Week 1 - Welcome to the Great Wall


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Week 1 - Welcome to the Great Wall

Postby Kendra Givens » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:33 pm

Welcome to our first stop, the Great Wall of China! This wall is the longest wall in the history of the world, spanning over 13,000 miles. Its history spans more than 2,300 years, with different Chinese dynasties expanding and changing the wall for different purposes throughout the centuries. The wall as we know it today is what remains of the version constructed during the Ming Dynasty, beginning in 1474, for the primary purpose of protecting their newly established territory the capital city. The Balang section of the wall is the most frequently visited section by tourists, with up to 70,000 people visiting the wall per day during peak tourist season!

Your first task, in honor of this architectural marvel, is to construct your own wall through completing a nurikabe puzzle. The object is to create islands by partitioning off clues with walls so that:
Each island contains exactly one number-clue
The number of squares in each island equals the value of the number-clue.
All islands are isolated from each other horizontally and vertically.
There are no wall areas of 2x2 or larger.
When completed, all walls form a continuous path.

Here's your puzzle to complete!

Example of a solved Nurikabe:

Upload your solution to an image hosting site and mail a link to ravenclawevent @ gmail.com (no spaces) with the title "Week 1 - Welcome to the Great Wall" to get a piece of this week’s password for the Treasure Hunt, and, of course, earn yourself 10 beans (+5 beans if it is handed in before the 15th of July).
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