Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”


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Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Anne-Marie Gagne » Sun Sep 10, 2023 3:08 am

You have finished with the last task and then go through the door at the end of the hallway just to find yourself at the front of it again. In the middle of the hallway you see a round table with Sir Cadogan’s portrait behind it. When he sees you, he makes a “come here” motion with his hand and shouts, “Come! Come and join me at King Arthur’s Round Table!”

With really no other choice, you make your way to the table and notice that the hallway has taken to look like the seventh floor hallway, though it fades in and out. As you reach the table, you find that it's not a real table like you had hoped, wanting a quick rest. Sir Cadogan smiles widely at you and opens his arms wide, “Hello and welcome! Most students have not a single clue that I was once one of King Arthur’s Knights. The newer students especially. They are never taught and then they never think to learn! And even fewer even know of my heroic battle against the Wyvern of Wye.

“So, fellow Knight, I have a small request from you. Before you can make your way onward I want you to recite a poem of your own making about my greatest fight."

Write a poem of at least 75 words describing Sir Cadogan’s fight against the Wyvern of Wye.

Alternatively, in 100 words or more, research and tell us about one of the other Knights of the Round Table.

This task is worth 15 beans with an additional 15 beans when all Week Two tasks are submitted by September 30th before 11:59PM HOL Time.
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Dibyarup James Potter » Tue Sep 12, 2023 12:00 pm

I will be talking about Sir Lancelot du Lac, whose name translates to "Lancelot of the Lake" in French, who is a prominent figure in Arthurian legend. In various versions of this enduring tale, he is portrayed as one of King Arthur's most trusted companions and a distinguished Knight of the Round Table. His character is steeped in the chivalric romance tradition inspired by French literature.

According to legend, Lancelot was orphaned, the son of King Ban from the lost realm of Benoic. He was raised in a mystical realm by the Lady of the Lake, bestowing upon him unique qualities. Renowned for his heroism in countless battles, quests, and tournaments, Sir Lancelot was celebrated as a peerless swordsman and jouster. His exceptional skills earned him lordship over Joyous Gard and the esteemed position of personal champion to Queen Guinevere, King Arthur's wife. However, despite his valour, Lancelot grappled with fits of madness that plagued him intermittently.

The heart of the story takes a tragic turn when Lancelot's adulterous affair with Queen Guinevere is revealed. This revelation sparks a civil war, exploited by the treacherous Mordred, ultimately leading to the downfall of King Arthur's kingdom.

Lancelot's character underwent significant development in the 13th-century Old French prose romance known as the "Vulgate Cycle". Here, his family background, lineage, and adventures were expanded upon. Lancelot's forbidden love affair with Guinevere parallels the tragic romance of Tristan and Iseult and contributes to the ultimate demise of the Round Table.

Lancelot's association with Christian themes is also notable. His quest for Guinevere can be interpreted as a metaphor for Christ's pursuit of the human soul. Moreover, his role in the Quest for the Holy Grail underscores his connection to religious motifs within Arthurian romance.

Over time, Lancelot's character evolved in various traditions and adaptations of the Arthurian legend. He became associated with solar hero attributes, akin to Gawain, and remained a central figure in Arthurian romances across different cultures and languages, emphasizing his enduring popularity.

In Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur," Lancelot emerged as the pre-eminent knight, marking a departure from the earlier English tradition where Gawain held prominence. Lancelot's legacy endures as one of the most iconic characters in Arthurian literature, embodying the complexities of heroism, love, and tragedy within the legendary world of King Arthur.
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Penelope Friar » Tue Sep 12, 2023 5:54 pm

People come closer and listen to what I have to say.
Let me tell you about the epic battle of a legend, a Knight of the Round Table.
Our brave hero, Sir Cadogan, faced the winged two-legged dragon with the barbed tail.
After his horse was devoured and his helmet melted, he slaughtered the beast.
But how, you may ask? Because our brave hero was doing his duty and saved us all by facing the wyvern all by himself.
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Uma Daurka » Mon Sep 18, 2023 9:51 pm

Im not a great poet but here is my haiku poem:
Little know the tale
Of Sir Cadogan’s triumph
In his greatest fight

He fought brave and strong
Against the infamous beast
The wyvern of wye

It took much muscle
Much power and much vigour
Much brawn and much force

He was successful
In his battle he had won
Victory at last

Still, few know the truth
Few really know of the myth
Of the fearless knight

Courage, valiance
Will always be saluted
Of the knight’s great tale
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Janne Halla » Thu Sep 21, 2023 10:55 am

The Wyvern hissed, its scales so tough,
Sir Cadogan cried, "That's quite enough!
I'll slay you now, you scaly brute,
With valor, wit, and armored suit!"

