Week 4: Magical Conversations


Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Kendra Givens » Mon May 25, 2020 3:35 pm

As many of us know, patrolling the corridors at night can get quite lonely. Luckily for us in the wizarding world, inanimate objects do tend to talk and can have conversations with us! Your task this week is to write the script of a conversation that you've had with a seemingly inanimate object within the castle. Please remember to keep your content HOL appropriate!

Please post your script below or email to ravenclawevent@gmail.com. Submissions are worth 10 beans if submitted by May 31st at 11:59pm HOL time. Should you need an alternative for accessibility reasons, feel free to send me a PM and we can work something out!
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Re: Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Lorainia Riverrider » Fri May 29, 2020 5:09 pm

As I walk down long dark corridor to back common room I alone. It quiet night except for rain hit window. I keep walk then someone say "hello." Look around don't see person. "No it me" "Who" ask I. Look some more. Find it! It flowerpot. Pot say "Hello." Then see mouth shape. "Hello pot" say I. Think I go crazy. Flowerpots not can talk. But then remember this HOL wizard school anything possible. Pot say "Get lonely with no talk" Tell pot" I talk with you" Pot is happy have conversation. Still think talking pot am strange.
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Re: Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Iverian Gnash » Fri May 29, 2020 6:23 pm

I've been sitting outside my Charms classroom for about ten minutes now. I really should stop arriving so early, but I'm afraid if I don't I'll end up late so here I am. I glance out the large window built into the side of the hallway and find myself getting distracted until something brings me right back to reality.

I had leaned against a curtain hanging from the window, and it responded which an 'Ouch!'.

I jumped back. "My bad," I said coming to expect this around Hogwarts.

"I'm placed in this area for a reason, so people aren't constantly bumping up against me. Why are you here?" it responded.

It's hard not to laugh when you're having a conversation with a curtain. "Umm, waiting for class?"

"I know there's no class around here for another half an hour," it replied snarkily.

"I know, I just don't wanna be late, you know?"

"Riiight," if you thought a curtain can't be sarcastic, it definitely can.

"No, seriously, I don't have much else to do."

"Well bring your boredom somewhere else cause I can't deal with this."

Apparently the conversation was over so I moved myself to the other side of the hallway logging it away in my brain not to sit there next time.
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Re: Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Mia Fountain » Fri May 29, 2020 11:35 pm

While travelling through the halls, on my way to meet a friend, I took a wrong turn. I didn't notice right away, because I was thinking about what was for dessert at dinner tonight. Once, I noticed I wasn't where I was supposed to be I started trying to find my way to a familiar corridor. On my way, I saw a alcove that I thought might lead to a secret passageway. I entered the alcove, and found an abandoned storage room. In the room there was a comfy looking couch, so I sat on it to take a break from all of the walking I had been doing.

"Get off me" I couch growled

Startled, I screamed "What! Who said that?"

"I did, now get off" shouted the couch

"But, you are so comfy. I think I going to have a nap"

"Don't you dare! I am tired of you humans, thinking you can just do whatever you want, without regard for others" said the couch

"Be quiet, I'm trying to sleep"

"I am going to make sure you don't get any rest" muttered the couch

Then the couch started making annoying noises: beeping like an alarm clock and crowing like a rooster.

"Be quiet you are annoying" I screamed in frustration

"Nope, not until you get off me and leave me alone" the couch said. (If it had a tongue, I'm sure it would have been sticking out at me.)

"I give up, you are too annoying, and now I'm hungry"

"Finally, it is about time"

"How to I get to the main corridor from here?" I asked

"Leave the room, and turn left, keep going until you get to the end of the corridor, then go right."

"Thank you, I guess"

The couch said "Goodbye, don't tell anyone where to find me" then it muttered "I don't want to be bothered"
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Re: Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Will Lestrange » Sat May 30, 2020 1:57 am

I was leaving the Great Hall and heading towards my next class... making it to the main stairway - only to see it shift so that it wouldn't take me there!

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Don't you realize I need to get to class?"

I am pretty sure I heard the staircase say "It would be boring to let you go on your way; it's more fun to detain you today!"

I responded: "I have authority; I'm a prefect... could you please show me some respect?"

And somehow I heard "You may have been appointed by your Head of House, but to me you're less important than a mouse!"

At this point, I gave up on getting to class and headed straight to the Hospital Wing. I'm pretty sure I was the victim of some sort of prank jinx... and I needed to get back to normal!
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Re: Week 4: Magical Conversations

Postby Sky Alton » Sun May 31, 2020 10:59 pm

“Hello, Sky.”
“Hello, Gargoyle outside the staffroom.”
“Your robes are a mess.”
“Don’t make personal remarks. Anyway, there was an accident while someone was practicing charms. I didn’t have time to change before I had to go on patrol.”
“Your left sock is flashing yellow and orange.”
“I am quite aware, thank you.”
“And is your right sleeve meant to be doing that?”
“I’ll give you three guesses. Anyway, it’s not that bad.”
“If you say so…”
“Are you this complimentary to the professors when there’s an accident in their classrooms that leaves them looking a bit-”
“Like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards?”
“I don’t have time for this. I have empty corridors to watch.”
“Sounds absolutely thrilling…”
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