• Ravenclaw Newsletter June 2018

    The first month of summer (and the month of craziness as everyone scrambles up to finish up their classes)

    Ravenclaw News

    Quidditch season has ended and RQT earned an impressive amount of 550 points! Yay RQT!

    Alte Articles have been submitted and its time to wait on our toes for the next issue to come out.

    The Schedule Race activity has ended with Maxim Trevelyan taking home the Gold, Shiloh Adlar the Silver, and Siobhan Sullivan the Bronze. And so...

    It's time to welcome the Build Your Own Adventure activity!! Choose the train, boat, or Floo Powder to travel! Full of surprises, who knows where your adventure will take you.

    Ravenclaw is currently in the lead, with just under 1000 points ahead of Slytherin. But don't put down your quills just yet Eagles! Who knows what these last-term points might bring. Let's do this and take home the House Cup!

    HOL News

    There are New challenges in HOLLERS and the Book Club!

    Gryffindor: A New Quest is up! Go and quest people!

    Hufflepuff: As always, there are DoGHaS challenges down in the SETT. Check out the Word Cubes, Jigsaw, Cryptogram, and an extra special

    Slytherin: Go to the OASIS to explore and maybe even get the Golden Egg!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter May 2018
  • Ravenclaw News
    Hello Eagles and Eaglets, welcome to May.
    We’re about halfway through this term and it has been an exciting one so far.

    The Prank Wars activity came to a close. Huge congratulations are in order to the team of Arianna Stonewater and Prof. Tarma Amelia Black for coming in first place and to those who have earned shiny awards.

    There's a new Ravenclaw activity for May, Schedule Race. Head over to the Ravenclaw Activities thread for more information and complete your class schedule.

    Onto another note, the next Ravenclaw Quidditch Game is scheduled for May 12. The April game was rescheduled possibly for May 13. But continue to stay tuned for more on that one.

    We are still in the lead for the house cup. Slytherin is in second. Let’s keep earning those points to stay ahead of those snakes. GO RAVENCLAW!!!

    HOL News
    Do you like playing broom games like Creaothceann? Then you may enjoy the Quidditch Pickups. The next Quidditch pickup is May 3, 3:30 am HOL. That's tonight, so if you can’t make it, there will be others.

    There are new challenges up HOLLERS: Challenges

    There are also new book discussions in the Book Club. If that is something that interests you, go and check them out.

    There are activities going on in the Sett for May called "May Flowers". Head on over and take part in the activities celebrating May.

    Hope you all have a great month.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter April 2018
  • Happy April, Eagles! (Second best month of the year…)

    Ravenclaw News

    With the RPM excitement winding down (thanks for keeping us busy, Polaris!), we still have something to celebrate…new reserve prefects Vanessa Tilley, Shadow Gaunt, and Alexander Brighton. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to congratulate them on their hard work through PiT!

    As their final PiT project, they are running the HOL-wide event Prank Wars through the month of April. Grab a partner and head to the sign-up thread by April 14th to participate in the craziness! Click HERE to be taken to the event.

    RQT’s game vs. GQT that was originally scheduled for April 21st has been rescheduled, so stayed tuned for the date of the game!

    We have a LOT of new eaglets that have joined HOL in the past month or so. If you happen to see one of them, make sure to say hello! New Eaglets, please feel free to check out the orientation forum for more information on HOL and Ravenclaw! Welcome!

    Anddd as always, keep up earning those house points! We’re doing really well!

    HOL News

    Book Club: When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is this month’s choice for book of the month. A link to the discussion schedule can be found on the main HOL blog if you’re interested in following along and discussing with others.

    HOLLERs: There are some cryptograms and a 2048 to earn you some Hoots in HOLLERs this month.

    Quidditch: The next date for quidditch pickups is April 11th at 3:30AM HOL time. The next official game is Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff on April 14th at 9PM HOL time.

    Gryffindor: Are you ready for an adventure? Check out Gryffindor’s activity “Gone Questing” for a new adventure each month. April’s quest has us in an eerie volcanic setting. Click HERE to start your adventure.

    Hufflepuff: The Department of Hufflepuff Games and Sports has a jigsaw, nonogram, and quotes activity going on. They also have a comical Harry Potter Character Game going on HERE

    Slytherin:: Arianna's scavenger hunt activity has come to its conclusion. Check out Silly Snakes, Gobstones Game Club, and the Puzzle Exchange for some continued entertainment and scales!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter March 2018
  • Ravenclaw News

    First and foremost, Happy Ravenclaw Pride Month! And that means an activity about Ravenclaw will be held, so keep your eyes open!