He charged ahead, with mighty squeak,
But tripped and fell, oh, what the heck!
Sir Cadogan, undeterred by shame,
Jumped up and yelled, "I'll win this game!"
He swung his sword with all his might,
But missed the Wyvern, left and right.

The Wyvern, now amused and sly,
Said, "Sir Cadogan, my, oh my!
You fight with all your heart and soul,
But you're a knight with a clumsy role."

They circled 'round, in fierce embrace,
Sir Cadogan's armor out of place.
He stumbled, bumbled, and fell once more,
The Wyvern laughed, "You're quite the bore!"

The knight charged again, with all his might,
But this time, got the stance just right.
He struck the Wyvern's scaly hide,
And to his shock, it opened wide.

The Wyvern fled, it could take no more,
Sir Cadogan had won the war!
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Dawn Diya » Thu Sep 21, 2023 5:04 pm

Here's my research of Sir Percival:

Sir Percival is one of the Knights in the "Knights of the Round Table" painting. According to the legend, he was raised by his mother. Most versions of this legend describe Sir Percival as simple, humbler, and pure of heart.
Sir Percival became associated with King Arthur after he and Sir Lancelot aided King Arthur when he was being chased by soldiers from the immortal army. Sir Percival's bravery allowed King Arthur and his men to escape. Afterwards, Sir Percival joined King Arthur on his journey.
King Arthur appointed Sir Percival a Knight of Camelot after Sir Percival volunteered to help him invade the Castle of Ancient Kings to help free King Arthur's father.
Sir Percival continued to aide in more tasks, such as investigating a report where someone attacked a near-by village and accompanying King Arthur to find and destroy the last live dragon egg.
Sir Percival also put up with many unfair situations while being associated with King Arthur. Some examples of this was when he was held as a prisoner of Morgana or when he was attacked by the spirit of Uther.
Sir Percival's courage and kindness lead him to be a part of King Arthur's Knights, and he helped many people through the years.
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Alexandra Rosier » Tue Sep 26, 2023 10:28 am

In days of yore, a gallant knight named Cadogan bold,
Faced a fiery wyvern, a tale of legends told.
With armor clad in shining steel, his heart so full of grace,
He rode to meet the fearsome beast in that secluded place.

Beneath a moonlit, starry sky, their battle did commence,
As flames and roars did fill the night, a clash of life's defense.
Sir Cadogan's sword, a gleaming arc, struck with courage true,
Each stroke, a dance of bravery, as the wyvern fiercely flew.

With valor in his noble heart, he fought for honor's name,
A guardian of the realm he stood, in glory or in flame.
Though fierce the wyvern's fiery breath, and mighty its attack,
Sir Cadogan stood unwavering, determined to push back.

With each strike, he carved a path, in courage he confides,
Until the wyvern's fiery breath grew weaker from both sides.
And as the dawn began to break, the wyvern met its end,
Sir Cadogan's valor triumphed, a hero without amend.

So let us raise our voices high, in praise of Cadogan's might,
A knight of honor and of strength, who conquered the darkest night.
In tales of old, his legend lives, a beacon shining bright,
Sir Cadogan, gallant and true, in the Wyvern of Wye's fight.
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Re: Week Two - Task #07. - “Knights of the Round Table”

Postby Ellie Vernez » Thu Sep 28, 2023 7:13 am

Sir Cadogan was chosen
He was to fight
A deadly beast called
The Wyvern of wye

Sir Cadogan fought hard
But was defeated
And he lost his possession

His horse was eaten,
His wand was broken
And his sword and viser
Destroyed by fire.

Sir Cadogan escaped
Found a new steed
His broken wand
Was his saviour

While he was nearly eaten
His wand stabbed the beast
Flames ignited from its stomach
And it exploded

Sir Cadogan was victorious
The beast was no more
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