2021 Extraordinary Eagle

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2021 Extraordinary Eagle

Postby Prof. Kyrie Adderholt » Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:46 pm

Self-explanatory - an honour presented to truly, an extraordinary eagle who just blows our birdy brains out of the water.


So the great thing about being HoH is that sometimes I can just change the way I do things! This year I am going to acknowledge five people with this award!

First, I want to recognize Evi Caledon, Hermione Lasker, Violet Vega, and Celest Waters for their amazing points contributions to Ravenclaw, especially for younger members of the house. It's members like you that push us over the top in the house cup and you should be very proud!

Then I'd like to recognize Torii Taylor for her many contributions both in Ravenclaw and on HOL. She jumped in to help Class Committee this term when we were short staffed and caught on to everything super quickly making all of our jobs easier!
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