    Even though I didn’t do as much participation as I wanted to, thank you Polaris for running a fun the Harry Potter Book Fortnight activity :)

    RQT is going to have their second match of the term this coming 10th, so go cheer for our fellow eagles! If you are interested in joining, ask Shiloh Adlar or Prof. Arielle Lemoyne for more info.

    On a last note, Alte Sententiam is always looking for submissions and you can earn points for these submissions. This month is April and the deadline is the 31st.

    HOL News

    With the first month gone by, we are still staying strong with the lead. And speaking of points, if you are looking for an opportunity to add more points to your score board, Slytherin is holding their Spring Scavenger Hunt. The hunt will begin on the 5th and will last until the 6th of April.

    If you wish to challenge your mind and earn some beans, HOLLERS has their three monthly puzzles up.
    Fallen Letters: https://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=405&t=30589
    Nonogram: https://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=405&t=30585
    Jigsaw: https://forum.hol.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=405&t=30577

    Have a fantastic March everyone!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter February 2018
  • Well, that's a wrap! The fall term of the 2017-2018 school year has ended and Ravenclaw is sitting rather comfortably in first place in the House Points Competition. Fantastic job Eagles!

    HOL News

    House Points are not the only thing Eagles recently excelled in. The HOL-wide competition of Battleship just completed and Alexander Brighton, Austin Ollivander Black, and Resyarrina Elora of HMS Diagon took home first place. Congrats to you three and thank you Prof. Kyrie Adderholt, Astrid Black, and Gail Allen for helping to organize and create puzzles for the great activity! The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team also recently took home a victory in their match against Hufflepuff in January. Keep up that botting!

    Speaking of Quidditch, there are plenty of Quidditch activities to keep you entertained in February! The next quidditch pickup takes place on Thursday February 8th at 3:30 am HOL time. On February 24th RQT will take on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Make sure to tune in to #quidditch on IRC at 9 pm HOL time to play and/or cheer RQT on! If that isn't enough quidditch for you, the Winter Snitch Tournament is currently going on. Ravenclaw boasts a large number of participants. Check out the schedule here and cheer on your fellow Eagles (Alexander Brighton, Kendra Givens, Shiloh Adlar, Austin Ollivander Black, and Shadow Gaunt)!

    If you enjoy games, but Quidditch isn't your thing, check out #gamesroom on IRC between 5 and 8 pm HOL time on February 25th for a gathering full of games!

    I don't know where you all live, but there is so much snow lately for me and all it does is make me want to curl up with some hot cocoa and a good book. If you're interested in some literary conversation, the Book Club on HOL is currently in their second week of the Harry Potter Book Festival. House Points are up for grabs so I encourage everyone to participate! Additionally, the Book Club's Monthly Book Discussion is about the book Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. I read the book back in December and thought it was a great read.

    HOLLERS has some fantastic puzzles for February and if you're up for a challenge, check them out!

    Ravenclaw News

    There have been quite a few changes this past month in Ravenclaw! We now have two fantastic prefects, Gail Allen and Kendra Givens! Congratulations to them both! We also said goodbye to Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi as she stepped down from her role as DHoH. Best of luck to her in her career pursuits!

    If you need something to keep you busy and you're ready to get a few things off your chest, during February in the Roost we will all be sharing some confessions.

    Also, everyone please mark February 18th on your calendar. It's the most important day of the year. If you don't know why, I suggest you ask Kyrie. (Actually, I wouldn't let her know you don't know why February 18th is so important. I'd be afraid of her eagle talons!)
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter January 2018
  • HAPPY 2018!!!

    Unbelievable - the holidays are officially over and the Fall Term is rapidly coming to a close! But there’s still time to get that backlog of homework submitted so let’s just do it - myself included! :lol:

    As usual, there’s a lot going on and we hope this will prove to be a truly GREAT year for one and all!

    Ravenclaw News

    When Santa forgot about everything, Gail Allen organized the troops to help the elves Save Christmas and thankfully, all was well in the Nick of Time!

    Scarlett Lacarnum is currently hosting Scavenger Scripts, designed to get us back-to-nature! Participate as you can, no sign-ups are required, and all submissions are due Wednesday 31st January.

    Attention Eaglets and Eagles! Do you know your way around the Roost and HOL in general? If you’re interested in participating in the Adopt-An-Eaglet program, read all about it by clicking here.

    The latest issue of the Alte Sententiam was just delivered as a start-of-year holiday gift! Our unique newspaper is always looking for talented writers, artists, and puzzle-makers. If you’re thinking you might want to contribute, check out FAQ by clicking here.

