Designing at Hogwarts


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Designing at Hogwarts

Postby Mia Fountain » Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:06 am

If you were able to design a room, wing of the castle, or an area on the grounds of Hogwarts. What would you design and why?

I would design a hidden room near the Ravenclaw Common Room. My room would have a window, with a bench seat in front of it, for reading by or just enjoying the scenery. There would also be a bookcase, and a desk and chair for working on assignments or researching. And a soft fluffy carpet, that is soft enough to lie down on, if I want to. I would design this room so I could be alone to study and I would be near enough to the Common Room, that I wouldn't have to worry about having a long way to go, if I get caught up in whatever I am reading and forget about curfew.

Also, feel free to discuss the potential pros and cons of the new areas.
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Re: Designing at Hogwarts

Postby Prof. Sindor Aloyarc » Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:13 pm

If I was to design a room at Hogwarts, it would be a meditative space that was entirely minimalistic as well as blocked out light and sound. Essentially, the only props available would be things like comfy (yet firm) round pillows to sit on, mats for lying down, eye pillows, and a variety of aromatherapy options.

My preference would be to place this room somewhere toward the top of the Astronomy Tower, being the tallest within the castle.

Silence would be the norm here, but people could come and go as they please and stay as long as they like. That being said, once every month a workshop would be held by a rotating number of hosts to lead topics such as World Religions, Yoga, Philosophy, Dream Analysis, Holistic Wellness, Astral Projection, Stretching, and Utilizing Crystals, etc.
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