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Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Amy Darvill » Tue May 04, 2021 12:53 am

We have Designing at Hogwarts and Design Your Common Room, so why not go for the most personal space we can have at Hogwarts- Our Dorms!

What kind of personal items do you bring from home? Do you have a pet nearby or not? Do you keep your space neat or are you driving your fellow dorm mates crazy with mess?


For my space, I have some extra pillows, so I can lean on them when I do homework on my bed. I'm a little bit messy, as you can tell by my tie just thrown on the nightstand, and I have a pet snake, named Naʃur (or Major, for non Parseltongue people), as well as a banner for the Hufflepuff Qudditch team. I'm terrible at sports but full of house pride!
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Aurelia West » Tue May 04, 2021 1:44 am

For my dorm room, I’d probably try to bring as little as possible to make sure the room doesn’t get too crowded with my roommates. A couple items I’d likely bring include some of my favorite books and my journal, and maybe some statement jewelry pieces that I like (though am unlikely to wear too often). I would either have an owl or a cat as a pet at school, and would make sure that they have an area to call their own as well.

I’m more likely to try and keep a neat space, especially when sharing with classmates, but things may make their way out of place occasionally such as some ties slung around one of the spires of my four-poster bed. Like Amy mentioned, I’d probably also bring extra pillows because leaning on them is nice.
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby February Fortescue » Sun May 09, 2021 6:41 pm

Green is my favorite color, and my Slytherin dorm room would definitely reflect that! Emerald green silk sheets and pillow case and a soft green comforter are definites. I'd have a Slytherin poster, and a poster of Severus Snape, whom I adore. I'd have to have a desk with fresh flowers, and a small bookcase. I'd also bring my cat.
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Iverian Gnash » Sat May 22, 2021 12:26 am

My dorm room would have to be super sparkly. Of course, it would portray my Gryffindor pride with super fluffy maroon and gold floor rugs, blankets, and pillows. I'd have glittery bed curtains and a bunch of bright items around my room. I'd definitely have a space for my cockatiel, because who goes to school without their bird? I'd have a nice wooden desk with a swivel fluffy chair so it'd be super comfortable and maneuverable. I would also have a cuckoo clock because my grandma did and it'd be a nice addition to the room. I'd be sure to have a large closet to walk in and out of and I'd keep it super organized!
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Wed Nov 17, 2021 1:02 am

I'm fortunate to have a rather large 'dorm' room.

My dorm room has lots of book shelves. Invariably, I'll acquire more books and so will be needing even more book shelves; I'll probably end up with a sort of Room of Requirement hidden area ...

But in the meantime, my dorm room has lots of windows. Being a professor, I've a room to myself which is good, because I've claimed all the windows for shelves for my plants. Aloe Vera, Christmas Cactus, Angel Wing Begonias, Orchids, African Violence (a pugilistic form of African Violet -- they need to be kept space out from each other and from other plants), Amaryllis, and other plants festoon the shelves and tables by each of the windows.

Oh, right -- there's a closest, it's walk in with a very closable door. There are absolutely no bright and shiny bits anywhere on the door. (Note: none of the plants have pots which have anything bright and shiny about them. In fact, there is very little which is bright and shiny in the room, except in one small area ....)

My bed is nice. It's king+ size. If I'm lucky, I get the outermost edge of it. My Crup somehow grows mega huge (even if she weighs only 15 pounds) and hogs the bed.

Well, more than her are here sometimes. I don't have any other critters living with me full time .... just a couple (or few) who are recovering from being injured or who need a bit of extra attention before going back out to the wild. (Yes, that house-breaking spell is priceless!) They each have their own beds, but somehow I start out in the middle of my bed at the beginning of the night and wake up on the edge of it, and everyone else is sharing it with me.

Not my bed but you get the gist of how much room is available for me come morning time --
photo by Kay Carlson
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Re: Design Your Dorm Room

Postby Cole Thronheart » Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:51 pm


I would have soft green covers and extra pillows on my bed. A place on my desk to store a journal, parchment, extra quills and ink. I would like a place here my owl could perch. A slytherin poster

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