Birdy Brain Awards for 2006-2007

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Birdy Brain Awards for 2006-2007

Postby Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn » Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:40 pm

As chosen by their Professors, these awards are given to Ravenclaws who excel in his/her HOL classes. The winners this year are:

Advanced Herbology for Potions
Bev Grey
Chryseis McSylvester

Animal Magic
Gypsy Ardor

Arithmancy for Amatuers
Gypsy Ardor

Lydia Ellis

Candle Magic
Severus McGonagall

Care of Magical Creatures
Alexia Riaper
Momoko Asakura

Charms (Beginning)
Rosanna Gullveig

Charms (Advanced)
Scarlet Leslie

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Maya Winters

Draconology 101
Scarlet Leslie

Draconolgy 2
Tinuvie Levante

Greek Mythology
Niniel Sanders

Ayahzy Nahki

House Elves 101
Momoko Asakura
Jenna Hathaway

Magic of Comic Books
Mene Moonplanet

Magical Creatues Lore
Leonore Spiaggi
Astra Holt

Myths and Legends from the Whole World
Thalia Krum
Ororo Granger
Krystal Jester

Norse Mythology
Iselilja Mira Mickelsdottir

Photoshop Wizardry
Momoko Asakura
Gypsy Ardor

Pop Culture
Amanda Patel

The Squibbler
Cassandra Lobiesk
Alita Lavender
Prof. Ulol Kimil

Transfiguration (beginning)
Rosanna Gullveig

Gypsy Ardor
Olive Snitzberry

Wands Workshop
Gypsy Ardor

Writing Workshop
Cassandra Lobiesk and Momoko Asakura
Jenna Hathaway and Ireth Halliwell

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