    GO RQT!!! Come watch in #quidditch or cheer in #grandstand when:
    • Slytherin vs Ravenclaw on Sunday 14th January at 9 PM HOL time
    • Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff on Saturday 20th January at 9 PM HOL time
    Don't forget to check out E=MC Hammer and the Debate Club - there's always something interesting going on!

    HOL News

    After a tightly contested competition, we congratulate our very own Gail Allen, who won the crown and the title Mx HOL! We also congratulate Shiloh Adlar, our new Mx Ravenclaw! And congratulations are also in order for the outstanding submissions we received from fellow Raves Alexander Brighton, Eden Pheniox, Ellie Warhol, Hannah R Thomas, Kendra Givens, Pavel Lagrange, Shadow Gaunt, and Vanessa Tilley. Special thanks to Prof. Gus Flores, aka Judge Nickleby Duckling, who did an awesome job representing our house! Click here for a more balanced report of the results!

    Many thanks to Gail Allen and Shiloh Adlar for running the Secret Elf Gift Exchange! As always, it was a huge success and is fast becoming a HOLiday tradition!!!

    A reminder to those who signed up for Battleship: all ship placements must be posted by Wednesday 10th January in the team forums. Anchors Aweigh!

    And just a nod to our truly amazing HoH, Prof. Kyrie Adderholt, who not only made sure the above events got on the calendar but did an inordinate amount of work behind the scenes to ensure their success. <3

    You have until Monday 15th January to sign up for the 2018 Winter Snitch Tournament. Every level of experience is welcome so if you ever wanted to try your hand at Seeking or Reffing (while earning some Beans), this is your opportunity!

    The first Quidditch match of the New Year is Slytherin vs Gryffindor on Saturday 13th January at 9 PM HOL time. As always, come and watch in #quidditch and cheer in #grandstand.

    And don’t forget about Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch - questions will be posted shortly. For each person who answers the questions, 10 beans will be added to the pot!

    Weekly Pickup Games are open to members of all houses regardless of their Quidditch background. The next weekly pickup is meeting in #quidditch on Thursday 18th January at 3:30 AM HOL time.

    Save the date: the next Gathering and Games event will take place on Sunday 21st January in #gamesroom starting at 5 PM HOL time and lasting for three hours. Seriously, who doesn't want to just kick back, relax and have fun with other HOLers?

    If you are an HOL Forum Moderator, be sure to click here to check-in and renew your commitment by Saturday 20th January.

    Did you ever think about being a Student Teacher or maybe even a full-fledged Professor? CLASS APPLICATIONS are now OPEN for ONE term classes! They will be open until Saturday 20th January. Click here for more information.

    It’s not too late until Monday 15th January to submit to SerpenTimes and there are lots of points to be won! To learn how, click here.

    HOLLERS fall challenge First o' September is winding down but there's still time to submit before the deadline of Monday 15th January. There’s no sign-up required and you can work at your own pace. And don't forget, there are always Challenges and Creative Outlet Projects just waiting for you to complete!

    Be on the lookout for the class list, which should be posted in about two to three weeks. Make sure you read the course outline before you sign up for the class. Don’t forget, you can sign up for a maximum of five classes.

    And finally, it’s a short month so submit all your homework as soon as possible! We're doing great - let's keep it that way!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter December 2017
  • Another year is coming to an end, and the smell of cookies and other Christmas goodies will soon hang thick in the air while we all watch for snow and of course that glint of red among the white that tells us Santa is coming! Hopefully you've been good (and earned lot of points) - otherwise there's still time! I hear Santa is busy reassembling his lists, so if you hurry, I am sure you'll make it in time!
    For many of us December is a wonderful, festive and magical time, so let's take a look at all the magical stuff happening around HOL.

    House News

    Hopefully everyone have returned well and sound to Hogwarts after visiting four other Wizarding Schools during the last month's Blue and Bronze Olympics.
    A great congratulations to everyone who participated and to Bronze nest for winning this year's Blue and Bronze Olympics!
    And a big thank you to Hannah R. Thomas for organizing it!

    After a terrible accident where two wizarding children tried to obliviate Santa, the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and Santa's elves desperately need help restoring Santa's memories of Christmas. So help us save Christmas. Hopefully we will manage before the 25th comes.
    Go here to find out how to help.

    Alte Sententiam, Ravenclaw's very own newspaper, will be published in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement for that! Once it is, you can find it here.

    As always the Debate Club would love to hear your opinions on all kinds of matters; this month they are particularly curious to know what kind of presents you think are best: the soft kind of the hard kind.
    Meanwhile E=mc Hammer wants to hear all your best Celebrations songs for their Monthly Theme song.

