Writing Challenge: Tall Tales


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Writing Challenge: Tall Tales

Postby Prof. Arielle Lemoyne » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:43 pm

This idea comes from an assignment I had in high school:

Write a first-person narrative that is either a true story from your life, a partly-true story based on your life, a story that’s totally made up, or a story that’s anywhere in between. Secretly give it a 1-10 rating of how true it is, and then read it for the class and see if you’re able to trick everyone into thinking your true story is fake or your fake story is real.

I thought that would be a fun icebreaker activity, so we’re going to do the same thing!

Write a story (at least 300 words) about yourself that can be as true or as false as you like.

Post your story here, and also send me a PM with your rating on a scale of 1 (100% made up) to 10 (100% true), and a brief explanation of why you gave it that rating.

You have until April 26th at 11:59 pm to come up with and post your story. After that, everyone will have a few days to guess how true it is.

I’ll give 30 beans to everyone who writes a story, with potential additional prizes for the guessing part!

Have fun :D
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Re: Writing Challenge: Tall Tales

Postby Katya Snow » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:59 pm

Once, when I was eight or so I had an unhealthy obsession with the idea of flying. I had vivid dreams and often these dreams consisted of me being capable of flight in some manner or another. Now i'm sure you know where this is going but bare with me here. You see, things don't end exactly the way you might think. For a good long while, I was convinced I was actually a dragon, oh yes, a dragon and I would spend a good amount of my time trying to breath fire and grow my wings. It seams a silly thing to remember now that I think about it, but there it is. I would sit on the playground and try to breath fire and practicing my growls and leap from an old stump that was left as a large sitting stool. Well of course, nothing worked and I didn't turn into a dragon but I was one hundred percent convinced. (one too many fairy tales I think.)

so, one Saturday when I was out playing in our tailor park, I decided I just wasn't trying hard enough. So, making sure no one was looking I got a stepstool, planted it in front of the biggest tree in the area, and this was a very big tree. I can't tell you truly how big, I was never good with numbers, but it was big enough that when my neighbors cat got stuck in it, the fire ladder didn't reach the top. Nearly, but not quite. So it was a big tree. Big enough that I really should have known better. Then again, I was eight years old and was convinced I was a dragon so I think you can see the issues with my 'common sense' configurations. So there I was, eight years old, halfway up the biggest tree in the backyard and getting ready to keep from this tree when I looked down and realized just how high up I had climbed and realized something I had never known before.

I was afraid of heights.

I wasn't up for very long of course, my mother was very attentive, ad as soon as she saw me up in that tree she, freaked, out. After all, I had spent the last several weeks pretending I was a dragon, i'm pretty sure she reached the some conclusion as everyone else did. I was so petrified that I was going to fall that was bear hugging the limb I was sitting on. It took a further ten minutes for the fire department to get there and a good half an hour and too men to literally pry me off the tree branch and down the ladder. i was grounded for three weeks for the ridiculous stunt. i didn't even mind.

I've been terrified of heights ever since... which is pretty ironic because I still have dreams about flying and wish I was a dragon. ah well.
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