Pole to Pole: Introduction


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Pole to Pole: Introduction

Postby Chantel Poole » Tue Jan 03, 2023 9:51 pm

The holiday season has ended, and Gary the penguin has just woken up to find himself in Antarctica, of all places! He took the sleigh for an end of the year joy ride, but unfortunately he got carried away, went too far, and fell asleep somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

He needs to get back home to the North Pole, but can see that the Magic Meter on the sleigh is at zero. Gary will need to get the level to at least 6 to get home at all, and reach a whopping 12 to get there in time to make sure no one noticed he took the sleigh in the first place!

Strap in, Gary has 13 tasks he can do to raise the Magic Meter level, and he’ll need your help completing them!

This activity will be running January 4th-January 31st, with tasks posted every Wednesday.

Head on over to the Information/Question Asking Spot announcement topic to see how you can help Gary.

There will be shinies and beans up for grabs!
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