Week 3 - In a Common Room


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Week 3 - In a Common Room

Postby Charlie Spencer » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:13 pm

Now that we're all full from the Welcoming Feast, it's time to head down to our respective common rooms and settle in!

Wait...not again...something else is missing! I wonder how it got misplaced so quickly?

Solve this Logic Grid Puzzle about who sits where in a dorm. The hints are posted below as well as a visual guide if there's any confusion:

Both Student A and D do not own owls
Student D does not sleep on either far side
The black cat's owner sleeps on the far-left, the opposite side of the dorm of Student C
The owner of the tawny owl sleeps next to the owner of the barn owl on the left
One of the pets is a common toad, and there's a Student B

Visual Guide

Send your solution to Amy Smith in the form of a Roost PM titled 'Week 3 - In a Common Room' and you'll receive a riddle hinting at what and exactly where the missing object is.

To find the object, solve both this task AND the riddle by Sept. 21st 11:59pm HOL time for the chance to get 20 beans and an award! Otherwise, they are individually worth 10 beans. Only beans are up for grabs should you complete it after that date - everything is due Sept. 30th 11:59pm HOL time.

For an alternative task, please send Amy Smith a Roost PM.
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