Task 3: Sandcastle Building Contest


Task 3: Sandcastle Building Contest

Postby Mia Fountain » Tue Dec 01, 2020 1:38 am

What are these Sandmen going to do? What makes them think they can stop us from enjoying our *silly activities* at the beach? Speaking of, I think we should go check out that sandcastle building contest. Figure out who won the contest, what their sandcastle looked like, and how tall their sandcastle was by completing this logic puzzle.

1. There are 5 witches and wizards who completed: the one who placed 2nd, the one who built a broomstick sandcastle, Amy, the person who placed 3rd, and the one who created a Hippogriff out of sand.
2. One of the sandcastles was 1ft high, and it wasn't the Hippogriff.
3. One of the sandcastles was shaped like a Basilisk.
4. Amy didn't place 5th.
5. Kyrie made a sandcastle shaped like a Merperson.
6. Gail placed higher in the competition than Torii.
7. The person who created the Ramora sandcastle placed 4th.
8. Sindor didn't create the sandcastle shaped like a hippogriff.
9. The 2ft high Basilisk sandcastle wasn't created by Gail.
10. Amy's sandcastle was 5ft tall, but she didn't place 1st.
11. Torii placed higher than Sindor but lower than Kyrie.
12. Kyrie's sandcastle is 3ft tall. Gail's was 4ft tall.

PM your completed logic puzzle to Mia Fountain.

Due December 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm HOL time.
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