November 2020 Monthly Theme Song

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November 2020 Monthly Theme Song

Postby Gail Allen » Thu Nov 05, 2020 8:58 pm

At this time of year I always seem to notice how fast the weather changes and that gave me the idea for this month's themesong:

The Weather!

It might sound trivial, but I actually think weather is a pretty awesome thing and I've also been struck by how many songs actually are about the weather or at least include references to it.
Do you know any?

Share one or two of your favourites below.

(If anyone wants a guide on how to embed videos, it can be found here )
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Re: November 2020 Monthly Theme Song

Postby Prof. Kendra Givens » Thu Nov 05, 2020 10:04 pm

It's November and 71F (22C) outside, which never happens where I live, so Soak Up the Sun is very appropriate for today!

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