What is Prank Wars 2018?

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What is Prank Wars 2018?

Postby Alexander Brighton » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:42 am

Welcome to Prank Wars 2018!

Think you have what it takes to be the next Fred and George Weasley?
Let’s find out!
(This activity is open to everyone in HOL)

Prank Wars 2018 is an activity that will allow you to experience what it’s like to be Fred and George Weasley.
There will be teams consisting of 2 participants per team. But don’t worry, if there is an odd number then we will do teams of 3.

Activity Points and Galleons
Each week, there will be a set of creative and puzzle tasks to work on plus a daily trivia question. The 2 creative tasks and the 2 puzzle tasks will be worth 3 activity points each, so you can earn 6 activity points weekly. Since Activity Points are in Ravenclaw only, only Ravenclaws will be able to earn them.

You can also earn 5 Galleons per task, or 20 weekly by doing each task which can be earned by anyone in or outside of Ravenclaw. You will have until the end of April to send in all the tasks, but there will be a penalty of 3 Galleons. So for example: If you send in the tasks for week 2 during week 3 or 4 then it will be accepted, but you will have a 3 Galleon penalty.

In the end, the Galleons that everyone earns will be added up to give us our top 3 competitors.

You can get 10 beans for participation.

First Place- The team who earns the most Galleons will be awarded 100 beans.
Second Place- The team who earns the second most Galleons will be awarded 60 beans.
Third Place- The team who earns the third most Galleons will be Awarded 40 beans.

The Most Overall Creative Team will earn 10 beans each. We also have Shiny Awards for:
Best Prank
Most Creative Story
Most like Fred and George Weasley

You will get 20 beans for each award.

Please post your creative tasks in the appropriate thread and send all puzzles to hol.prankwars@gmail.com.

So come sign up and experience the epic journey with us to see who is most like Fred and George Weasley and don’t forget to have fun with it. We like creativity.
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