The Eagles 2019

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The Eagles 2019

Postby Gail Allen » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:36 pm

You have voted and now it's time to reveal the results!
May I present:


The Most Feared Eagle is no other than our very own head of house, Prof. Kyrie Adderholt! So watch your steps! You’re being watched!

Also nominated: Polaris Black

The award for Best Graphic Skills goes, not unexpectedly to Vanessa Tilley, one of the most talented people I know when it comes to creating paintings and other graphic work. Truly well deserved!

Also nominated: Gail Allen & Maxim Trevelyan

The Funniest Eagle in the roost is Prof. Ryan Granger. He can make us all laugh and maybe be a little more at ease when it comes to exam time. We truly need someone like that!

Also nominated: Prof. Limine Snidget & Prof. Kyrie Adderholt

The Ravenclaw with the Best Ability to Inspire Loyalty is an Eagle who’s been with is for many years and who has helped many of us find our place in Ravenclaw and feel like we belonged. Prof. Arielle Lemoyne is truly an inspiration.

Also nominated: Hannah R Thomas, Gail Allen & Polaris Black

You can always be certain to see several superb submissions to the Alte Sententiam from Maxim Trevelyan. It is therefore also not surprising that he should have earned the Eagle for the Best Alte Submission.

Also nominated: Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi & Shiloh Adlar

The Best New Eaglet is Alice Dreamette. She’s showed real enthusiasm for HOL and its sense of community when she signed up and is very diligent and creative in her classes.

Also nominated: Odessa Love & Astor Arensin

Ravenclaw Most Likely to be Confused for a Gryffindor is no other than Siobhan Burke, who apart from all the qualities making her a wonderful eagle also possess a lot of the qualities associated with Gryffindor.

Also nominated: Shadow Gaunt & Maxim Trevelyan

One of our kindest Eagles is Hannah R. Thomas who is therefore also the Ravenclaw Most Likely to be Confused for a Hufflepuff.

Also nominated: Alexander Brighton

The Ravenclaw Most Likely to be Confused for a Slytherin is Shadow Gaunt. Probably not least because of her last name.

Also nominated: Shiloh Adlar

The Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, OR Slytherin Most Likely to be Confused for a Ravenclaw is Sky Alton. Few people are as dedicated as she is, nor as studious and in love with books and writing. It’s almost hard to believe she isn’t an Eagle.

Also nominated: Ravariel Aiwince

Polaris Black is the Eagle Most Likely to Poke Someone with a Wand. She always has an eye on what needs to be done and when. And she pokes the rest of us with a wand to remind us.
Or sometimes probably just for the sake of it too.

Also nominated: Prof. Kyrie Adderholt, Alexander Brighton & Shadow Gaunt

After having seen her talk about some of the fandoms she is following, it is no surprise that the Eagle who is Most Obsessive About Anything goes to Elena Galatas. Just talk to her about Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Starwars, or Spiderman comic books and you’ll see what I mean.

Also nominated: Odessa Love

The Eagle Most Likely to Get Lost is Kendra Givens. We should probably make her a map one of these days, but I am not even certain that would even be enough. So if you see her wandering the castle, please help her find her way back.

Also nominated: Shadow Gaunt

The Eagle Most Likely to have a Fan Club is Joey Stark. Maybe we should start making badges and a form for signing up to this club?

Also nominated: Ravenclaw Quidditch Team & Polaris Black

The Eagle Most Likely to be Volunteered by Everyone Else to do Things is Gail Allen. This Eagle is involved in just about everything around HOL. Let’s hope she doesn’t spontaneously combust one day.

Also nominated: Maxim Trevelyan

The Most Giggly among us, Prof. Limine Snidget, has been known to laugh quite often and we all love the sound of her laughter ringing through the castle.

Also nominated: Prof. Ryan Granger & Elena Galatas

Alexander Brighton is the Most Helpful Eagle. He is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Truly a great trait and one we are all incredibly grateful for.

Also nominated: Prof. Limine Snidget & Kendra Givens

Our Most Enthusiastic Eagle is Vanessa Tilley. She is a true visionary and is always full of ideas - and seemingly bursting with the enthusiasm to bring them to life. Watch this one: She’ll get great things done!

Also nominated: Joey Stark

It’s impossible to pick with typo it was, but there is a broad agreement that whatever it was, the Best Typo on IRC should go to Shadow Gaunt.

Also nominated: Prof. Arielle Lemoyne

For the Most Diligent Student it was impossible to pick just one. Therefore this award goes to Maxim Trevelyan AND Gail Allen. Both very deserving eagles who are currently number one and two on the points earners list this year.

Also nominated: Daisy Lovegood

The last award goes to Kathren Johnsun as the Most Likely to Break out into song for No Reason. So if you hear tones wafting down from the Ravenclaw tower, it’s probably her.

Also nominated: Alexander Brighton, Joey Stark & Kendra Givens

And with that, we conclude this year's Ravenclaw Pride Month!

Thank you to all who sent in nominations and:

To all the winners!
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