    In the world of Quidditch: Ravenclaw will meet Gryffindor on the pitch for the first game of the season for RQT on the 9th of December at 9PM HOL time.
    Come cheer for RQT and show your support to your team. Let's send them off to a great start of the season!
    (If you want to watch more games, Hufflepuff will meet Slytherin on the 16th of December at 9PM HOL time.)

    If you are interested in joining the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, we’d love to have you! The team practices in #RavenclawQuidditch every Tuesday and Thursday from 12am-1am HOL time, and every saturday from 9pm-10pm HOL time. Newcomers are always welcome! Please contact Prof. Arielle Lemoyne or Shiloh Adlar, our lovely Quidditch co-captains, for more information.
    If you're already part of RQT, what are you doing reading this newsletter? Go Bot! ;)

    HOL news

    Speaking of Quidditch: Quidditch Pickups have also picked up again, and the first match of the month will be on the 2nd of December at 10pm HOL time in #quidditch.
    Everyone who is interested in some fun quidditch games, is encouraged to join, whether they've played professionally for years, or have never sat on a broom before.
    Keep an eye on this forum to see further dates.

    Have you always wanted to be a Secret Elf and give a present to one of your fellow HOLers? If so, this activity is for you! Just sign up (the sign-up is open until the 5th of December) with your name and a wishlist, and you will be assigned someone to give gifts to, and someone else will make something for you.

    Mx HOL is going well, with two Ravenclaws in the top three after the second round.
    But everything is still very much open as we go into the 3rd and second but last round and you can help decide who wins!
    Go to this forum on the 6th to vote for your favourite contestant and help them win the crown.

    Hogsmeade Literary Festival is coming to an end. It's been a fun month of Literary exploits and book collecting.
    Congratulations to everyone who participated.

    The first Gathering and Games has just taken place. It's a perfect chance to kick back, relax and have fun with other HOLers for a few hours.
    The next event will be on the 17th of December at 17pm HOL time, lasting until 20pm HOL time.
    To learn more, visit this forum.

    The SerpenTimes is accepting submissions until the 15th of January allowing you to earn up to 50 points for regular submissions.
    You have to submit your ideas for approval before you write them and you can do that here.
    You can earn an additional 40 points by doing SerpenTimes Exclusives. Check that out here.

    This year for Slythmas, Slytherin is hosting a Yule ball, and everyone is invited. So visit the Dungeon for some snakey fun!

    Gryffindor is hosting a Choose Your Own Adventure activity for the festive period. Visit their common room and join the adventure!

    Hufflepuff will also be hosting a December activity, so keep your eyes open for that.

    And more than anything else:
    Have a wonderful December!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter November 2017
  • Happy November Eagles!

    Autumn has arrived in full swing and with it, many points opportunities! Hopefully everyone is settled into their classes and made some new friends. With All Hallow’s Eve behind us many are ready for the holiday season. First, we have to watch the leaves fall and break out our favorite cold weather gear.

    Ravenclaw News
    November means BBO Month. That’s the Blue and Bronze Olympics and this year’s theme is Wizarding Schools. Let’s see if Blue can defend their title or if the Bronze nest can go for the win.

    The newest issue of Alte is accepting submissions until November 30th. The publication is always stellar and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be a part of it.

    Ravenclaw will be playing Slytherin at the Quidditch pitch on November 18th. Gather your friends and your best Blue and Bronze for the match. A few days before, on the 11th, Hufflepuff will be taking on Gryffindor .

    HOL News
    MX HOL is going on in the HOL forum. It’s worth 100 Points each so go check it up and sign up.

    The Sett is hosting a Journey Back event that is open to all houses. No time turner needed to take the trip back in time.

    The SerpenTimes is looking for articles for their newest edition. Their theme is Hibernation. Their deadline is January 15th so get your thinking caps warmed up.

    Hogsmeade ia hosting a Literary Festival. You don’t have to be 3rd Year and up to participate so go visit and put your literary love to work.

    As always, there are points for regular postings in The Roost forums as well as HOLLERS. Let’s have a good month!
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter October 2017
  • October
    It’s October already? Man, time is flying by! Is everyone ready for colder weather and spooky things galore? Pumpkins, ghosts, All Hallows Eve…ah, it’s simply wonderful. There’s so much to do! I do mean that, both the Roost and HOL are very active this month.

    First off RQT has finished with their Recruitment and here’s to hoping those that wanted to made the team! Don’t despair though, we have matches starting up soon. Quidditch will be a big part of HOL in the coming months, you can always tune in on the irc for the matches. In the meantime there is always botting that can be done to hone your skills and get activity points.

