Bands/Musicians that would make it in the Wizarding World

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Bands/Musicians that would make it in the Wizarding World

Postby Adeline Morior » Tue Apr 02, 2024 8:17 am

Let's talk band names and musician names that would totally make it in the wizarding world. As we all are familiar with our own groups being aired frequently on the WWN. The Wizarding Wireless Network (usually abbreviated to WWN), which is a popular wizarding radio station that musicians perform on.

Groups and musicians such as:
The Vampire from the Valleys, The Singing Sorceress, Weird Sisters, The Hobgoblins, The Bent-Winged Snitches, Spellbound and so many more.

Looking at Muggle bands, groups and musicians. Which do you think would make it in the wizarding world by name, reputation or song/music?
I think a group like Imagine Dragons would be a successful choice amongst our Wizarding communities.

What do you think? Any come to mind?

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Re: Bands/Musicians that would make it in the Wizarding Worl

Postby Anne-Marie Gagne » Tue Apr 02, 2024 5:35 pm

With how many Muggleborn students there are, I'm surprised there aren't more Muggle bands that are well known in the the magical world! Like The Beatles were so huge in the 60s and 70s! I refuse to believe that not a single Muggleborn student didn't talk about them at all. And again in the 2010s with One Direction. With how many people (me included) were into them at the time and constantly talked about them, they'd definitely be popular in the magical world too.

But one that I would try so hard to make popular would be my own favorite band My Chemical Romance haha. Listening to their music helped me through a lot of rough spots in my life but also I just really love their music and I always recommend their songs to people who are looking into listening to something outside what they usually do. My favorite songs by them that I recommend are Cemetery Drive and Heaven Help Us. Though their whole discography is Top Tier stuff :D
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Re: Bands/Musicians that would make it in the Wizarding Worl

Postby Hiya Debnath » Sun Apr 07, 2024 2:06 pm

I think that the Korean Muggle K-Pop band BTS, which has become quite the craze all over the Muggle world would certainly make it big in the wizarding world over the WWN. I love their songs and I am sure thousands of Muggle-born witches and wizards love them too, and would never stop listening to them, no matter how deeply ingrained into the magical world they became.
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