case you haven’t already heard, Ravenclaw has landed two shiny and new (for now…) head Prefects in the forms of Matilde Rayne and Polaris Black!! They’re both brilliant additions to the role so let’s try to not burn down the roost in their first year…

    So what happened to our former beloved Head Prefects?? We banished them. Okay no, we would never do that, we couldn’t live without our dynamic duo. Instead, they return as newly graduated professors! Congratulations to Prof. Ryan Granger and Prof. Arielle Lemoyne!

    This isn’t the only shift in the prefect ranks recently. Both Hannah R. Thomas and Scarlett Lacarnum have become Ravenclaw Reserve Prefects and Astrid Black and Joey Stark have just joined the Prefects! All are wonderful and deserving people (especially that last guy <<) so don’t feel hesitant to contact any one of them if you want to ask something, or just make a new friend to chat with!

    Huge congratulations also go to Niniel Sanders for passing her NEWTS and becoming a Post-Grad student! Anyone who's ever had contact with Niniel knows how well-deserved this is!

    In True Eagle fashion, Ariella and Polaris have wasted no time in starting up this year’s activities with the very exciting Hogwarts Magical Pride Month! Grab yourself a muggle and get ready to celebrate your magical selves! The activity begins on the 3rd of September!

    With the end of the Summer Quidditch League, we once again turn our attentions to our brilliant house team, RQT. Everyone, new and old, is encouraged to join in the Quidditch fun by botting on IRC. It’s fun and addictive and you can earn activity points for doing so! If you enjoy that, please, come along and try out for the house team and help us fly to victory this year!

    HOL News

    After days of being tantalised by this terms class list, class sign up is officially OPEN! There’s a ton of exciting new options this term as well as many old favourites, some are even making a come back after long hiatuses! Head over to the main site to sign up and get learning and earning! :bookish:

    There’s still time to submit to the art department’s latest challenge. Design a book cover for the story of your life and start earning points already!

    This year is set to be a great one; I can’t wait to get to know all you new eaglets and to work again with everyone else. Let’s keep that cup!
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