    We have a new activity being headed by Prof. Gus that is taking us on a ride in the Mystery Machine for a lesson in Spooky Legends. It’s sure to be a chilling and delightfully frightful time. There’s always room in the van for anyone who wants to come along!

    Aside from that we do have some random activities going on in the form of The Art Department. There’s a lot of little projects to do and it’s always open for submissions so if you enjoy art, then that is definitely the place for you to check out!

    If you would like to write a story or make a puzzle for others to solve the The Paw Print is accepting submissions for its next issue but it’s only available till the 23rd so it’s best to hurry! Speaking of Gryffindor, Gryfftoberfest is happening right now in the Gryffindor Common Room and is open to all of HOL.

    If you really want to party though Nearly-Headless Nick, Sir Nicholas – sorry, is having a birthday party! It’s happening in one of the roomier dungeons on the HOL forum. When you head make sure you make an introduction! Nick wants to know who all is in attendance.

    If a ghost party isn’t for you there is a book discussion for The Fellowship of the Ring happening on the HOL forum as well. With so much going on it’s no wonder everyone is busy, busy. As always make sure to turn your homework for your classes. Ravenclaw is currently in the lead for the house cup, but we’re only one month in and our lead could easily disappear if we don’t keep on it.

    Hope you all have a spectacularly spooky Halloween! Oh, and October in general.
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  • Ravenclaw Newsletter September 2017
  • Wow! What a summer! I hope you are all excited to be back at HOL and for our new students, I hope you are ready to meet new people and discover all that HOL has to offer! Our goal is to keep our Eagles active in the Roost and throughout HOL in general, so participate in everything you can, sign up for as many classes as you can handle, join us on IRC for late night chats, and of course, never be afraid to ask questions!

    To Recap:

    Our new Reserve Prefects, Gail Allen and Kendra Givens, took us to Rowena’s Realm amusement park where we all gathered together for a month of rides, games, food, and surprises! They put a lot of work into Rave Summer Camp and have done a marvelous job thus far as reserves. Keep it up, you two!

    We also have two new prefects, who I’m sure you’ll be seeing around the Roost and HOL hosting fun activities of their own, so please congratulate Hannah R. Thomas and Shiloh Adlar!

    Shiloh was also promoted to Quidditch Co-Captain over the summer and along with Captain Prof. Arielle Lemoyne, has been leading daily practices with RQT. Congratulations to Vanessa Tilley who won the RQT Summer Botting Tournament with 2327 points and a shout out to the RQT members who participated: Alexander Brighton, Gail Allen, and Kendra Givens, (and the retired-but-not-retired, “It's in my HoH contract” Prof. Kyrie Adderholt and Prof. Limine Snidget.) I’m excited to see what RQT does this season!

    What’s Coming Up/What’s Going On:

    In the Roost, our September activity hosted by RQT Captains, Arielle and Shiloh, will be starting on September 3. Get ready for a month of quidditch fun as they invite all Ravenclaw students to participate in their recruitment camp!

    On HOL, Off to School began last week and will continue throughout the month of September. Be sure to check it out as it will allow everyone, newbies and oldbies alike, to get to know one another better. This is an excellent opportunity to meet others and to build a sense of community back on this site.

    Class sign ups are open! Go through the list of classes, find the ones you want to take and sign up for them. Students are allowed to sign up for a maximum of five classes per term. While we would like everyone to be able to take all five classes, we understand RL should take priority and can get very busy. Classes, however, are the easiest and best way to earn points! Think about it, each class is worth 300 points per term and if you take five classes per term and earn the perfect 300, that’s 3000 points right there! That’s crazy!

    One other very easy way to earn points is submitting to house newspapers! The Wizarding Times just closed their submissions, but you can still submit to the SerpenTimes until October 15. You can earn up to 50 points for this. Don’t feel like writing an article or creating a game? Check out the Exclusives section where you can earn up to 40 points! If you’re really feeling up to it, do both!

    Be sure to keep an eye out on how to submit to the Alte, our own house newspaper, in the coming days!

    Speaking of the Alte, let’s give a shout out to Gail Allen and Prof. Ryan Granger for joining the editing staff! I’m sure they’ll do an excellent job!

    Let’s also not forget about the HOL Forum. Summer cleaning has been done and the forums are fresh for us to use. There are plenty of areas to discuss your favorite movies/tv shows, games, music, sports/teams, and there are even new subforms for The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts! Ravenclaw prides itself on being the most active house on HOL. Let’s keep that streak up, and remember to follow all HOL rules when you post!

    I can already tell that this will be an amazing school year, and I look forward to spending it with you!
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