Spring Term Award Winners

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Spring Term Award Winners

Postby Prof. Ryan Granger » Thu Jul 06, 2023 9:02 pm

The school year may have come to a close, but we can't conclude another successful year on HOL without recognizing more of our fabulous eagles. Without further ado, I congratulate the following eagles for winning the following awards.

Blue Virtue:

An honour presented to a Ravenclaw who exhibits friendship, kindness and excellent character, who goes out of his or her way to brighten someone's day.

Lex Green: Lex has proven to be quite a valuable eagle during their first year here at HOL and has gone well out of their way to show their face around the halls of HOL. And for that, we salute Lex!

Katherine Laurier: Katherine is another eagle that is new to us this year, and we applaud her efforts during her first year here at HOL. I see a bright future for her as well!

Dominick Salinas: Dominick was another name that came up consistently during our discussions of award winners this year for their continued activity across all of HOL. Hats off to all of our winners!

Bronze Ambition:

An honour presented to a Ravenclaw who exhibits hard work, dedication and discipline.

Aquaria Sandalwood: There was no doubt who would win one of the Bronze Ambition awards for this term as the entire staff could not be more congratulatory towards Aquaria this term. Her successful performance in classes, activities, and overall effort has been noticed by every staff member, and that makes our hearts sing with pride.

Adeline Morior: Our second Bronze Ambition goes to another top point earner. Adeline just completed her second year here at HOL and put up a stellar performance. She earned more than 700 points extra compared to her first year and that takes hard work and dedication. A fantastic job to Adeline this year as well!

Eagle of the Month:

An honour presented to the top Ravenclaw point earner of THAT month only.

January: Kendra Givens - 1,040
March: Lex Green - 300
April: Mia Fountain - 360
May: Aquaria Sandalwood - 483
June: Adeline Morior - 1,080

A big congratulations to all of this term's award winners!
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